Bye My Irresistible Love, Chapter 228 Ten Years In Prison

Bye My Irresistible Love, Chapter 228 Ten Years In Prison

Charles’s POV: When James was first born, I didn’t have a clue how to take care of him. But now, I could prepare milk for him with skillful ease. James tried to grab the bottle with his small hands, eager to drink the milk. But I held the bottle steady for him, in case he drank too fast and choked himself.

“Charles.” My mother suddenly called me, pulling me out of my thoughts. “What did you say to Scarlett that took you so long?”

“That’s a secret.”

My mother approached James and caressed his little face lovingly. When James looked up, his soft, happy smile melted my heart.

“Don’t say that I didn’t remind you. You should pay more attention to how you behave. It doesn’t matter if you are cold to outsiders, but You can’t act the same way to Scarlett. She’ll feel insecure.”

“I know, and I’m trying my best.” Her warning left me feeling helpless. I saw the obvious

distrust in her eyes, and quickly suggested, “Why don’t you and Dad can go out and enjoy yourselves today? Take Granma with you. James and I will stay at home with Scarlett.” “Why, do you think we’re in your way?”

At this, I nodded without hesitation. My mother glared at me and gave me a slap on the shoulder, annoyed.

“Fine, but be careful. And keep an eye on James,” she reminded me cautiously.

Her eyes then fell on James, and she looked obviously nervous. When their eyes met, James immediately put on a lovely smile for her. That melted my mother’s heart, and she smiled

too. “You should express your love to Scarlett

today. Tell her that you love her. Every woman

likes to hear those three words.”

I gave her a vague grunt of assent and urged her to leave..

“Remember what I said, Charles! Say ‘I love you’ to her more often!” My mother kept nagging me, and only left satisfied after receiving my affirmation.

As her figure disappeared at the corner, I felt something poking my chin. Looking down, I saw that James was trying to stuff his bottle teat in my mouth.

I couldn’t help but laugh, and then gently put the teat into his mouth. “I actually prefer something else, my dear.”

When it was almost noon, I told Janet to take care of James. Then, I went to the kitchen and personally prepared lunch for Scarlett.

After I was done, I made my way to the bedroom. There, I was greeted with a warm scene. Scarlett was playing toys with James, who was waving and laughing merrily, his face the epitome of joy. Janet sat quietly beside them, watching tenderly.

“Scarlett, it’s time for lunch,” I said as I walked towards her.

Meanwhile, Janet set up a small table on the bed and helped me serve the dishes.

Scarlett, who was now holding James in her

arms, exclaimed in surprise, “Did you cook all

these dishes, Charles?”

I nodded, proud of myself. “I’m going to have a meeting in the company after this, but I’ll still cook dinner for you tonight. You…”

Scarlett seemed to have read my mind and promised sincerely, “Don’t worry. I won’t slip


We enjoyed a pleasant lunch together. After that, I changed my clothes, bid goodbye to her,

and started my way to work. On my way to the company, I called Scarlett.

“Charles? What is it?”

I told her gently, “I’ll be back soon, Scarlett.”

Scarlett’s POV:

After lunch, I became slightly drowsy. I was in my room when a knock on the door startled me..

“Come in.”

Tracy was at the door. “Scarlett, Nina and

William are here to visit you.” That left me confused. “Why is William here?” “Nina said he lived near the Moore mansion,

and that she bumped into him on the way here,”

Tracy explained patiently.

I frowned. After a moment’s hesitation, I climbed out of bed. James, who was by my side, grabbed my sleeve the second I moved away. He began to kick his legs anxiously, not wanting me to leave.

“James is so clingy,” Tracy teased with a warm


I had no choice but to have Tracy hold James for me. Then, we went downstairs together. My body hadn’t fully recovered yet, so I was careful to walk very slowly.

“Scarlett!” Nina’s voice rang in my ears. Upon

seeing me, she quickly walked up to me. She held my arm gently and helped me walk downstairs.

William, who was standing not very far away, greeted me politely.

All of us took our seats in the living room. Nina was in a talkative mood, eager to share everything in life with me, especially since we hadn’t seen each other for quite a long time.

However, I noticed that William only responded with a few words from time to time. In fact, his eyes were fixated on James, who was next to me.

Nina noticed this as well and waved her hand in front of William. “William, looks like you can’t take your eyes off James at all. Do you want to hug him?”

“Is that okay?” William turned to me for

permission, looking at me with a gentle smile. “Of course.” I signaled Tracy to bring James over, and carefully taught William how to hold the baby properly.

William was stiff and clumsy, but he held James with a steady and careful grip. His eyes were filled with gentleness as he looked at James.

James waved his chubby little hand happily

and suddenly said, “Papa!”

For a brief moment, the atmosphere suddenly

turned awkward.

I rubbed my forehead helplessly and hurriedly explained, “I’m sorry, William. James is used to asking for his father when he’s hungry.”

Nina, on the other hand, was doing her best to suppress her laughter. Smiling, she said, “He’s so considerate of you. What an angel! I guess you don’t have to tire yourself too much in the future. If James is hungry, you can just ask Charles to feed him!”

I smiled along, and told Tracy to take James to the nursery for some milk.

“James has your eyes,” William suddenly said, staring intently at me.

It then occurred to me that Charles had told me that William’s sister and I were very similar.

My eyes met William’s, and my heart skipped a beat.

“Honestly, I think James is more like Charles. Well, except for his expression. Charles always wears a long face, but James smiles a lot, and it is just so sweet!” Nina’s cheerful voice dispelled my gloom.

After a while, the topic of our conversation

shifted to Lucia.

“She’s been sentenced to ten years in prison.” Nina sighed, but right after that, she winked meaningfully at me. “Maybe your husband…”

“Pardon me, but do you need more tea?” Janet suddenly interrupted Nina in a loud voice, cutting off Nina’s words.

Feeling a little mystified, I looked at Janet with a confused expression.

Janet didn’t say anything to me. She simply lowered her head, took the pot, and filled the cups with water one by one.

“I heard you were in a coma in the operating room, and you almost couldn’t make it.” William sighed mournfully. “Ten years in prison isn’t a long sentence, but she deserves it.” I frowned, but I said nothing.

Bye My Irresistible Love, Chapter 228 Ten Years In Prison

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