Bye My Irresistible Love, Chapter 227 An Unavoidable Love Crisis

Bye My Irresistible Love, Chapter 227 An Unavoidable Love Crisis

It was fortunate that Scarlett recovered soon, and was set to be discharged from the hospital today. Upon my arrival at the hospital, I saw her slowly walking out of the ward with Janet’s help. I walked over to her side at once. Janet took one look at me, and stepped back immediately. je Without Janet’s help, Scarlett lost her balance and leaned towards me for support. I used this opportunity to carry her in my arms.

I also didn’t forget to avoid touching her wounded abdomen. “Charles, what are you doing? We’re at the hospital!” Scarlett began to blush. “Put me down! I can walk just fine.” “No,” I said bluntly. Along the corridor of the hospital, nurses and patients passing by were all looking at us. “Wow! Mr. and Mrs. Moore are so romantic,” they said. “I’m sure the Mrs. Moore is the happiest woman in the world,” said another.

I didn’t mind showing off how much I loved Scarlett in front of the public, for I believed that our happiness was something others should see. “Put me down, please,” Scarlett whispered in my ear. I stood in place and replied, “If you keep nagging me, I won’t leave this place.” Upon hearing my response, Scarlett clammed up and buried her face in my chest.

She then wrapped her arms around my neck. As I carried her out of the hospital, the sun shone down on us. It felt warm and energizing. Soon, the car arrived at the Moore mansion and slowly pulled over. When I saw how Scarlett looked out the window, I couldn’t help but chuckle. “Scarlett, try not to sneak away whenever I’m not at home, okay?”

I remarked. co Scarlett looked at me, visibly surprised. “That thought didn’t even cross my mind. You’re so paranoid!” she remarked. “Well, I hope you’re telling the truth.” I shot her a cold glance. “But even if you do think of escaping, the house is now equipped with electronic locks, and I can control them remotely.”

Scarlett forced a smile as her mouth twitched. “Oh… that’s quite convenient,” she said. I nodded at her and smirked. Then, she stared at me and opened the door, ready to disembark from the car. When I saw her having difficulties getting off the car, my heart ached. In order to assist her,  immediately got off the car and went to her side to support her.

“Why are you in such a hurry?” I asked. Barely had she taken a few steps, beads of sweat already formed on Scarlett’s forehead, and some strands of hair stuck to her forehead. Her face was pale and looked particularly frail. She was like a porcelain doll that would break apart at the slightest touch.

A frown appeared on my lips as I carried her in my arms. “Ah!” Startled, Scarlett wrapped her arms around my neck and her eyes widened. “What do you think you’re doing? I can walk just fine!”

 “It’ll be sun down before you get to your room at that pace i said. ignoring her complaint , I strode into the Moore mansion. “Ugh! Stop exaggerating. That’s not what will happen,” Scarlett retorted, sounding displeased as she pinched my cheek I turned my head towards her, casting her a stern glare. But even though I was practically staring daggers at her, Scarlett was unfazed.

She clasped my face with both hands and began to pull it upwards and downwards like she was toying with me. It was then that she began to defend herself so eloquently. “Don’t look at me like that. You pinch my face all the time! This is just payback, you know!” “If you want to pinch me so badly, why don’t you grab some other part of my body?”

Clearly infuriated by my remark, Scarlett gnashed her teeth and covered her mouth. “What the **** are you talking about? Shut up, Charles!” I raised an eyebrow at her and let out an exasperated sigh.. Upon our arrival at the bedroom, I gently placed Scarlett on the bed. “Do you want me to bring James here, so you’ll have company?”

I asked. “Yes, please.” When I mentioned James, her face softened at once. I took this opportunity to approach her, and I looked into her eyes. “Scarlett, as long as you’re willing to stay in the Moore mansion, you can be with James every single day, and witness every moment of his growth.” Scarlett was lost in thought. Her eyelashes quivered, and her eyes glinted under the light. Je I couldn’t resist the urge to try and kiss her.

However, she shrank back, staring at me vigilantly the moment before our lips touched. “You know, that attitude really stings.” I faked being annoyed and shot her a cold glance. “I forgot how obsessed James has been with the new toys that his Grandma bought for him recently. I don’t think he’ll be in the mood to accompany you,” I added.

Scarlett’s POV:  Charles’ words got me anxious, so I immediately held his hand. “Someone should keep an eye on him while he’s playing with his toys. I can watch over him, and he can keep me company in the meanwhile.” Charles didn’t respond. He just looked at me with a knowing smile on his face. I was displeased to see his reaction. “What the ****, Charles? Are you trying to trick me again?” He still didn’t answer me.

Instead, he suddenly approached me. And before I could react, I was already overwhelmed by his kiss. He held my nape and continued to kiss me. As our lips intertwined, my heart began to race. Charles was like a predator that had finally captured its prey. Regardless of how much I resisted, he did not stop kissing me and nibbling on my lips. I could feel his palm on the back of my neck, gradually moving up and clasping my hair.

Then, he pressed my face against his, deepening our kiss. I wanted to escape, but the tenderness of this intimate moment was far too tempting. To me, it felt like even my very soul was trembling with pleasure. Slowly, my stiff body relaxed as I clung to his arms with every ounce of strength I had.

After a long time, he moved away and pressed his forehead against mine, catching his breath. The warmth of his breath seeped into my skin, and the sound of his husky voice was music to my ears. “You know what, Scarlett? I can only feel at peace when you’re in this household. I can’t live without you anymore.

 Silence engulfed the room. I could feel my ears buzzing and I struggled to compose myself. It was undeniable that whenever he was this blunt about his feelings for me, my heart would flutter and I could feel butterflies in the pit of my stomach. It suddenly occurred to me that Nina once told me I could never get away from Charles. I knew that it would bring me as much pain as joy to fall in love with Charles, but I couldn’t help myself.

It did seem like I would never be able to escape him for the rest of my life. With courage, I looked into his eyes. I was smitten by his deep-set, affectionate eyes that were brimming with sincerity. “Charles, I…” Before I could finish my sentence, a knock on the door interrupted me. Then, we heard Alice’s voice. “Charles, have you taken Scarlett back?”| Frowning, Charles sighed and touched my cheek lovingly. “Don’t move,” he said.

I nodded and smiled at him. Charles got up and walked away. I could hear him muttering complaints under his breath. “Mom is always ruining my plans!” It was rare to hear him speak like that, and I found it particularly adorable. When the door was opened, I lifted the quilt off me and sat on the edge of the bed. But before my feet could even touch the ground, Charles had already returned and told me to stop moving. “Scarlett, don’t get out of bed! Didn’t I tell you not to move?”

Alice entered the room with James in her arms, looking at me with concern. “He’s right, Scarlett. You haven’t fully recovered yet, so lie back down, okay?” When I was about to respond, Charles walked up to me. Then, he carried me to the middle of the bed and tucked me in. “Charles has been so worried about you, Scarlett.” Alice went to the bedside and sat beside me. There was a warm smile on her face.

Meanwhile, James was reaching his arm out to me and he had a big grin on his face as he sat in Alice’s arms. In a gentle, soothing voice, Charles said, “It looks like James missed his mother, too!” I smiled at my beloved little angel, and held James’ hand. After a few pleasantries, Alice cast Charles a sidelong glance. “We wanted to go to the hospital to see you, but Charles didn’t want us to go.”

Surprised by Alice’s statement, I looked at Charles in confusion. “Why did you tell them not to go?” “Mom, Scarlett needed to rest properly. It wouldn’t be good for you guys to disturb her while she’s at the hospital. It’ll be tiring for her to keep up idle chatter with others,” Charles rebuked. “Nonsense! Didn’t you talk to Scarlett while she was there? And doesn’t that mean she wasted some of her energy on you?”

Alice argued. “I’m her husband. I’m supposed to have more privileges than others.” Charles looked at me with loving eyes. I averted my gaze and saw James staring at me with his bright eyes. I felt like my heart was melting as I instinctively reached my hand out to him. “Mom, let me hold James,” I requested. “Sure, honey. Here,” said Alice.

“No way!” Charles answered at the same time. He grabbed my hand before it could reach James. “Scarlett, you’re still too weak. What if your wound reopens while you’re holding the baby?” “Charles is right. Sorry.

I should’ve thought about it earlier,” Alice concurred. I was disappointed to hear that. “Am I not even allowed to be close to my own son?” “I’ll hold him, so that Scarlett can be close to the baby.” Charles sat on the edge of the bed, looking at Alice.

Alice nodded in response, carefully placing James in his arms. A smile appeared on my lips as I moved over and leaned against Charles, so that I could interact with my little angel. “Scarlett, I never got the chance to ask, but… What happened? How did you get injured?” Alice sounded worried. I raised my head and saw the concern in her eyes. “Actually…” Charles interrupted me before I could finish my words. “It’s all my fault.

I failed to protect Scarlett well.” It was then that I looked at Charles. His expression defined his emotions well, and his eyebrows were creased. I could see a trace of guilt in his eyes. Suddenly, I felt that the clothes on my chest were being pulled. James had grabbed the buttons on my shirt, pulling them back and forth and making babbling sounds. Alice smiled at me and said, “It looks like James is hungry.” “I’ll go make him some milk.”

Charles left the room and took James with him. “He looks more of a father now, doesn’t he?” Alice sighed. I smiled once again and watched Charles disappear from my sight. When I looked back, I saw Alice looking right at me. For some reason, she kind of looked agitated. “Scarlett, tell me the truth. Have you and Charles finally reconciled?”

I paused for a moment and nodded. “We have.” a Alice breathed a sigh of relief as she held my hand earnestly. “I’ve been so scared that you won’t be able to patch things up.

If you couldn’t make up, it’ll have an impact on James. But now that you’ve made up, you should live a good life with Charles from now on. You should both support each other and have faith in the other person.”

“We will, Mom. Don’t worry,” I responded. Alice really doted on me. She treated me like her real daughter, and Charles’ grandmother was just as affectionate towards me. In all honesty, I lived a truly happy life within this family.

Bye My Irresistible Love, Chapter 227: An Unavoidable Love Crisis

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