Bye My Irresistible Love, Chapter 226 Valuable

Chapter 226 Valuable

Spencer’s POV: Soon, everyone left the ward. After they were gone and I was left alone, I pondered over what Charles had said to me earlier. What he said had enlightened me. If I truly loved Vivian, I shouldn’t let her wait any longer. At the very least, I should show her my love. With that in mind, I grabbed my phone and dialed her number.

It didn’t take long for her to answer the call. “What?” From the phone, I could sense her cold, unfriendly attitude. But from how quickly she answered when I rang, it proved that she still cared dearly for me. “Vivian, it’s my leg! It hurts so much… Argh!” I whine pitifully, putting on an exaggerated act to try and gain her sympathy.

“Aren’t your buddies in the ward with you? Tell them to find a doctor for you.” Though Vivian sounded like the she didn’t care, there was a trace of doubt in her seemingly aloof tone.

“They just left. Ouch! It really hurts… Oh forget it. I think I’ll be fine. You don’t need to come back…” I deliberately pulled the phone far away, and then blew out a deep, pained sigh into it. Before she could react, I immediately hung up. Within five minutes, rapid footsteps could be heard from outside.

Vivian immediately burst in, panting. “There was something wrong with the elevator, so I ran upstairs.” Sweat bathed her shiny forehead, and her beautiful face was full of concern. She was genuinely worried for me. “Does it hurt?” She walked up to me and touched my injured foot carefully, her movements gentle.

“Are you in pain anywhere else?” She scanned my whole body nervously, trying to see if anything was hurting me. It was as if she wanted to give me a thorough check-up with her eyes. Smart as she was, she actually believed my silly lie. The fact rendered me amused, but at the same time, I was deeply moved.

My heart skipped a happy beat. I reached out and took her hand, and placed it on my chest. “Here. It hurts here,” I whispered to her quietly. Her hand was soft and smooth to the touch, and her skin was as tender as a baby’s. She was cute, lovely, and everything wonderful in this world. “You *******!

There’s nothing wrong with you at all!” A stunned Vivian, annoyed by my trick, quickly shook off my hand, acting as if she had been scalded. “I shouldn’t have believed your nonsense!” The realization that she had fallen hook, line and sinker for my little white lie turned her cheeks a deep red.

Embarrassment colored her indignant face. “Don’t you know it’s immoral to pretend to be injured and lie to the doctor?!” “But we’re not doctor and patient.” Vivian was so infuriated that she turned around at that very moment, about to leave. My leg couldn’t move, but I subconsciously wrapped my arms around her waist to stop her from leaving.

Because of how my abrupt movements, I almost slipped and fell down from the bed. It was then that I bumped into my injured foot by accident.

 This time, it was no act i cried out in sweating, unable to withstand the sudden bout Vivian immediately responded to this. She screamed as she turned around, and quickly hugged me to soothe my pain. Then, she bent down and tried to get me back to the bed. As she did so, the distance between was non-existent.

The posture was so intimate, I could feel her sweet breath spreading all over my face. Her soft body clung to my chest, so warm and wonderful. I could hear her flustered heartbeat clearly in my ear, and the sound was distracting. “Let’s talk, okay?” I held Vivian’s hand, placing it gently around my waist. She struggled for a while, but in the end, she relented and finally gave up. “Alright. But, you can’t lie to me anymore.”

I was about to say something, when I suddenly felt my lower body had grown stiff from my excitement. Knowing that this was not an appropriate time, I tried to hold back my desire and restrained myself. “Well… It’s nothing serious. Uh, how about we talk about it another day?” I was so embarrassed by my state, I stammered subconsciously. Unfortunately, the expectation in Vivian’s eyes turned into disappointment.

“So you have nothing to say to me except lies. You’re really something, Spencer,” Vivian said sarcastically before standing up, huffing. But as she got up, her soft body brushed against my bulging trousers by accident. In an instant, the air froze. Vivian’s eyes fell on my lower body. “Is this what you wanted to talk about?” A bright smile appeared on her face as she stared teasingly at me. “Well, this kind of thing can’t be solved by words, can it?”

I raised my eyebrows. “How about we try some other approaches, since words wouldn’t work.” “You seem to still remember that I’m an expert in male diseases, Spencer. So tell me, what method do you want me to use to help you?” Not to be outdone, Vivian made a snipping gesture with her fingers, like a pair of scissors, and then pointed at my lower body.

This woman was just too cruel! Anxious, I quickly changed the topic. “I hit myself just now. My foot really hurt. I mean it!” “Well, I’ll call the doctor for you.” Vivian flashed me a faint smile, amused. Before she could make her exit, the door of the ward was suddenly pushed open.

It was none other than Gemma, my mother, who had come to the hospital in a hurry. The moment she saw Vivian, however, her anxious face turned ice-cold. “Vivian! Why are you staying with Spencer all day long? Who do you think you are? You even incited him to drink and race in the middle of the night!”

My mother’s exploding anger was akin to a machine gun that was going off at Vivian point blank, for absolutely no reason. Vivian hung her head low, her face gloomy. “Mom, Vivian’s my doctor. It’s her job to take care of me.” I explained anxiously, wanting to smooth things over. “You’re not sick every day!

Why do you always ask your doctor to follow you around? Now, everyone in the city thinks she’s your girlfriend! Whenever I tried to introduce someone to you, they’d tell me that my

son has already has a girlfriends MY mother went on angrily jabbering non stop While I could see her lips flap open, I couldn’t hear a single thing that she said. All my attention was currently on Vivian. My mother’s words seemed to hurt her deeply, and the happy mood between us just now was gradually disappearing.

My mother nagged and nagged, and it was a long time when she finally stopped. Before she left, she insisted on taking Vivian away with her. I wanted to follow them, but my injured leg prevented me from doing so. I could only look at their receding figures. Nervous, I shouted, “Mom, don’t make things difficult for Vivian!”

O Unfortunately for me, the two women didn’t bother turning around and paid no heed to my words. So depressed I was, I could only wait quietly in the ward. Several times, I wanted to call Vivian to ask about the situation. But I was afraid of my mother noticing my phone calls.

If she did, she’d have a better reason to attack Vivian. All of a sudden, I received a voice message from my mother. I clicked it to listen. Lo and behold, it was Vivian’s voice. “Look, Gemma. As long as you give me money… I’ll cooperate with you, no matter what you want Spencer to do.” What was it that my mother wanted me to do? I couldn’t believe my ears. There was no way that Vivian was willing to help my mother trick me, all for the sake of money.

I was still dwelling in my shock, when Vivian entered my ward. Seeing her, I immediately played the recording for her to listen to. I snarled angrily, “Seems I’m only something with a price tag in your eyes.” Vivian was beside herself with shock, but she quickly regained her composure.

She smiled bitterly at me and said, “Actually, that amount’s not enough. After all, I just agree to help you to find a girlfriend too. Had I known earlier, I would’ve asked for more!” Fury welled up in me. I was so angry that I wanted to throw my phone on the spot. What was wrong with Vivian?

To think she was willing to find me another woman, just for money! “I can earn a lot from you and your mother. A deal as profitable as this is really rare!” Vivian grinned brightly. She was smiling happily, but for some reason, it seemed different than her sincere smile from before.

I couldn’t fathom what was on her mind, nor the meaning behind her smile. The only thing I was aware of was the anger flooding in me. “Then, you should seize this opportunity!” I glared back at her, my eyes full of hatred.

Bye My Irresistible Love, Chapter 226 Valuable

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