Bye My Irresistible Love, Chapter 223 A Birthday Gift I Dare Not Accept

Bye My Irresistible Love, Chapter 223 A Birthday Gift I Dare Not Accept

Charles’ POV:

“Charles, you’ve accompanied me for a long time. You really don’t have to do this.” Scarlett frowned at me, looking hesitant. Her discomfort was obvious. “Besides, i can get out of bed and walk unaided. I don’t need too much care anymore.”

Despite her words, I pressed her down to the bed and tucked her in patiently.

Scarlett replied to my gesture with a blank look. I studied her gaze affectionately, and gave her a gentle kiss on her cheek. “Scarlett, I don’t want to be separated from you anymore.” Scarlett opened her lips to reply, but in the end, she didn’t make a sound. Then, she flashed me a sweet smile that melted my heart. “You sleep for a while, alright? I’m going for a smoke.” As soon as I exited the ward, Janet approached me quickly and said in a low voice, “Rita’s here, but Richard stopped her. He didn’t allow her to get close to the ward.” She pointed to the elevator right after. My eyes turned to the direction she pointed at. What I saw next startled me. Before, Rita often dressed herself in the image of a pure and virginal girl, innocent and untainted. Today, however, her face was caked with heavy makeup, and she wore skin-tight clothes that left little to the imagination, giving me the impression of a cheap call girl. “Charles!” Rita waved coyly at me, sending me a flattering smile. “I’m not here to bother you, really! Linda was the one who asked me to see you on her behalf.” Richard was standing in front of Rita, a wary look on his face. I glanced at him, to which he immediately nodded and made way for me. Without sparing a glance at Rita, I spun on my heel and made way to the French window at the end of the corridor. I refused to let Scarlett to be affected by Rita, not even the slightest. With a flick of the switch, the lighter in my hands lit up the cigarette clamped between my lips.

“So… How’s Scarlett?” Rita’s voice came from behind me. I took a brief drag, and then blew out the smoke. Only then did I reply icily, “That has nothing to do with


“Look, Linda’s innocent. She was dragged down by her stupid niece. But I know you’ll never be soft on them, just like how you treated me.” Rita’s voice grew louder as she inched closer to me. Her tone became soft and coquettish, repulsively so. “Actually… I just came up with an excuse to see you today. Haven’t you ever missed me these days, Charles?”

I stood and watched quietly as Rita stretched out her hands towards me, about to wrap them around my waist. Just as she almost touched me, I flicked the cigarette ****. Instantly, the ash and sparks fell on her arm and burned her skin slightly.

Rita hissed from the pain. Alarmed, she staggered back immediately. .

“Stay away from me.” I shot her an icy glare that could freeze **** over. I could no longer restrain the disgust growing inside me. Seeing her face alone made me close to retching violently. “The Lively Group is over. Keep making trouble, Rita, and no one will be able to protect you.”

Rita covered her scalded arm, trembling, her eyes filled with fear and horror. She was so frightened, she couldn’t say anything. “Tell Linda to behave herself if she wants to stay in this city.” I was no longer in the mood to smoke, so I stubbed out the cigarette on the trash can and then dumped it inside. “You’d better stop making trouble in the future. If there’s something wrong with your heart, you’ll really end up dead.”

“Charles, I…” My warnings weren’t enough, as it seemed, for Rita still refused to give up.

Impatient, I shot her another glare. “Leave now, or I’ll have the bodyguards throw you out of the hospital.”

With that, Rita stopped abruptly and left in a hurry, fleeing like a frightened rat.

I was standing in a draught, and let the wind blow off the smell of smoke on my body before returning to Scarlett’s ward.

Scarlett lay on the bed, her eyes were closed, her curly hair falling loose on the pillow. Her face was so fair and beautiful, it mesmerized me. But it was obvious that she wasn’t asleep, and that her eyeballs were still rolling around under her eyelids.

I couldn’t help but smile. Amused, I bent over to kiss her. I asked her vaguely, “Are you Sleeping Beauty?” Sleeping Beauty snapped her eyes open, startled, and quickly pushed me away. “You’re the one who told me to get some sleep. Why are you bothering me again?” “Sorry, I can’t help it.” “Charles!” But Scarlett’s angry outburst faded away when someone knocked on the door. Janet entered, with a large bouquet of bright roses in her arms. She handed the bouquet to Scarlett. “Scarlett, someone sent you the flowers.”

“Who is it?” Scarlett looked at me, puzzled.

“I don’t know.” Janet shook her head, before exiting, leaving Scarlett and I alone in the ward. I pulled a long face and asked Scarlett seriously, “You really don’t know which admirer of yours sent you these flowers?” Scarlett flashed me an innocent, clueless look. She took out a folded card from the bouquet and handed it to me. “I really don’t. Help me check it.” I said nothing, and stared at her for a long time. Scarlett blinked her long and thick eyelashes, still clueless, but the nervousness in her was evident. However, it seemed she was sincere when she told me she didn’t know. “Let me have a look.” I suppressed my smile, and unfolded the card. When I saw the contents, I frowned. “You deal with the flowers,” Scarlett said casually, and shrank back into the quilt. “Don’t you want to know who sent it?” “No, I don’t.”

However, I kept insisting, and put the card in front of her to see. “Have a look first.” Scarlett, disgruntled, relented and slowly unfolded the card. Her uneasy eyes were soon filled with anger. I immediately picked up the roses as my shield. “Charles! Are you kidding me? You’re the one who sent the flowers! How dare you make fun of me?” Her voice became choked with angry sobs. “You… you *******!” She quickly snatched the roses away from me, fuming. As she did so, I could see her face clearly. She was frowning angrily, but there were tears welling up in the corners of her eyes. “I’m sorry, Scarlett. I asked Amy to book the flowers a few days ago. I only remembered just now. So I decided to just tease you a little.” I immediately apologized and hurriedly wiped her tears with a tissue. “If you don’t like it, i’ll throw it away right now.”

“No way!” Scarlett was defiant and protected the roses from me, holding them tightly.

“So, do you like it?” At this, she snorted and rolled her eyes at me. “Find a vase for me.” That made me so happy, I called Richard and told him to send several vases to the ward. There were so many roses that all the vases were full. The flowers’ warm color was reminiscent of a burning fire, making Scarlett’s face glow. She looked much more energetic. Scarlett requested that I place the roses at every corner of the ward. When I was done, the atmosphere in the ward seemed much warmer and more cheerful.

“There are only flowers… Don’t you have any other gifts for me?” Scarlett asked expectantly.

Scarlett’s POV:

When I asked this, Charles fell into silence.

I clenched the quilt and bit my lips subconsciously. His warm fingers suddenly touched my lips. That startled me, so I looked up in astonishment and met hi deep-set eyes. “Don’t bite yourself. Don’t you feel pain?” “It doesn’t hurt at all.” I turned sideways, upset. “Also, it’s none of your business.” Charles said with an affectionate smile, “How could I not prepare you a gift? But, I’m actually afraid yo won’t accept this gift.” His vague words made me curious. I stared at him blankly and asked, “What is it? What is it that wouldn’t dare to accept?” Charles approached me slowly, his thick eyebrows dashing, his eyes sparkling like a starry sky. Standin so close to me, his handsome features were even more prominent. His slightly rough fingers touched m face along the neck line, and he slowly uttered in my ear, “Me. The gift is me. I’ll be yours forever.” I felt like my face was being scalded by his heat, and immediately turned limp and numb. This strang feeling rushed up inside me with violent momentum, but on the outside, I tried

Embarrassed, I grabbed the quilt and tried to control my emotions. However, Charles didn’t give me a chance to hide and pressed his lips on mine. Our kiss was so passionate, messy saliva drooled out from the corner of our lips. Our loving gazes me and the temperature in the room seemed to rise. My body grew warm. However, the feeling vanished as someone knocked on the door. “Mr. Moore.” Richard’s voice came from outside the ward, interrupting us. Charles let go of me, but even as he was no longer holding me, I didn’t move. Charles raised his eyebrows, desire coloring his eyes, “Scarlett, could it be that you’re unwilling to let n go? Do you want to continue?” Startled, I immediately loosened my grip. I hurriedly lied, “No! Go and do your job!” Charles sent me a charming smiled and kissed me softly on my lips. “Wait for me.” After Charles left, the ward fell into silence. ‘Why is Richard looking for Charles?’

Immediately, I found myself feeling nervous.

Bye My Irresistible Love, Chapter 223: A Birthday Gift I Dare Not Accept

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