Bye My Irresistible Love, Chapter 220 She Finally Woke Up

Bye My Irresistible Love, Chapter 220 She Finally Woke Up

Lucia’s POV: When I stabbed that *****, Scarlett, with my knife, I felt so happy that I laughed maniacally. But soon, the police arrived. They took me back and locked me up. In the corner of the same room, there was a tall man and shorter man. The moment they saw me being thrown into the cell, they eyed me up and down with obscene eyes. Slowly, they inched closer towards me. Disgusted by their appearances and putrid odor, i backed away. When I saw their faces clearly, a terrible memory flooded into my mind. ‘I can’t believe it. It’s them!’ That night after I left Mint Bar, it was these two bastards who dragged me to a dark alley and raped me.

They tore my clothes apart and treated me like a toy. The thought of what happened that night made my legs go limp, and I wanted to throw up. “Help! Don’t lock me up with these rapists! Let me out of here!” I shouted and banged on the iron door of my holding cell. “Don’t pretend like you’re some innocent virgin!” The short man spat on the ground. “Hey, little missy, you were moaning with much more excitement that night.” The tall man smacked his lips, looking even more perverted. “Why are you here at the police station? Have you come to solicit business here? You’re really something, aren’t you?” “Shut the **** up! I’m not a prostitute, you ********! I’m a good woman. You bastards raped me that day!” I was so humiliated and angry that tears were about to burst from my eyes. I begged the police to give me the justice that I deserved. The policeman walked over, only to shoot me a frigid glance. “How come a good person would be locked up for murder? Now behave yourself! And shut the **** up!” “Did she kill someone?” Upon hearing what the police said, the two men were startled. “No, I didn’t. Scarlett is still alive!” I said, attempting to defend myself. I merely stabbed Scarlett.  She was still alive when her bodyguards came to her. “You should count yourself lucky that she’s still alive. Otherwise, you’ll be given a life sentence for first degree murder.” The policeman took out his baton and used it to hit the iron fence heavily. ‘No, Scarlett isn’t dead! I’m not going to let my life be ruined because of her; absolutely not!’ I cursed inwardly. Trembling, I squatted down and found that my hands were still stained with Scarlett’s blood, and that they couldn’t be wiped clean. I had no idea for how long I had been waiting in the holding cell. All of a sudden, I saw Linda appear before me.

“Aunt Linda, please help me!” My eyes lit up with hope. Surely, she must have some way to get me out of here.

Linda glared at me before she walked towards the policeman on guard. They were standing far enough that I couldn’t hear what they were talking about. But in my heart I believed that Linda must be doing something to save me. After their brief conversation, she walked towards me. It seemed as though I managed to escape imprisonment by the skin of my teeth. “Aunt Linda, please. Take me away. I want to leave here,” I pleaded. “The police told me that the evidence was damning, and bailment isn’t allowed.”

The news was so shocking that I gritted my teeth and roared, “What the ****? Why am I not allowed to be bailed out?” “Enough! Don’t be stupid! Who the **** told you to kill Scarlett, huh? Crying won’t do you any good now. Save the rest of your energy. I’ve already thought of someone who might be able to help you. He has some connections with Charles.” After giving me an earful, my aunt left without even offering me some words of comfort

As I watched her walk away, I felt my legs go numb, and soon I dropped to my knees and fell to the floor.

Not long after, the two disgusting rapists surrounded me. “You tried to kill Scarlett? Isn’t she Charles Moore’s woman? Jesus Christ, how did you have the ******* audacity to hurt her? I thought you were just some random *****, but it turns out you’re insane!” said the short man. “I think she has no idea what it means to offend Charles Moore. I heard that the Lively family got on his bad side, and now the entire Lively Group has gone bankrupt,” the tall man added. “Just wait, you *****. Charles is going to teach you a lesson you’ll never forget!” They were both staring at me as though I were dead to them. Trembling with fear, I completely lost control of my body. I didn’t even notice that I had ****** myself. Within seconds, the putrid smell of my pee pervaded in the air of the holding cell. The two rapists broke into a weird laughter. “I can’t believe she got so scared that she peed herself!” As I stood on the messy floor, I began to suffer from dizzy spells. Scarlett’s POV: All I could see before me was a vast, unending span of darkness. I could hear someone uttering my name affectionately. It was Charles. His gentle voice was like a glimmer of light in the dark night, slowly guiding me and helping me regain my consciousness bit by bit. “Charles…” I muttered in a hoarse voice. At long last, I managed to open my eyes, albeit with difficult.

Seconds later, a blurry figure rushed to my side. “Scarlett, how are you feeling?”

Charles asked with concern. However, I couldn’t see his face clearly.

At this moment, my hands felt like they weighed a ton, and it was too difficult for me to even raise them.

Just before I gave up, Charles held my hand and placed it on his face. “Scarlett, there’s no need to be afraid. I’m here.” When I touched his warm face, I finally felt that I had come back to life. Gradually, Charles’ face became clearer to me. Through feeble movements, I brushed my fingertips against the stubble on his chin. Upon gazing into his eyes, I gathered that he had been worried sick about me. He must really care about me.

It was then that I felt a strong sense of security.

Sadly, exhaustion and pain came to me again. As I closed my eyes again, all the fear and doubt I had been feeling had all but dissipated.

“Scarlett? Scarlett!”

Before I lost consciousness again, I heard Charles’ anxious voice. Soon, I drifted into slumber. Every memory I had of him replayed in my mind. Some of the memories we shared were bitter; most of them were sweet. I remembered our wedding ceremony, and the first night I had with Charles. I also recalled countless disputes and how we slowly drifted apart. And then… James was born. I could never forget how it felt to hug my baby for the first time. He was so small and cute. I had suffered and endured astronomical pain just to give birth to him. ‘No! James won’t be able to live without me. I must hold on for the sake of my child!’ I thought to myself.

After a long time, I finally regained consciousness once more. Upon opening my eyes, I saw Charles sleeping beside the bed. Even though he was asleep, he was still holding my hand. I tried to pull my hand out of his, but he frowned and held me even tighter. He was still asleep while doing that. Even in his dreams, Charles was still as bossy as ever. In an attempt to wake him up, I pinched his fingers. Just as I had expected, he opened his eyes almost immediately. “Scarlett, you’re awake!” He was still half-asleep, but the joy on his face was evident. Where is James? Is he okay?” My utmost concern was my little angel. “Mom is looking after him. Don’t worry.” “Can I see James tomorrow?” I asked in a soft voice. “Sure!” Gently, Charles fed me some water. “I’ll do anything for you as long as you’re fine.” I had no idea what sort of experience he had during my coma, but he had suddenly become so sweet and considerate of me.

Dazed, I stared at Charles’ face. There were dark circles under his deep-set eyes, and his face was pale. He looked a little haggard, but he was still quite dashing. This was the first time I had seen him so disheveled. Why is he still wearing the suit he had on during the morning I was stabbed? How long had Charles been accompanying me? A day or two? Is it possible that he never left my side while I was in a coma?’ I wondered. “Didn’t you sleep well?” My heart ached when I saw him at his current state. “I’m fine,” Charles replied, touching my head. “For how long have I been unconscious?” I asked. “Over twenty hours. I was so worried about you,” he responded. Then, Charles planted a kiss on my forehead.

“Where are Janet and Tracy? Are they okay?” I recalled the horrific fight that ensued in the bathroom. Just thinking about it made my heart race. “I fired them,” Charles said; his face turning grim. “They didn’t protect you well enough.” “Wait, what? Why did you fire them? You shouldn’t have done that, Charles! If it weren’t for them, Lucia would’ve killed me already!” I was so agitated by his news. Suddenly, I felt a dull pain in my lower abdomen. It was as if the wound was popped open, and I had to stop talking “Fine, fine. I’ll do as you say. Just don’t move, okay?” Charles panicked. “Then get them back! Now!” Enduring the pain, I squeezed out a few words through gritted teeth. “You know, when it comes to you, I’m always powerless.” Charles’ shoulders drooped, making him look helpless. He then went to the balcony to make a phone call. Not long after, Janet and Tracy entered the ward. “Thank you for saving my life,” I said to them as I looked them in the eye. “Don’t worry, girls. Charles isn’t going to fire you. I won’t let him.” Both Janet and Tracy still looked guilty and remorseful. Before I could comfort them, Charles cut me off. “Well, you can go out now. If something like that happens again, you already know the

consequences.” Janet and Tracy nodded and left the ward in a hurry. Now, only Charles and I were left in the room. Not long after, he tucked me in. “Scarlett, I can’t bear to lose you again. From now on, I’m going to protect you my way, and I’m never going to let anyone hurt you again!”

Bye My Irresistible Love, Chapter 220: She Finally Woke Up

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