Bye My Irresistible Love, Chapter 219 No Will To Survive

Bye My Irresistible Love, Chapter 219 No Will To Survive

Scarlett’s POV

‘It hurts…’ I endured the scathing pain coming from my abdomen and applied pressure on the wound. Warm, thick blood oozed out from my wound, and it dyed my clothes red through the gap between my fingers. Charles’ face kept flashing through my mind. ‘Charles… Is this going to be the end of us?” I could feel my life slipping from my fingers. My consciousness was gradually fading, and my vision was starting to blur. Everything in front of me was slowly being covered by a faint layer of shadow. All I could see now was Lucia’s blood-stained hands and her fiendish face inching closer towards me.

All of a sudden, someone kicked the door of the bathroom open. Janet arrived just in time to save me, and she kicked Lucia, knocking her down. The loud bang caused by Lucia hitting the wall made it seem like she was just a piece of garbage being thrown away. Not long after, the sharp knife in her hand fell to the ground. Panicking, Tracy ran to my side. “Scarlett, hold on! We’ve already called 911!” ‘I’m safe…’ As the thought emerged in my mind, I gradually felt relieved. My vision soon faded and I lost my consciousness.

Charles’ POVUpon receiving Scarlett’s urgent call for help, I felt like all the blood in my body froze over. Panic overwhelmed me like a tide. I was so scared that I would never see my beloved Scarlett again. I floored the accelerator, speeding the car to its maximum speed. The car was so fast that it felt like I was flying. Everyone else along the road was frightened by the speed I was going that they moved aside or hid awayThe other drivers rolled down their windows and cursed at me, but I didn’t care. I didn’t even bother to wait for the traffic lights at the intersection to turn green and just ran the red light. Finally, I arrived at the door of the ward. There, Janet and Tracy had been waiting for me with worry painted on their faces. “What the **** happened? How Lucia get the chance to hurt Scarlett? Were you even watching over Scarlett like I told you to?” I vented all my anger at them, for I was practically boiling already when I got here. “Mr. Moore, we got there as soon as we received your call. But even then, we were still too late,” Janet said with her head down, appearing to be apologetic.

I could tell that Janet and Tracy had indeed tried their best. Moreover, this wasn’t the right time to blame anyone. What we needed to focus on was Scarlett’s safety. “Go to the elevator and stand guard. Whatever happens, don’t let any reporters in,” I commanded. With that, I cautiously opened the door and walked to Scarlett’s bedside. She was lying on the bed with her eyes closed. Her face was so pale that it almost looked like she was a ghost. Her long eyelashes were trembling along with her feeble breath. And it seemed like the only evidence that proved she was still alive. Gently, I touched Scarlett’s face. Her face used to be full of life and held countless emotions, but now, there was only rigid calmness. It was the kind of calmness that was frightening. She had completely lost her former vitality. Oh, how I wished she would regain her former vigorous self. Even if she would just goad me, ignore me, or even get angry with me. I wouldn’t care. All of those were so much better than to see her lying on the bed, practically lifeless. “This is how you’re punishing me, right?” I said, moving closer to her with a bitter smile on my face. “Scarlett, I’ll do anything you want as long as you wake up.” I remembered how James cried nonstop earlier for no apparent reason. Perhaps he knew that his mother was in danger, and it was some sort of telepathic communication between mother and child. “So, James was trying to warn me at the time, huh? **** it. I was too foolish understand his meaning,” I said, mocking myself. “James is waiting for you right now, my love. Are you really going to let him lose his mother?” I stared at Scarlett and planted a kiss on her forehead. “Please… wake up and look at me!” But no matter how hard I tried, she wouldn’t respond. Only my voice could be heard inside the empty ward. I felt as though my heart was being torn apart. Feebly, I stumbled out of the ward and went to the office of her attending doctor. “How’s Scarlett doing right now?” I asked, burning with anxiety. “I will speak frankly, Mr. Moore. The patient is in bad shape. She’s lost too much blood and has fallen into a comatose state. The worst part is that she seems to have no will to survive. You need to encourage her somehow. Otherwise, nobody can save her,” said the doctor. His words were like an invisible hand, strangling my neck and suffocating me. I was so disheartened that I could barely breathe. Why would Scarlett want to die? Isn’t there anything in this world that she’ll miss? How could she want to leave me and James behind?

No! I won’t accept this! Scarlett is my wife. She’s not allowed to die without my permission!! As I went back to the ward with a heavy heart, I saw a familiar figure inside the room. My mother was standing in front of Scarlett’s bed, visibly worried.

Upon seeing me come in, she grabbed my hand at once. “Charles, what happened? What did the doctor say? How in the world could something this horrible happen in the TV station? In broad daylight no less!” While my mother was speaking, her chest was heaving violently. I was scared that she might have a heart attack or something because of anger, so I hurriedly comforted her. “Scarlett will be fine, and the person who hurt her has already been taken to the police station. I’ll stay here until she wakes up. Mom, you should go home and take good care of James. Otherwise, Scarlett will worrthe second she wakes up.” Thankfully, my words were enough to appease my mother. “***, please… wake my dear Scarlett up! She’s a good girl. She doesn’t deserve this,” she prayed with tears. Once she had left, Nina and Abner came in. Nina’s eyes were red and there were traces of tears on her face. I inferred that she must’ve cried on her way here. With reckless abandon, she tried to rush into Scarlett’s ward. “Scarlett needs all the rest she can get right now,” I said, standing in front of the ward. Nina was so furious at me that she grabbed my collar. Her eyes flared up with anger, and it looked like she was ready to burn me at the stake. “Charles, where were you when it happened? Why didn’t you protect Scarlett?” she growled. My heart felt like it had been hit by a spear. I looked down, clenching my hands into fists. Nina was right. I failed to protect Scarlett. If I had been more careful and didn’t let Scarlett out of my sight, something this tragic never would’ve happened. I would give anything just so I could be the one lying on that bed, wounded, instead of my Scarlett. “Calm down, Nina. Nobody expected this to happen. It’s not entirely Charles’ fault.” Abner embraced Nina from behind and pulled her away from me.

Bye My Irresistible Love, Chapter 219: No Will To Survive

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