Bye My Irresistible Love, Chapter 217 Go Home With Her

Bye My Irresistible Love, Chapter 217 Go Home With Her

Charles’ POV: Vivian’s words sparked my fury. Immediately, I glared at Scarlett and dragged her forcefully out of the bar. “Charles…” Scarlett muttered fearfully and shrank her neck, like a timid rabbit that had been caught by the predator. I was about to say something, but I saw Janet and Tracy walking towards us with James. “What happened?” Janet looked at us, confused. James was in her arms, smiling sweetly at Scarlett and me. He looked so cute and innocent. Poor little baby! He didn’t know what his mother wanted to do to his father. I waved my hand in annoyance and told Janet and Tracy to wait for us outside. Then, I opened door and let Scarlett go into the car. I followed her in and slammed the door shut. Scarlett blushed, trying her best to stay away from me. Seeing that her head was about to hit the window, I quickly reached out to protect her head. However, my hand ended up hitting the window, putting me in a world of pain. Scarlett, stunned by this, hurried to touch my hand, albeit very awkwardly. “D-does it hurt?” “If you care about my manhood as much as you care about my hand now, I’ll be happier.” I caressed her cheek, flashing her a sarcastic smile. “I just wanted to consult Vivian. I don’t mean anything else.” Scarlett lowered her voice, looking away. She looked extremely cute when she felt guilty. Without her noticing, her blouse had unbuttoned itself. Her breasts could be easily seen from this angle, looking incredibly seductive and erotic in meyes. Eager, I leaned over to her neck, and then licked her skin as punishment. “Scarlett… Whenever I look at you, I can’t control myself. Don’t you like me treating you this way?” The mood in the car suddenly turned erotic. Without waiting, I kissed Scarlett. Being so close to her, I could hear her breathing. I placed my hand into her collar, and touched her body slowly. In response, Scarlett let out a low moan of delight. She was obviously turned on. I was excited to know that I could still sate her lust with ease.

But as I was about to take further action, Scarlett suddenly changed her attitude and gave me the cold shoulder. It was baffling.

“Do you treat other women the same way, Charles? Lucia told me that you hugged her when she drank with you that day, no? Was it also because you couldn’t control yourself?”. Damn it! I cursed under my breath. Why did she have to mention that woman now? “What does Lucia have to do with me? Even if she got raped and thrown into the mountains, it has nothing to do with me!” The topic made me fly into a rage. Why couldn’t Scarlett understand? She was the only woman who mattered to me. I had zero interest in other women’s affairs. None! However, my response caused Scarlett’s face to turn pale. She bit her lips and asked quietly, “When my father was desperate and helpless and begged you for help, you treated him just as indifferently, didn’t you?”. Her question left me stunned. I sat there, frozen. I couldn’t fathom how she managed to associate Lucia’s affair with Alex’s.

“Honey, you’re too sensitive. Don’t overthink, okay? When you’re with me, can’t you stop talking about other people?” I gently touched her ear, trying to get her back in the mood. “Let me go, Charles!” Much to my disappointment, Scarlett refused my caress. She kicked violently, swinging her legs and hitting my knees without mercy. The pain in my knees made me automatically loosen my grip on her. Scarlett took the opportunity to push the door before bursting out in a hurry. I got up to chase after her, only to quickly find that she was limping as she ran. “What’s wrong with your foot?” Worried, I squatted down to check her right foot. As I had expected, her ankle was red and swollen. Scarlett, upset, tried to get rid of me. I ignored her efforts and insisted coldly, “You’re hurt, Scarlett. Calm down.” In response, Scarlett glared at me as if blaming me for her injury. She endured the agony, and then took James from Janet’s arms. “I want to go home.” She raised her voice on purpose and emphasized, “Right now!” At her behest, Janet immediately went to start the car.

Meanwhile, I returned to my own car gloomily. I still couldn’t understand why Scarlett was suddenly so angry at me. The more I thought about it, the angrier I got. Seeing her car leaving, I pushed down the clutch and followed it as fast as I could. Janet realized that I was chasing her, so she drove faster and faster, doing her best to leave me biting the dust. Scarlett probably ordered her to do so. I wasn’t about to give up, and continued to follow stubbornly. Along the way, my car and hers kept racing. It came to the point that I reached a speed of 200 miles per hour. Our childish game only ended when we finally approached Scarlett’s house. Scarlett’s POV:

I was amused to see Charles’ car running stubbornly after mine, determined to follow me. Despite everything, he was still so childish and domineering. “Janet, stop the car. You take James back to the Moore mansion. I’ll spend the night here.” I handed James to Tracy, and then got out of the car alone. Almost at the same time, I saw Charles park his car and march towards my house. I stopped short of opening the door, and turned around to face him with a cold glare. “Charles, this is my house. You’re not welcome.” I didn’t bother to hide my hostility. “Go back to your own house!”

This man could always make me lose my senses with ease, and lead me into making irrational judgments. Are you afraid of staying with me alone? Why is that?” Charles looked at me with a smug half-smile. He was so tall, his impressive height towering over me, so much that I felt a lot pressure just by standing near him. He leaned against the door with one hand, and approached me slowlyWhenever he spoke, I could feel his breath blowing hotly against my nose. “No matter what you say, I won’t leave. I’m going to stay here with my wife.” Charles was unwilling to yield, as he stared into my eyes determinedly. I let out a small, helpless sigh. “Whatever. But first of all, don’t touch me.” I knew how stubborn Charles could be. If I didn’t let him in, I probably wouldn’t get any rest tonight. I pushed the door open, went inside, and took my pajamas as I walked to the bathroom. “Why are you so angry, Scarlett?” I heard Charles’ voice from behind. He sounded calm, but he was in fact very aggrieved. Why…?

I didn’t know how to answer that question. Maybe it was a mistake for me to be with him from the very beginning. Even if we had James, there was no way we could still to be together. I didn’t reply, and simply left him hanging. After taking a relaxing shower, I felt less tired. I looked around, but I couldn’t find Charles anywhere. Had he gone home? Somehow, this left me quite disheartened. With that, I went to bed alone and soon fell into a deep sleep. The next morning, as I lay between a state of half-sleep and half-wakefulness, I found myself hugged tight to a startlingly warm chest. A man’s hot breath brushed my ears, making me tremble. I could feel his lower region poking me. It was Charles! As it so happened, he never left. Instead, he slept with me the entire night! “Honey…” Charles mumbled subconsciously in his sleep, calling for me. My heart began to beat faster than ever. I closed my eyes, not daring to make a single sound. “Why do you still pretend to be asleep when you’re already up?” Charles’s voice was filled with desire. “Or do you want me to wake you up this way?” He put his eager hands into my pajamas and touched my body from top to bottom, gently and skillfully. “Charles, please don’t…” I couldn’t stop myself from crying out. “I know you like it, Scarlett.” Charles proceeded to kissing my earlobe gently and affectionately, luring me into throwing away my sense of self and indulge in a banquet of lust with him. Every time I wanted to reject Charles, no matter how firm I was at the beginning, I always ended up falling straight into his honey trap. But I had made up my mind! I shouldn’t get close to him anymore! After several moments of painful internal struggle, I pushed Charles away decisively. “Let go of me! What are you trying to do?”

Bye My Irresistible Love, Chapter 217 Go Home With Her

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