Bye My Irresistible Love, Chapter 216 An Exciting Ending

Bye My Irresistible Love, Chapter 216 An Exciting Ending

Lucia’s POV: The moment I found out that our director was the one who was speaki ing with Charles over the phone, I grew so frightened that my whole body shook uncontrollably. “Charles, I’m so sorry! I never meant to offend you. Please forgive me this time! It was all my fault. You can punish me and do as you like to me, but please let me keep my job!” “You’re the one who asked for it, Lucia.” Charles showed me no pity. He sneered, then spun on his heel and strode out. He didn’t bother sparing me a single glance even as he left. A deep sense of despair overwhelmed me, pushing me into darkness. I collapsed and lay on the floor, panting anxiously, feeling like my soul had flown out of my body. However, I had no time to dwell on my loss. The next instant, the phone in my pocket buzzed. The sound startled me. My fear intensified, and I didn’t have the courage to pick up the call. I glanced at the number and instantly knew it was the personnel manager. A horrible feeling rose inside me. “Lucia, you’re fired! Please pack up your belongings and leave the TV station right away. We will complete the rest of the procedures in three days.” “No, no! I’m sorry! I apologize for everything I’ve done! I’ll accept any punishment, but please don’t fire me…!” But before I could finish, the personnel manager hung up immediately. My body froze as an icy sensation spread throughout me. I felt cold physically and mentally, like I had fallen into freezing waters. I knew I was in desperate circumstances. All of a sudden, I thought of someone who could help me. With this small ray of hope, I struggled to get up from the ground. My ankle ached terribly, but I had no time to care about the pain. I limped to a chair and quickly dialed Linda’s number. “Aunt Linda, you have to help me! The personnel manager fired me!” “What’s going on? How did that happen?”

“I… I offended Charles.”

“What? Idiot girl!” “Stop swearing and just help me! You’re my aunt, aren’t you?!” “Alright. Go and find Spencer. He’s Charles’ best friend, and he’s still single.” “What of it?”

“I heard that he’s fond of beautiful women. You might be able to attract his attention and gain his favor. He should be able to help you then.” At Linda’s suggestion, I decided to go to see Spencer that very night. I went home and took a shower. I dolled up my face with layers upon layers of make-up, ensuring that my face looked perfect. I carefully curled up my hair and put on a short, tight skirt. My feet were still in pain from my fall before, but I endured it and wore high heels to complete my look.

‘You won’t be able to resist me, Spencer!

Scarlett’s POV:

After the debacle was over, I exited the TV station with Charles. He held my hand tenderly and said, “Scarlett, why don’t we go to the Mint Bar tonight? Just the two of us.”

In view of Charles’s good behavior today, I nodded in agreement. Later that evening, Janet drove us to the bar. As soon as Charles and I got out of the car, I noticed a familiar-looking woman standing at the entrance. Her skimpy short skirt was particularly eye-catching, sticking to her curves sensually. Is that… Lucia? She had cried so bitterly earlier during the day, but now, she had already dolled up and was going to spend her time in a bar. It was all very strange to me. I tore my eyes off her and ignored her, and entered the bar with Charles. There was no need to concern myself over her. It was very noisy inside, the ambience resembling a loud carnival. Men and women were on the dance floor, shaking their heads and twisting their bodies to the booming music. People shouted and screamed in manic joy as the DJ played the beats, the sound growing louder and louder by the minute.


Charles promptly took me to the dance floor. I couldn’t stand the noise, which was threatening to make my eardrums bleed from how loud it was. After dancing for a while, I took Charles to the second floor to find Spencer’s private room. Vivian was standing at the door. When she saw us, she greeted us. “Hi, Vivian. Why aren’t you going inside?” I was confused as to why she was standing out here. “Apparently, Spencer’s talking with a woman called Lucia inside.” Immediately, I frowned. Why was Lucia coming for Spencer? And why was she dressed so unnecessarily promiscuously? As I wondered, the door suddenly swung open and interrupted my thoughts. Spencer popped out and grabbed Vivian’s arm, and promptly dragged her into the room. Curious, I poked my head inside the room for a peek. My eyes fell on Lucia, who for some reason had unbuttoned her blouse. One could easily see her full cleavage and black bra. Spencer swung his arm around Vivian’s shoulder and sneered at Lucia, “This is Vivian. She’s more beautiful than you, isn’t she? But I don’t even care for her, let alone a woman like you who’s trying so hard to seduce me. I like beautiful women, but I’ll have you know that I’m also picky about them!” Lucia’s face was scrunched up with complicated emotions. From her unsightly expression alone, I could tell that she was feeling pathetic, doubtful, and ashamed. Just then, our gazes met. Instantly, shame colored her ashen face. She hurriedly buttoned up her top, grabbed her bag, and limped away. Spencer turned to look at Charles and me. Smiling sardonically, he asked, “Are you two here to watch a show?”

He was still as flirtatious as ever. Charles and I ignored him, and went straight into the room.

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Vivian, meanwhile, struggled to free herself from Spencer’s vice grip. “Well, she’s gone and the show’s over. Can you let go of me now?” “Can’t you be my date for a while longer? Look, they’re a couple, but I’m all alone.” Spencer continued to hold Vivian in his arms, flirting shamelessly. However, Vivian didn’t buy it at all. She hissed in a low voice, “Let go of me!” “Why should I? I need to let those stupid girls see the kind of woman who truly deserves my love.” “Didn’t you just say you didn’t even care for me?”

“That was a lie. I said that to her because I wanted her to know how difficult it is to win me over.” Seeing that he wouldn’t budge, Vivian jabbed him viciously with her elbow“Ouch!” Pained, Spencer was forced to release Vivian. He then looked at me with a cheeky smile and pleaded mournfully, “Scarlett, help me! I’m injured.” Spencer stretched out his hand to me, but Charles kicked him to the ground before he could reach me.

“Argh!” Spencer raised his head to glare at Charles and shouted grumpily, “Why did you kick me? What’s the deal?” Charles replied calmly, “No reason. I just wanted to tell you that we’d like to change rooms. Scarlett doesn’t want to stay in the same room Lucia was in.” “Then just say it! You don’t need to kick me!” Spencer’s voice was full of grievance, which amused me. I was close to laughing out loud. “Take your time. I’m leaving,” Vivian said, about to leave. Immediately, I took her hand and stopped her. “Don’t leave yet. I have something to ask you.” I led her to the next room and sat down in a corner. Then, I whispered something in her ear. A few moments later, Charles and Spencer entered. “What are you two talking about?” Charles asked, curious. “Scarlett wants to buy some medicine that turns men impotent,” Vivian told him loudly, without an ounce of hesitation.

All of a sudden, silence filled the room. The whole world seemed to have stopped turning, and all sounds had disappeared.

Bye My Irresistible Love, Chapter 216 An Exciting Ending

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