Bye My Irresistible Love Chapter 214 We Both Need To Vent Our Emotions

Bye My Irresistible Love Chapter 214 We Both Need To Vent Our Emotions

Scarlett’s POV: Charles fixed his eyes on me for a long time, but not a word fell out of his lips. Gradually, I lost m patience and got out of bed to put on my shoes. However, a strong force pulled me back and I found myself in Charles’s arms. He hugged me s tightly, I couldn’t even move a muscle to look up at his face. Then, he whispered in a low and hoarse voice, “I’m sorry, Scarlett. At that time, I was just to afraid of losing you. I knew that no explanation could change your mind, so I came up with this Please don’t leave me again, okay?” I brought my teeth down on his shoulder and bit as hard as I could. He trembled all over from th pain, but didn’t move at all. A long time passed, and he touched my head affectionately. “Have you stopped being angry?” I didn’t answer. Instead, I traced my teeth marks on his shoulder. “Scarlett, why are there sleeping pills in our house?” His question stunned me for a moment. After a while, I finally answered in a low voice, “I bough them for myself.” Charles’s grip on me tightened considerably. Looking at him, I saw that he was staring quietly a me, his lips pursed into a deep frown. Flustered, I explained hurriedly, “Don’t get me wrong. I didn’t buy sleeping pills to hurt myself. was always sleepless. Even when I could fall asleep, I couldn’t sleep well. As time went by, I wa: always in a trance. I was so tired, I couldn’t deal with anything. In the end, I had no choice but to buy some sleeping pills to help me sleep.” “It’s bad for your health in the long run to take sleeping pills so frequently, Scarlett.” “I know. Well, recently, I haven’t been taking them as frequently as I used to.” At this, Charles asked sternly, “You used to take them frequently?” “Yeah. I was under a lot of stress and had to deal with a lot of things, so…” Thinking of the past, 1 couldn’t help but sigh dejectedly. “I often stayed up late at night. I tried hard to squeeze in some time to sleep, but when I did, I found that I couldn’t fall asleep at all. There’s nothing more painful than that. I didn’t like it, but only sleeping pills could help me.” Charles gazed at me sorrowfully, his eyes filled with pity. After hesitating for a while, he asked carefully, “Since when? Was it… was it because of me?” “No… It’s not.” Charles’ POV: It was rare for Scarlett to stay so quiet in my arms. When she spoke, her voice was soft and whisper-like. “It was a long time ago.” I looked down at her, unspeaking. Our little tangle moments ago had disheveled her clothes. Her beautiful neckline was laid bare, revealing her fair skin and her cleavage. The hem of her nightgown was lifted slightly, and her long slender legs were crossed against mine.

The stimulation instantly threw my mind into a mess. “You’re really torturing me…” Unable to stop myself, I bit Scarlett’s ear. Scarlett lowered her head shyly and hid in my arms. I held her tight, lost in thoughts.

Ever since she returned, she had mostly been with me and I never saw her use drugs. Plus. she wouldn’t dare take any sleeping pills when pregnant.


It must have happened in the three years she studied abroad. Thinking of this, gloom and depression filled me. Suddenly, the air in the room seemed to have run out, making me suffocating. During those three years, Scarlett was completely out of my sight. What on earth had happened to her that made her so upset, to the point she needed to rely on medicine to sleep? “I’m sorry,” I murmured, apologizing from the bottom of my heart. Scarlett turned around to give me a look of astonishment. “Why are you suddenly apologizing?” “I should’ve fallen in love with you earlier, Scarlett…” My voice faded away as I placed my lips on her and pulled her into a loving kiss. Then I spoke to her, my voice sporadic and my words vague, “Maybe… we both need to vent our bottled emotions.” Scarlett stared at me with a blank look, her eyes unreadable. Her pretty long eyelashes were drooping slightly over a pair of crystalline eyes. The delicate and charming expression hidden in them intoxicated me, igniting my desire for her. Feeling excited, I soon found it hard to suppress my desire. I deepened our kiss and took off her clothes eagerly, sliding my palm down to her waist to feel her smooth, supple skin. Alas, my phone rang and cut short my moment of ecstasy. Scarlett shivered, and shrank backward. “Charles, it’s your phone.” I held her hands tightly and mumbled in a hoarse voice, “Ignore it.”

“But… Ah!”

I grabbed her slender waist and pulled her up suddenly. Grasping her body firmly, I kissed her hard on her delectable red lips. Scarlett gradually lost her strength in face of my aggressive kiss. She linked her arms around my neck and clung to me tightly. while later, she took the initiative to respond to me and even begin a hoarse voice, “Charles, hurry…” Her pants filled me with a strange thirst. Sweat dripped from my forehead. After a while, her moans of pleasure echoed in the room…

Later, I held Scarlett in my arms, satisfied. Happy. I teased her. “Don’t you feel more relaxed after venting your emotions?”.

“Hurry up and check your phone!” Scarlett kicked me, face red with anger. I simply burst into laughter. Scarlett was just too adorable. I took out my phone, and realized that the caller was Amy. When I called her back, Amy briefly told me that there were several urgent problems with the

project that I needed to deal with personally in the company. I hung up and turned around, seeing Scarlett leaning against the bed lazily. She was looking at m not bothered to hide her gaze. I approached her and stroked her delicate neck. “Do you want more?” “Aren’t you going to the company?” Scarlett retorted, glaring at me. “So if I’m not going, you want more?” Scarlett’s face flushed a cute red from my flirting around. Embarrassed, she yelled, “No! Just ge out of here!”

Her reaction make me chuckle. Happy, I kissed her on the forehead before picking up the bat towel. “From now on, don’t stay alone in your apartment anymore. It’s unsafe. Besides, isn’t : more enjoyable to sleep on the same bed with me here, just like what we’re doing now?” Scarlett’s face turned redder, but she was silent and didn’t rise to my taunt. I wrapped myself with the bath towel and went back to my bedroom to put on my clothes. Then, fished out a delicate box from the drawer. When I returned to the nursery, Scarlett had just come out of the bathroom. She looked at me il surprise. “Why haven’t you left yet? Didn’t Amy say it was an emergency?” “Yes, but you’re the top priority in my heart.” I held her hand and took out our wedding ring, righ before her confused eyes. Just as I was about to put it on her finger, Scarlett pulled away resolutely. Her soft, warm eye: suddenly turned freezing cold, and the tone in her voice was severe. “Charles, I don’t want to weai that.”

“We haven’t divorced. How can a married couple not wear their wedding rings?” I stepped forward gazing at her gently. “But, we…” “Scarlett,” I whispered in a lowered voice, my eyes dead serious. “I know you have a grudge against me because of your father, but we weren’t together at that time. If I had another chance, I would definitely protect him, even if I had to go to jail.” Scarlett blinked her pretty eyes and bit her lips. Through it all, she remained silent and unmoved. Noticing that she was no longer resisting, I slowly took her hand and slipped the wedding ring on her ring finger gently. “Scarlett… I love you.” Satisfied, I smiled and kissed her ring finger. “I’ll never give you a chance to take off this ring.”

Bye My Irresistible Love, Chapter 214 We Both Need To Vent Our Emotions

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