Bye My Irresistible Love Chapter 213 An Intimate Quarrel

Bye My Irresistible Love Chapter 213 An Intimate Quarrel

Charles’ POV: When I woke up the next morning, my body felt so sore. I heard some noise, so I opened my eyes, staring at the direction the noise was coming from. Janet appeared to be frightened. She took a step back, raising her hands. “It’s me, Janet.” I frowned, wanting to sit up, but then I found myself having difficulties moving a muscle. I looked down, realizing that I had been *******. “What the **** happened?” I asked through gritted teeth. In a trembling voice, Janet replied, “I found the door of your room wide open. When I came in to check, I saw you *******. Do you not remember anything that happened?” The intimate scenes from last night popped up in my head one after another. I recalled how Scarlett got on top of me and kissed me passionately. She was so patient last night. It was as if she was waiting for an opportunity or something. “Go and ask Scarlett to come here. Now!” I grunted. “Tracy has already gone to Scarlett’s room to wake her up. Allow me to untie you first,” she said. “No.” I refused, and then stared at the door. “The one who tied me up should do it.” Moments later, another person walked into the room. “Mr. Moore, I can’t seem to wake Scarlett up. She’s in too deep of a sleep,” Tracy said, visibly apprehensive. I was so angry that I broke into a manic laughter. Scarlett had bound me for an entire night, but she was sleeping like a log. Janet looked at me, curious to know what I was thinking. “Sir, I think it’s best that we untie you. Do you mind?” I gnashed my teeth and finally agreed. Janet and Tracy removed the ropes from me. I moved my aching joints and clenched my fists. “Tracy, Janet, take James out to the park or something. Make sure not to come back before lunch.” Janet and Tracy exchanged glances in silence before they left the room to carry out my order. Meanwhile, I changed into a fresh set of clothes and tidied up before going downstairs. Both my mother and grandmother were already drinking tea and chatting in the garden. As usual, I greeted them a good morning, and then I made a request. “Hello, my beautiful ladies! Are you in the mood to go shopping today? I’ve prepared a surprise for Scarlett, so I’m going to need some time with her alone today.” They readily agreed to my request, and were happy to hear about my surprise for Scarlett. Before leaving, Grandma held my hand and said, “Charles, it’s good that you’re paying more attention to Scarlett. With time and effort, she’ll forget all about the unpleasant things that went on between you two.”

I promised to do as she had told me, and watched their car leave before going to the nursery. “Now, let’s see if you can escape me!”

Scarlett’s POV: I was sleeping soundly until I was awakened by the sound of running water from the bathroom “Janet? Is that you? What’s going on?” I opened my eyes, still a little drowsy. “Were you having a nice dream? Is that why you didn’t want to get up?” It was then that I heard Charles’ voice.

Startled, I bolted upright only to find him half-naked in front of me. Charles had only a bath towel on to cover his lower body, and his bare upper body was still damp. His broad chest and well-toned abs were a sight to behold. There were still some driblets of water on his skin, running down his body and passing through his muscles until they disappeared into the edge of the bath towel. My heart felt like it was about to leap from my chest, and I could feel that my ears were burning up. By the time I got ahold of myself, Charles was already on the bed. “Are you so enticed that you can’t take your eyes off me?” he bantered. Hurriedly, I got up to try and escape. Unfortunately for me, he was quick to press me down on the bed.


“Where do you think you’re going, Scarlett?” Charles leaned over, looking at me from above. His eyebrows were raised and there was an impish grin printed on his lips. The mere sight of him made my heart race and my face blush. I pinched my fingers, trying to calm down. “Charles, get a hold of yourself!” But before I could finish my sentence, Charles stopped me from talking by kissing me. He pinched my chin in order to force me to accept his kiss. Perhaps this was some sort of punishment. He then nibbled on my earlobe, and planted a hickey on my neck. I could feel my body heating up, and I was starting to get aroused. Within less than a minute, he had crawled under the sheets with me and clung to my skin. Suddenly, he removed the bath towel. I was so shocked that I couldn’t avert my gaze from him. He looked into my eyes while running his fingertips along my neck. Then, he slipped into the quilt. I grabbed his hands and tried to warn him. “Charles, stop! We’re in the nursery!” “Oh, don’t worry about that. I told Janet and Tracy to take James out for some fun.” He leaned even closer to me. The distance was enough for me to feel the warmth of his breath. “What did you add to the honey water you gave me yesterday? Scarlett, you’ve become a naughty girl now.” I was surprised to know that he caught on, but I still feigned ignorance. “Well, I added some honey into the water,” I replied. “Yes, but besides the honey, what else did you add?” he asked again. “Nothing,” I muttered. “Then why can’t you look me in the eye? You’re lying!” Charles grabbed my chin, forcing me to look into his eyes. “Believe it or not, I’m telling the truth!” I didn’t want to admit to what I did last night.

Charles scoffed at me and shot me a cold glance. “I’ve been so tolerant of you lately. How could you still be so cruel to me?” When I saw that he was about to kiss me again, I immediately tried to avoid him. “Charles: stop! We’ve already…” “We’re not divorced yet.” Charles’ resolute voice canceled out my excuse. Gently, he pinched my cheek and chuckled. “Don’t even think for a second that I was drunk enough to forget what happened last night.” I slapped his hand away. “Then why did you do that? Even Spencer, an outsider, knew that the divorce was fake. Only I, the person involved, was foolishly kept in the dark! Charles, do you enjoy making a fool of me or something?” As soon as I said those words, tears fell down my cheeks. Seconds later, Charles kissed my cheek. He looked guilty, but he didn’t seem regretful. “Like I said last night, you’re going to be my wife forever. And you belong to me forever.” Having said that, he held my face and kissed me. Different from the aggressive kiss he planted on my cheek just now, his kiss felt tender and gentle this time.

The feeling was like an electric current that coursed through my veins, making me feel numb in an instant.

Perhaps it was because of his kiss, or maybe his words, but either way, I felt like something in my mind had snapped. I decided to stop thinking and just accepted his physical form of love. However, when I felt that Charles was unbuttoning my clothes, I grabbed his hands to stop him. “No,” I said, shaking my head. “Scarlett, you didn’t refuse me last night,” Charles replied, creasing his eyebrows at me. “But then you drugged me and interrupted our intimate moment. Shouldn’t you try to make it up to me?” I was surprised that he actually knew about it! As I looked into his eyes, I retorted, “If that’s how you want to play it, then let’s dig up all the things that happened earlier, shall we? You faked our divorce and even threatened to tie me up last night!” “I never threatened you. I bought that rope for you. Did you enjoy using it last night?” asked Charles, wearing a devilish grin. “Do you want me to fetch it so I could use it again?” I was so anxious that tears rolled down my cheeks again. Charles was taken aback. He immediately dialed back his flirtation and patiently tried to appease me. “***, I’m so sorry, Scarlett. Don’t cry. It was all my fault.” Unbeknownst to him, his affection made it all the more difficult for me to control myself. My emotions surged and I could no longer stop myself from crying. His pleasured moans came along with his soft kisses. “I’m not asking for too much, Scarlett. I just want to be with you. I won’t allow us to get divorced.” I nestled in his embrace, indulging in his tenderness. In the end, I agreed to him and sobbed. Overjoyed, Charles began to kiss me harder. The sound of his voice almost dispelled the intimate atmosphere. “I love you so much, Scarlett.”

I couldn’t resist the urge to smile after hearing that.

The following moment, the smile on my face disappeared as I saw his face. He gnashed his teeth at me and said, “How could you drug me and leave me ******* for a whole night? If something had gone wrong…” At once. I said, “How is that possible? I didn’t put that much sleeping pills into the water. It was just a normal dose for insomnia patients. Besides, I even tucked you in before I left to make sure that you wouldn’t catch a cold. Don’t try to use that scenario to threaten me! You deserved it.” I shot him a fierce glare, but it didn’t work. On the contrary, Charles just chuckled. “You’re right. I did deserve it. I shouldn’t have provide you the tools and the opportunity to tie me up. I just never imagined you to be into ****, you know!” “Shut up!” My face was as red as an apple. I turned over, got on top of Charles, and covered his mouth with my hands.

He pulled my hand down to his naked chest and grinned. “Touch me,” he muttered. “All the way down,” he added. I grabbed a pillow and used it to hit him. “Haha!” Charles broke into laughter, and then he pounced on me again. After a while, we heard a sound that caught our attentions. I looked at the direction it was coming from, only to find that the bottle of sleeping pills that had been hidden under the pillow had rolled down to the floor. Charles picked up the bottle, raised an eyebrow and looked at me. “Did you prepare this just for me?” I took the bottle from his hand, and stashed it into the drawer of the bedside table. “Don’t be ridiculous!”

‘Doesn’t he even know why I dosed him with sleeping pills? It’s because he’s been testing my patience again and again!’ I looked back at him and put on a straight face. “Charles, what annoys me the most is that you keep lying to me!”

Bye My Irresistible Love Chapter 213 An Intimate Quarrel

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