Bye My Irresistible, Love Chapter 212: Kiss Me

Chapter 212: Kiss Me

Scarlett’s POV:

It was late at night, but try as I might, I still couldn’t fall asleep. I tossed and turned restlessly in bed, feeling very conflicted. A gust of wind suddenly blew over. I looked up by instinct and realized that the door of the nursery wasn’t closed properly. I stood up and walked over to close the door. All of a sudden, a dark figure appeared outside, scaring the wits out of me. “You…?”

Before I could react, the dark figure suddenly took me in his arms. In that instant, a familiar unique scent entered my nose. It was Charles’s smell. “Charles…? You’re back?” He did not reply to me. Instead, he took me by the hand and entered the room. “Don’t wake James up,” I said in a low whisper. “I’m here to see my wife.” Charles let go of my hand and took a seat on the sofa in the nursery. He threw something in his hand aside, which I found to be a bag with a rope in it. Why… why did Charles bring a rope? “Charles, you’re drunk. You need to go back to the master bedroom and sleep.” “Scarlett, you’re so gentle. Are you smiling at me?” To my surprise, Charles reached out his hand to stroke my face gently. “Exactly how much did you drink tonight? Did you drink with Lucia?” I couldn’t stop myself from asking that question. Envisioning how intimate Charles and Lucia could have been when they fed each other wine with their lips was enough to drive me insane. “Who’s Lucia? I… I don’t know her. Scarlett… your face is so smooth.” Charles continued to touch my face, ignoring my question. “Lucia’s the woman you insisted on sponsoring!” I didn’t want him to change the topic. “I don’t care about other women. I just want you.” With that, Charles grabbed my hand and pulled me to the sofa.

“I drank with Spencer tonight. He said he’d get me drunk. But look, I’m still sober.” He then put my hand on his chest, letting me feel his heartbeat. “Okay, okay. You’re the best.” My voice softened, despite myself. “I can drink more!” Charles muttered defiantly. “You are already drunk. You can’t drink anymore.” I tried to stand up and walk away, but he stopped me. The next second, I stumbled and fell on his lap. I turned to Charles and asked in a hushed voice, annoyed, “Charles, what are you doing?” He smiled at me and said softly, “Kiss me.”

That stunned me.

“Kiss me,” Charles repeated stubbornly, after seeing that I didn’t reply. ‘This drunkard is really shameless!’ I straightened up and rose from his lap, and gave him a gentle peck on the lips. It was just a peck, yet, it caused my heart to ripple with strange emotions. “Again.” His command took me by surprise. Helpless, I gave him another peck. Then I blinked my confused eyes and asked, “Is that enough?” “One more kiss,” Charles demanded bossily. I kissed him again, but this time, he didn’t let me go. He held the back of my head before pushing me into a deep kiss. It was so possessive, it took away my breath in an instant. I struggled, but that made him kiss me even harder. Because I was afraid of waking James up, I had to endure it. His mouth carried a strong scent of alcohol that consumed me, making me drunk as well. After a long while, he finally let go of me. “Scarlett, I want to drink with you. Okay?” I replied helplessly, “I’ll go downstairs to get some wine. Wait for me in the master bedroom.” Of course, I wouldn’t bring him any more wine. Instead, I brought two glasses of water with honey that could alleviate his hangover. Charles sat on the edge of the bed in the master bedroom as he waited for me. I handed a glass to him, which he stared at for a while. “Honey, do you plan to get me drunk and then have your way with me?” “Will you drink or not?” I handed the glass to him. He drank it all in one breath before placing the glass on the bedside table. Then he burst unhappily, “This wine’s not as sweet as you.” . Immediately after, he pulled me into his arms possessively. “Honey.” His voice rang softly from above my head. “I’m not your honey. We’re divorced.” “No, you’re my wife. That will never change, not in my entire life.” “So, the divorce is a bluff? We didn’t really get divorced?” I finally made up my mind and braved myself to ask. “You’ve found out?” I looked up to see him smiling complacently, as though he had succeeded in pulling somebody’s leg.

Answer me directly, CharlesWe haven’t really divorced, right?” I asked.


You really are something!” My compliment was dripping with sarcasm, but it didn’t seem to get through him. He continued holding me in his arms, and then kissed me hard. “It’s impossible for me to divorce you, Scarlett. I said it, didn’t I? That I’d love you more and more…” . Charles tried to kiss me again, but I cleverly dodged his lips. “I’ll get you a glass of water with honey to make you feel better.” “Alright. My wife is so kind to me!” Finally, he let go of me. Released from his grasp, I tiptoed my way to the kitchen.

I never expected that we really didn’t divorce. Charles lied to me! How dare he! Fury burned me. Suddenly, a brilliant idea came to my mind. “Is my honey water ready yet?” Charles’s voice suddenly came from behind me. He pulled me into a hug, and his warm breath made me tremble. “Yes, yes. Drink it.” I spun around and handed the glass to him. “Feed me.” “Okay.” I brought the glass to his lips. “Call me honey, or I won’t drink it.” Charles started to act like a spoiled child. “Honey, please drink this.” Left with no choice, I was forced to deal with him obediently. “That’s it.” Charles opened his mouth obediently and drank everything. “Let’s go upstairs after this. We shouldn’t wake Grandma and the others up.” “It doesn’t matter. The rooms are all sound-proof. They can’t hear us.” Charles picked me up and whispered in my ear, “Let’s go upstairs.” He then carried me into the master bedroom and gently put me on the bed. He also got on the bed and lay beside me, and then caressed my face affectionately. His hands moved downwards, but I quickly stopped their descent. “What’s wrong?” Charles muttered discontentedly, like a child who had lost his candy. “Charles, let me do it today.” Charles didn’t expect me to take the initiative and stopped speaking immediately. I got up and straddled over him. Then, I bent down and kissed him again and again. Charles returned my kisses, though he was more aggressive about it. After a while, he finally couldn’t hold it anymore and fell fast asleep. I patted Charles on the face several times to make sure he was truly asleep. When I had confirmed it, I removed myself from him and stood back up. I went to the nursery, and took the rope that Charles had brought back to the master bedroom. Then, I got on the bed and began to work. “How dare you lie to me? How dare you bring the rope back? You wanted to tie me up? Well, let’s see who’s going to be *******.” I worked hard for quite a long time until I finally got it done. Satisfied, I retreated to the nursery. Tonight, I could finally enjoy a good sleep.

Bye My Irresistible, Love Chapter 212: Kiss Me

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