Bye My Irresistible Love Chapter 206 I Can Promise You Anything

Bye My Irresistible Love Chapter 206 I Can Promise You Anything

Scarlett’s POV:

After seeing Armelle and Henri leave, I cast a cold glance at Charles and withdrew my hand. “I won’t play tennis with you. Since you’re the one that promised him, you should fix it yourself!” But the next second, Charles grabbed my wrist with a helpless smile. Although I tried to struggle, my efforts were in vain. He moved his face closer to mine and gently cupped my face in his hands as he said to me in a sweet whisper, “Scarlett, help me just one more time. I will owe you a favor once this project is sealed.” His words made me excited.

‘Well, it is priceless to be owed a favor by him, but I am not good at sports…’ While I was lost in thought, he seemed to have read my mind. He put his arm around my shoulder and comforted me gently, “We are not participating in a competition. We just need to have fun and be happy. We can even just talk.” However, I could not help feeling a little reluctant as I knew that if I made a fool of myself in the court, it would only embarrass him. “I will give you anything you want as long as you agree to go with me, okay?” His affectionate gaze, his faint smile, and his gentle words made my heart skip a beat. Suppressing the inexplicable excitement in my heart, I stared at him and said, “Really? You can’t go back on your words later.” “Of course, I am being serious. You can ask me for anything, except for not letting me see can


Hearing that, I threw a contemptuous glance at him. “Forget it, then. I have a program to work on, so I’m busy.” “What if I help you promote your program?” His soft and seductive voice made me go limp in my knees. “I can promote it for an entire month.” I looked away from him and covered my ears to make my smile less noticeable. “Scarlett.” I continued to grin until I heard him pleading me again. Pretending to be still hesitant, I said, “Fine. I’ll play tennis with you.” Charles’ POV:

Holding Scarlett’s hand, I walked out of the private room with a satisfied smile. That moment, Janet also walked out of the adjacent room, pushing James’ stroller. Upon seeing us, James reached out his arms and smiled. Scarlett immediately let go of my hand and held him in her arms, making him giggle.

‘**** it! This brat is competing with me again! But it’s fine as long as I can still be around Scarlett.’ Thinking that, I smiled again, and suggested, “How about we take James to the amusement


Scarlett shook her head in response. “No. He is too young for that. Amusement park is for kids, not infants!” I clicked my tongue. Even though i adored my son, I felt like he was taking away all her attention from me.

All of a sudden, I saw our son yawning, and I quickly said to Janet, “Take him home, Janet. He’s tired.”

“Okay.” Janet took James from Scarlett. I grabbed Scarlett’s hand and walked to the parking lot. “Aren’t we going home?” she asked in confusion. “Let’s go to the amusement park.” “What?”

I quickly walked to my car, and opened the door for her, but she seemed to be a little reluctant.

“Charles, I want to…”

Before Scarlett could say another word, I trapped her between my body and the car. Stroking her soft rosy cheeks, I asked with a smile, “Do you still want me to help promote your program for the next thirty days?”| Scarlett blinked her eyes and corrected me with a pout, “Thirty days? There are thirty-one days next month.” I couldn’t help smiling when I saw how cute she was, and said in a soft voice, “Yeah, you are right.” I then lowered my head and got closer to her face. Lily’s POVLife had been really peaceful lately. I had a lot of money to squander, and I did not have to serve that old geezer, Nate. I had dinner with my friend Emma at a restaurant, and was about to leave when I suddenly saw a familiar car in the parking lot. It was a glistening dark luxury car. I immediately remembered that it was Charles’ car. I walked closer to the car and saw Charles holding Scarlett in his arms, kissing her. Blushing, she pushed him away. She then got in the car and slammed the door shut. But Charles did not seem to be unhappy. In fact, he walked to the driver’s seat with a smile. Cuon if he was being indifferent to me the entire time. I still could not forget him.

I finally understood that he was not incapable of tenderness, he had just given all of his love to Scarlett. “Oh my ***! Is that Charles?” Emma exclaimed. I gave her a nod, but I did not want to talk about it, so I pulled her to my car. However, she continued to gossip about Scarlett and Charles. But as soon as she noticed my sullen mood, she immediately changed the topic. “I heard that Charles was the one that helped Rita become the new CEO of the Lively Group. It looks like he likes her. I think he might not really be getting along with his wife.” “Don’t just make such assumptions. Think about the Lively Group’s current situation. If Charles really likes Rita, then why would he watch the Lively Group fall?” I frowned as I did not agree with her opinion. “You’re right.” “On the surface, it does seem like Charles helped Rita, but he did it just to help her fight Nate. His ultimate goal was probably to take down the Lively Group.” I turned my car keys, and drove out of there slowly.

With a complicated look in her eyes, Emma remarked, “That’s messed up. But for someone like Charles, there are countless ways of destroying the Lively Group, right? Why did he choose to work with Rita? His wife must be jealous.” “Do I look like a psychic to you? How could I know the reason?” I gave Emma a helpless glance, but deep down, I had a hunch. “I heard that Nate is living miserably in prison. He is beat up all the time and he’s become mentally unstable. I am guessing that Rita and Charles made some kind of a deal to get what they each wanted. Anyway, Nate deserves it.” I forced a smile as I clenched the steering wheel unconsciously. Scenes of Nate kicking and punching me kept flashing through my mind, and whenever I thought of my unborn child, anger rose within my heart like a tide. I wished that I was able to kill Nate by my own hands. But then, why would I let him die an easy death? I hoped that he suffered a miserable life in prison. Only then, my baby’s soul would rest in peace. “Lily! Stop!” Emma screamed. While I was in a trance, I saw a huge shadow in front of me and slammed the brakes.

The screeching of the tires pierced my eardrums, instantly awakening me. Are you okay?” Emma asked, shaking my arm. Looking at the enormous oil-transporting truck in front of me, I was shaking in fear. I quickly held Emma’s hand. “Sorry, I was distracted.” Emma gave me a hug and patted me on the back to help me calm down. “It’s my fault. I shouldn’t have talked about the Lively family in front of you. Don’t think too much of the past, okay? The reincarnation of causality will not lead to good results for that family!” “Yes, I know.” Tears welled up in my eyes as I buried my head on Emma’s shoulder. “Nate has already been punished. And in order to save the Lively Group, Rita is hooking up with a rich married man. Certainly no good is going to come out of it. These people deserve it! And I… I will live a good life…”

Bye My Irresistible Love, Chapter 206 I Can Promise You Anything

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