Bye My Irresistible Love, Chapter 197 White Rose

Bye My Irresistible Love, Chapter 197 White Rose

Scarlett’s POV

I woke up from a terrible nightmare that morning, which seemed to have lasted all night. There was a few hours in between that I felt safe and relaxed though. Perhaps, I felt so because I dreamt of Charles in those few hours. After I struggled to get up from the bed, I put on my clothes, and walked downstairs for breakfast. Just when I was about to head out to work, I noticed that my shoes seemed to have been moved a little. Seeing that, I turned around and asked Tracy, “Did someone come here yesterday?” However, she hung her head silently for a long time. I then turned to Janet, who faltered. It did not take long for me to understand what had happened. “Charles came here last night, didn’t he?” “I’m sorry, Scarlett. Mr. Moore ordered us not to breathe a word about it to you.” “It’s all right. Let’s go.” Tracy and Janet dropped me off at the TV station, and the moment I reached my office, Nina walked to me. “Scarlett, why did you come to work so soon?” She was always like a cheerful bird that chatted and made me smile. “Are you going to support me if I stop working?” I teased her. “You must have gone soft because of Charles’ charms. Have you made up with him yet?” Nina asked, ignoring my tease. “I no longer hold it against him now, but that doesn’t mean I am going to forgive him.” I gave her a gentle smile before I began to sort out some messy files on my desk. “Scarlett, as far as I can tell, he is not going to give up so easily, you know?” There was a sudden hint of firmness in her tone. “Nina, please give me some time, and I promise, I will face my relationship with him. For now, just get back to work.” Wanting to numb my heart with work, I quickly got rid of her. I devoted myself to my work that entire day, without caring about anything else. And I did not even know that it was almost time for us to get off work until a colleague reminded me. The next second, a delicate bunch of white roses wrapped in kraft paper appeared before me. “Surprise!” Charles’ voice came. I raised my head and saw his big, bright smile as he exclaimed, “I got these roses for you. They’re beautiful, aren’t they?” However, to me, it was not a pleasant surprise at all. Stunned, I did not say anything to him, and nor did I take the bunch of flowers from his hands. Charles continued, “Scarlett, can I ask you out to have dinner with me tonight?” “No, I have to work overtime,” I refused without hesitation. “The restaurant I booked tonight is just amazing. Are you sure you don’t want to try?” Charles asked again, unwilling to give up.

“I’m not interested,” I refused again, bluntly. “Well, I’ll head back, then. Be careful on the way home. Besides, I am not going to give up on you!” Saving that, Charles walked to the door, but he deliberately slowed down his pace, as though he was expecting me to change my mind and ask him to stay. ignoring it, I began to clean up my desk. I got some more work done before I left the TV station and headed for Garden Street. Remembering that there were some new toys at home, I wanted to pack them up and take them to James, who was growing up so quickly When I pushed the door open, Charles walked out of the house, startling me. “Charles! What are you doing in my house?” I shouted at him, feeling annoyed. However, he just ignored my question, smiled at me, and left. I was obviously puzzled by the oddity of his behavior. When I entered the living room, I found the bunch of roses that he brought to my office earlier in a vase in my living room. The refreshing faint floral fragrance dissolved my anger little by little. Shaking my head, I forced myself not to think too much of it as I walked upstairs, packed up the toys and headed to the Moore mansion. The Moore family was about to have dinner when I arrived there. Christine quickly asked me to join them with a warm smile. I looked around, and only after making sure that Charles was not there did I feel at ease.

“Scarlett, how was your day?” Christine asked, pushing the plate of scrumptious roasted beef towards me. “Not bad at all, Grandma. But there is still a lot of things that I need to deal with.” “Do you have any guys special at the company? If that’s the case, then I want to meet him. Wait. What do you think of Spencer?” Alice asked curiously as she sat down beside me.

That’s her business. We should not involve ourselves too much in her choices,” Lawrence interrupted her, before I could reply. “I’m just asking. Besides, she’s always alone, and there are not many who care for her, so I am a little concerned about her,” Alice said worriedly. It was clear that she did not notice the change in my expression at all. “We can take care of Scarlett. She doesn’t need others. Besides, I think she is the perfect match for my grandson, so I suggest you drop it, Alice,” Christine protested. Not knowing what to say, I felt awkward, and lowered my head to focus on eating. Soon, everyone stopped talking about it. After we were done eating, I proposed that I take James back to my apartment for the weekend. To my surprise, Alice objected strongly. “Scarlett, I feel that it is better for James to stay here. You won’t be able to take good care of him on your own. Besides, you’re also busy with work. However, you can always come and see him here.” Although she was using a very polite tone, I could clearly sense the firmness in her words. “Okay, then. I am going upstairs to see James.” Not wanting to argue with her any more, I walked to the second floor.

James was sucking his fingers adorably. “Hello, darling. How are you doing today?” I whispered to my son as I held him lovingly. Alice suddenly pushed the door open and walked in. “Scarlett, Charles won’t come back tonight. You can sleep in the master bedroom with James. The bed in the nursery is too small for a grown


While I was contemplating, James suddenly uttered a syllable, surprising me. “James, what did you just say? Say it again, sweetie.” I knew that a baby that was only a couple of months old could not really speak, but still I was very excited. “Papa, Papa.” James said something similar to the word Papa. With an excited smile, Alice also walked to us. “Oh my God! My grandson says Papa now! Say it again, James!” But James did not say it after that. Perhaps, it was just a coincidence, but I was jealous that he called his father first, and not me. After Alice left, I held my son in my arms, trying to coax him to sleep and asked again, “James, can you say Mama?”

Bye My Irresistible Love, Chapter 197 White Rose

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