Bye My Irresistible Love, Chapter 195 Never Let Nate Leave The Prison

Bye My Irresistible Love, Chapter 195 Never Let Nate Leave The Prison

Charles’ POV

I was in the meeting room, attending a conference, when my phone vibrated all of a sudden.

After taking a look at it, I suspended the meeting and walked out to answer the phone.

“What’s the matter?”

Janet immediately replied in an anxious voice, “Ever since Scarlett went to the prison to see Nate, something seems to be bothering her. She didn’t even go to work today, and she has been in bed all day long. I wanted to ask the doctor to come see her, but she forbade me from calling him.” Upon hearing that, my heart sank. “Take good care of her. If she’s facing any discomfort, call the doctor at once. I’ll be home soon.” Janet gave me an affirmative response at once. After hanging up, I ordered my trusted subordinate to preside over the meeting while I took Richard to the prison with me. I was furious when I saw the surveillance video of Scarlett and Nate’s meeting. “I want to see Nate immediately.” Hearing my order, Richard nodded and walked out of the room. He returned soon after. Nate stood behind him, accompanied by the prison guard. His expression changed drastically the moment he saw me. He staggered and was about to fall on the ground. “Mr. Moore, Nate has not been in a stable mental state lately. If you want to talk to him, then you will have to do it in the reception room where there are thick glass windows for protection,” the prison guard reminded kindly. “No, thanks. I will talk to him right here. You can go now.” I motioned for him to leave the room. He seemed to hesitate for a moment before he walked out, closing the door behind him. “Charles.” Leaning against the wall, Charles looked at me in fear. “What are you doing here? I have been sentenced!” “If you can recognize me, then there is nothing wrong with your head. Whatever you said to Scarlett, is it true or not?” My expression was as cold as ice. 2 Nate was stunned. “What do you mean? She left after our very brief conversation!” I leaned against the sofa and called out, “Richard.” Richard walked to him and kicked him, slamming him against the wall. Nate collapsed to the floor with a loud scream, and just when he was about to get up, Richard

stepped on him. “I… I really don’t know what you mean!” Nate exclaimed, crying out in agonizing pain. I looked down in deep thought. Nate had seemed to be a little crazy in the video, so I wondered if he indeed had a mental problem and lost his memory when he was not himself.

However, his actions had hurt Scarlett in the end.

Thinking of how shocked and helpless she had looked in the surveillance video, I immediately regretted letting her see Nate on her own. I clenched my fists so tightly that veins stood out on my arms. “Richard, pummel him good, but don’t overdo it. I need him alive.” Upon hearing my orders, Richard nodded. Flustered, Nate crawled towards the door. “No! Help! Someone here is about to kill me… Ah!” His cries for help stopped when Richard punched him hard. I was calmly sitting on the couch, browsing through my emails while listening to his screams and the sound of punches. A while later, his screams gradually grew weaker. Richard turned to me and said, “He’s fainted.” “Wake him, and teach him a lesson that he would never forget in life.” When I looked up, I saw Nate lying on the floor, looking rather pale. He was beaten so badly that he was spitting blood, and one of his teeth was on the ground. His prison uniform was dirty and wrinkled. His shirt was lifted a little, revealing the bruises and scars on his skin. It was clear that the other prisoners had already punished him well. After taking my orders, Richard took out a lighter and turned it on. The flame scorched Nate’s skin, who screamed, before he retreated to the corner in horror. Richard then grabbed him by the collar and handed him a photo. “Let me show you something nice.” Nate stared at the photo with bloodshot eyes, trembling in fear. Richard looked at him and sneered. “Lily may not be as crazy as you, but she is certainly a shrewd woman. After getting you drunk, she sent all the recordings and photos to Scarlett, trying to drive a wedge between her and Mr. Moore.” “That *****!” Nate cursed, but he was having slurred speech as his teeth were broken. After casting a glance at me, Richard continued, “Now, it is too late. You severed ties with your own daughter for the sake of a vicious woman like her. And the funniest thing of all is that it was your daughter who sent you to prison!” Hearing this, Nate grabbed Richard’s arm. “What did you say? Rita? My daughter?” ‘Yes.” I stood up, and slowly walked to Nate coldly. Now that he had caused Scarlett pain, he should know what true pain felt like. “Your daughter has revealed your dirty secret to me. She was the one that asked me to get rid of you by putting you in prison.” Nate kept shaking his head in denial as he miserably collapsed to the floor. “Why? She… But she is my daughter…”

To be honest, seeing him suffer was making me feel amused. “Where is the thing that you threatened Alex with?”

Nate was in a daze, and did not react to what I said.

I snorted and ordered Richard, “Get him to spill it.” I then turned around and walked out of the room, closing the door behind me, while Nate screamed in agony.

Soon, Richard walked out of the room and handed me a note. “It’s in his private safe at home, and here’s the combination to open it.” Taking the note from his hand, I said to him flatly, “Make sure that he never steps foot out of this place.” Nate had been sentenced to only a ten-year imprisonment. But I could not help feeling that it was too less of a punishment for a piece of **** like him,

Bye My Irresistible Love, Chapter 195 Never Let Nate Leave The Prison

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