Bye My Irresistible Love, Chapter 191 I Regret It

Bye My Irresistible Love, Chapter 191 I Regret It

Scarlett’s POV:

The moment I came out of the TV station, I saw Janet and Tracy at the door, but James wasn’t with them. “Where’s James?” I asked anxiously.

“He’s in the car,” Janet replied.

In a swift pace, I went to the car and opened the door.

There was someone else inside.

After taking a closer look, I realized that it was Charles.

“Aren’t you supposed to be at the hospital receiving an infusion?” “It’s finished. Richard drove me here and Tracy asked me to wait in the car.” Charles coughed midsentence in an attempt to look weak.

I shot him an indifferent glance, uncertain of how to respond. “Grandma isn’t feeling well. We should go back and visit her,” he added. “She was fine before, wasn’t she? What happened to her?” I became worried about Grandma’s health. “She’s getting old. And health complications come with growing old,” Charles said after a cough. “Anyway, just get in the car.”

After entering the car, I said to Janet, ”Take Charles to the hospital first, and then drive me and James back to the Moore mansion.”

“Whoa, hold on! I don’t need to go back to the hospital. I’ll just go home and take some medicine,” Charles said in a hurry.

“No. You need to go to the hospital,” I responded firmly. “What if you end up infecting James, huh?” Having said that, I ended the conversation, picked up James, and said, “James, did you miss Mommy?” My little guy was becoming more and more nimble by the day. The sight of his tiny hands gripping my fingers were so heartwarming, and his eyes were as bright if not brighter than the stars in the sky. The minute I laid eyes upon my beloved child, all of the sadness and anxiety I felt were swept away“I missed you,” Charles muttered in an aggrieved voice. I moved a few inches away from him, while cradling James in my arms. “Your dad has a fever. It’s best that we stay away from him.” “For ***’s sake, Scarlett, I’m wearing a mask! He’s not going to get infected,” Charles replied, sounding dissatisfied.

“Even so, you still have to go to the hospital,” I said. I refused to even look at him. This matter was something that I would not negotiate Throughout the entire journey, Charles didn’t speak anymore. I could sense that he must be in a bad mood. When we arrived at the hospital, he didn’t leave the car. Annoyed, I shot him a glance. “Do I really have to stay the night here?” he asked, appearing to be sad about the matter.

“If your fever isn’t treated in time, it could turn into pneumonia; maybe even cerebral hemorrhage, or…”   I could finish my sentence, Charles opened the door and got out of the car with a long face. After watching him go into the hospital, I told Janet to drive back to the Moore mansion. Upon our arrival, I saw just how happy Christine was to see me. “Scarlett, my dear! Why are you here so early today?” Based on her glowing. ruddy cheeks, she didn’t seem like she was having any problems with her health. “Everything went well today, so I came back early.” I sat down with James in my arms. Christine began to make faces in front of James to make him laugh, and then said to me, “Oh, I’m so glad that you’re here! I’m getting old, darling. Being here all alone makes me miss you all so much.” “I’ll visit you more often when I have more time,” I responded. Christine didn’t seem like she was experiencing any discomfort. This wasn’t the first time that Charles had played this trick, but I would always fall for it. “I heard that Charles is sick. Is it true?” She asked worriedly. “Yes, it’s true. He never takes care of himself. If only someone could remind him to…”

Alice glanced at me as she spoke. Ignoring her remark, I said, “I already sent him to the hospital. We have some elderly and a child at home, all of whom don’t have that high of an immunity. We can’t be too careful. That’s why I hope Charles can just stay in the hospital until he’s fully recovered.” Christine chuckled at my response. “Well, I guess you’re right. Just let him stay at the hospital for a week, and do not let him come back before he’s fully recovered.” “One week might not even be enough! We should let him stay there for at least two weeks,” I said lightly. Christine and Alice exchanged glances and smiled. Christine then nodded at me and said, “Well that means he won’t be able to see his wife, and child for half a month. Let’s see if he’ll be worried!”


It was late at night, and James was sleeping soundly in my arms. By now, the elders must’ve gone to bed already. I remembered that Charles was still in the hospital, and truthfully, I was worried about him. After telling Janet to look after James in my absence, I planned to go to the hospital to check on Charles. Worriedly, Janet looked at me and asked, “Is it okay for you to go there alone? Maybe you should take Tracy with you?” I shook my head in dismissal. “I can go there myself. And make sure not to tell anyone else, okay? I’ll be back soon.” “Be careful,” said Janet.

“I will. Don’t worry.” I patted her on the shoulder and left quietly.

At midnight, there was nobody in the corridor outside Charles’ ward.

While the nurse was unaware, I snuck into Charles’ ward.

There was no one on the bed. ‘It’s so late. Where could Charles have gone?’ I wondered.

The light in the ward was dim. While I was looking around the room, I suddenly heard a sound from behind

“Are you looking for me?” Charles asked.

I was just passing by,” I muttered, ready to leave. “Passing by, huh? It’s midnight. You’re supposed to be in bed already, but you just happened to pass by my ward?” Charles slowly made his way towards me. “Why don’t you tell me the real reason you’re here?” “Uh.” I couldn’t come up with a good excuse why I was here in the middle of the night, so I just clammed up. “Are you worried about me?” he whispered as he moved even closer towards me. I lowered my head, not wanting to look at him. Slowly, his scent pervaded in the air. “Answer me.” He got so close that I could feel the warmth of his breath on my face. “I regret it,” I answered in a trembling voice. “What do you regret?” Charles asked. “Do you regret coming here to see me at midnight or do you regret that you were ever reckless enough to love me?” I pursed my lips, looking into his eyes. “It’s both.” Suddenly, Charles burst into laughter. He pressed his body against mine and kissed me with his slightly cold lips.

Bye My Irresistible Love, Chapter 191 I Regret It

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