Bye My Irresistible Love, Chapter 189 Spreading Scandals

Bye My Irresistible Love, Chapter 189 Spreading Scandals

Scarlett’s POV: When it was almost noon, I was at a meeting when I suddenly received a call from Charles. I just glanced at it before hanging up on him. And the second I rejected his call, he called me again. After a moment of hesitation, I walked out of the meeting room to answer the call. “Scarlett, I’m with James right now… I think it’s a fever…” Charles spluttered from the other end of the line. “What? Where are you?” “We’re in the hospital,” he said. “Okay. Hold on. I’ll be right there.” I told my colleague about the situation and hurried to the hospital.

But when I arrived at the hospital, I found out that Charles was actually the one who had a fever.

“Why didn’t you make it clear to me?” I asked, visibly infuriated. Weakly, Charles leaned against the bedside and replied, “You hung up before I could finish my sentence.” “Why are you bringing our child with you when you have a fever?” I asked.

Charles coughed. The mere sound of his voice made him appear weary. “This morning, just before I could go out, James grabbed my hand; he cried, and wouldn’t let go, so I had to take him to the company.” 1 glanced at James, noticing that he was asleep, and gently held him up. “Well, considering that you’re sick right now, it’s best that I take James with me, lest you infect him.” I was about to walk out, but Charles stopped me. “Why did you leave so early this morning?” He stared at me with forlorn eyes. “You know that I have a fever, and yet you still want to just leave. It’s like you don’t even care about me.”

“I’m busy,” I responded listlessly.

Instead of looking at Charles, I turned to Richard. “Richard, stay here and look after him.” Richard nodded in agreement. Then, I left along with my baby. As soon as I arrived at the hospital hall, I bumped into Lily. I noticed that she looked quite pale. It was then that I remembered that Charles mentioned Lily had a miscarriage just the other day. Lily stood in front of me and said, “Do you think I deserved what happened to me?” I took a few steps back, and held James tighter. “My child may be gone, but I haven’t lost yet. My war with Rita has just begun. No matter the cost, I’m going to make her pay,” she continued. “I’m not interested in your business,” I told her as I shielded my child away from her. Lily suddenly bent downcovering her belly with her hands. “This is all Rita’s fault, and Nate’s!” Seeing that she was getting more and more agitated, I said to her, “Lily, if you’re not feeling well, you should go see a doctor.”

Lily was stupefied by my words and she looked at me with a blank stare.  Not wanting to talk to her anymore, I left with Janet and Tracy.

Lily’s POV:

When I saw the cute baby in Scarlett’s arms, 1 subconsciously touched my flat belly and it made my heart ache,

If my child were still alive, he would’ve been just as cute as hers. But now, I had lost everything, all because of Rita and Nate. After I calmed myself down, I went to the doctor’s office. “What symptoms are you currently experiencing? Have you been passing blood? How serious are your stomach pains?” the doctor asked gently. Just before I could answer his questions, a group of reporters suddenly broke in, and they aimed their cameras at my face. When I gathered my composure, I immediately covered my face. The doctor stood up, pointing at the group of reporters. “What the hell do you people think you’re doing here? This is a hospital, for God’s sake! Show yourselves out,” he shouted. However, the group of reporters ignored him. “Lily, what are you doing in the gynecology and obstetrics office? Are you pregnant?” “They say that you seduced a married man and got pregnant out of wedlock. Is that true? Who’s the father of your baby?” The barrage of questions overwhelmed me to the point that I began to hyperventilate. “Shut up! All of you! Otherwise, I’m going to sue all of you for slander!” | growled. Everyone fell silent for a moment, but then chaos ensued once again. Are you feeling guilty over what happened, Lily?” “I already told you that I’m not!” I sprang to my feet and slammed my hands onto the table. “Do you intend to hit us?” “No, I… I didn’t mean that,” I stammered. The reporters didn’t leave me alone until the hospital’s security came to drive them away. During the afternoon, reports spread all over the city like wildfire. Pregnancy, miscarriage and all sorts of demeaning words were on the headlines. Those reporters must’ve spread rumors about me. And the netizens voiced out their self-righteous comments online, accusing me of being a shameless bitch. At the same time, all of my endorsements and advertisements were cancelled, and I even had to pay a large amount of moral damages. . In a fit of rage, I destroyed everything I could get a hold of in my room, but even that couldn’t calm me down. ‘Who on earth asked those reporters to go to the hospital? And who the fuck revealed my pregnancy and miscarriage to the media?’ It was then that I recalled that I happened to run into Scarlett at the hospital today. “Did she do it?’ I wondered. I quickly denied the idea. Even though I didn’t like her, I must admit that Scarlett wasn’t that kind of person.  ‘But if it wasn’t Scarlett, who else could it be? It has to be Rita! Nobody else would be as devious! If she wants to back me into a corner, then I won’t let her have the last laugh! Then I remembered a person that could probably help me with my problem. I took out my phone and dialed a number. “Honey,” I muttered. “What’s the matter, baby?” The sound of Calvin’s voice resonated from the other end of the line. “Honey, I need your help with something. You’re the only person I can rely on now,” I cried. “Oh, my poor girl. Don’t cry. Tell me how can I help you?” Calvin sounded like he pitied me. “Can you arrange some people to follow Rita around? I have little conflict with her.” Right after I said that, I heard his lewd laughter. “No problem! But— What do I get in return?” I felt tense when he mentioned that, but I soon put on a smile. “I’ll be at your disposal,” I answered.

Bye My Irresistible Love, Chapter 189 Spreading Scandals

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