Bye My Irresistible Love, Chapter 182 Don’t Give Up On Him

Bye My Irresistible Love, Chapter 182 Don’t Give Up On Him

Nate’s POV:

The lawyer helped me get bailed out, but I could not go home as I was afraid of facing Susan and Rita.

After wandering the streets for what seemed like hours, I finally plucked up the courage to go to the TV station. Perhaps, Scarlett was the only one who can help me get through it.

Knowing that she would not want to see me, I stood outside, waiting for her.

After a long time, I finally saw her.

Taking a deep breath to gather my strength, I stopped her before she walked into the building.

“Scarlett, let’s talk. It’ll only take a couple of minutes. Help me, please!”

She seemed to be stunned for a second before she looked at me coldly and said, “I can’t help you, so please leave.”

“Have you forgotten that our families have been friends for generations? I often visited your family when you were a kid, so try to help me for the sake of my friendship with your dad! Could you really bear to see me go to jail?” Ignoring my pride, I knelt down before her.

“I am actually looking forward to seeing a scumbag like you meet his end!” With that, she

strode into the TV station.

Her cold and ruthless words rendered me desperate.

With nowhere else I could turn to, I eventually went home. Susan opened the door and said in a grieving tone, “You’re finally back.” Not wanting to talk, I walked past her, sat on the sofa, and took off my coat. “Nate, are you going to leave your money to me and our daughter?” Susan asked as she followed me to the sofa.

I found it really annoying that she cared more about the money than me.

Furious, I instantly sat up. “Susan, I am not dead yet.”

“Don’t be mad at me! I am your wife, after all. Shouldn’t I know about such things?”

“I am going to give you this house, so you won’t have to worry about finding a place to live in the future. As for my money, I have decided to give it all to Lily!”

“What did you just say?” Susan roared.   “Lily is pregnant with my child, so I am leaving all my money to her.” For some reason, I felt happy when I saw how enraged she was.

“But Rita is also your child, isn’t she?” Her eyes were red as she continued to question me.

“Rita is really ill, and she might die anytime. My money won’t be of any use to her in her condition.” Saying that, I took out a pack of cigarettes from my pants and lit one.

“You’ve taken this too far!” Before I could react, Susan grabbed the glass of water from the table and splashed it all over me, extinguishing my cigarette.

“Susan, what are you doing?” I was choking and could not stop coughing.

“I am trying to wake you up! We still haven’t divorced yet, so Lily is not going to get anything from you! Besides, I advise you to do a DNA test once the baby is born. Do you really think that you can get a woman pregnant at your age?” Her words felt like needles stabbing me.

Without even giving me a chance to react, she left the room, slamming the door shut behind her.

I tried to calm down, but my mind was a mess. However, I could not help but ponder her words. After Rita had been born, I always had unprotected *** with Susan, but she had never gotten pregnant again, so how could Lily get pregnant now?

I quickly changed my clothes and headed to Lily’s villa.

As soon as I entered the living room, I heard Lily talking on the phone with someone. “Honey, are you going to have dinner with me tonight?” she asked in a sweet voice.

Her words immediately made my blood boil.

“*****, who are you talking to on the phone?” I roared as I rushed forward and pinched her chin. I was like a lion, attacking its prey.

Lily immediately ended the call and explained, “It’s… It’s just a friend.”

Anger rose within me like a tide when I saw how flustered she was. I slapped her so hard that she tilted her head and a drop of blood oozed out of her mouth.

“Tell me, is the baby in your belly mine?”

“It’s yours.” She seemed to be in a hurry to explain as she covered the left side of her face with her palm.

“Can you swear that it is mine? If you lie, then you’ll be sending yourself to ****!”

“I swear!” Lily said in a tearful voice before she kissed me.

“Let’s go to the hospital tomorrow for a paternity test,” I said coldly. By then, my anger dissipated a little.

“Okay, we’ll do it. But honey, it really is your child. I know that Rita must have said something  bad about me again. She looks down upon me the most. Before, she wanted to make Charles and Scarlett divorce, so she made friends with me. And in the end, her plan failed, so she put all the blame on me. Now, she is even trying to separate us…”

Seeing her cry bitterly, my heart softened. “Did I hurt you too much?”

“I’m fine. I will be okay as long as you don’t misunderstand me. I love you more than anything, you know?”

Lily nestled in my arms and gently stroked my chest, arousing me instantly.

“How about we go to the mall and get you a new bag tomorrow?”

“Aren’t we going to the hospital for a test?”

“Silly girl, I know whether it’s my child or not.”

Scarlett’s POV:

As soon as I got off work, I went to the Moore family’s mansion to see James.

Alice opened the door and greeted me with a warm smile. “Scarlett, you are here! Come on in.

James has been such a lovely kid.”

I walked into the living room, and when I saw that Charles was not home, I felt a little relieved.

Alice carried my son in her arms as she walked to me. I took him from her arms, and teased him a little. When he saw me, he smiled and laughed, gurgling cutely.

I freshened up and coaxed my son to sleep. He was a very cute and calm baby, so he fell asleep soon, sucking his thumb.

Looking at the sleeping James, I could not help but feel that he resembled his father. If we had not divorced, then Charles would have helped me put our son to sleep before we slept together, cuddling warmly.

It was so late now. Why wasn’t he back yet?

‘Is he at a bar again? Or is he having fun with girls? I am sure that’s what he’s doing!’

Thinking of that, my heart ached and I felt like the distress was making it hard for me to breathe.

‘**** it!

It was a long night, and I stared at the dark ceiling the entire time, unable to fall asleep.

I was thinking about the man who had divorced me. ‘Why do I miss him?’

The next morning.

James was still sound asleep when I woke up.

I got dressed, walked out of the room, and saw Charles coming out of the guest room.

“Good morning.”

All of a sudden I felt so embarrassed. Charles had to sleep in the guest room because I had slept in the master bedroom with James!

In other words, he had not been in a bar the night before.

Thinking of that, an odd sense of happiness came to my heart. “Good morning. Did you sleep well?” he asked, looking at me with loving eyes. I nodded and went downstairs quickly to avoid him from seeing through me. The family was having breakfast.

“Scarlett, wait after you have breakfast. There is something that I want to show you,” Christine said to me with a smile.

I nodded and smiled back at her. “Okay, Grandma.”

After I finished eating, I followed her to her room. She opened a delicate wooden box and took out a ring. She then held my palm and gently put the ring in it.

“Grandma, whose ring is this?” I asked in confusion.

“This is my gift for you.” Christine was getting old that sometimes even a simple action made her feel breathless, so I had to free one hand to pat her on the back.

“Thank you, Grandma.” I looked at the ring carefully. It had a beautiful diamond on it that glowed as bright as the sun.

“Charles loves you. Please don’t give up on him so easily, okay?” Saying that, she took the ring from my hand and put it on my finger.

Bye My Irresistible Love, Chapter 182 Don’t Give Up On Him

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