Bye My Irresistible Love, Chapter 179 The Ring Was Lost

Bye My Irresistible Love, Chapter 179 The Ring Was Lost

I was instantly sobered up, and I shot a cold glance at the man before me.

Charles met my frigid gaze, seemingly confused.

Mr. Moore‘s car broke down nearby,” said Janet.

“Take me back to the apartment first,” I said. In all honesty, I‘d rather not speak to Charles, so I just closed my eyes and took a nap after giving a command to my bodyguards.

It was so quiet inside the car that I had forgotten that Charles was there.

Moments later, I felt someone holding my hand, and this person’s hand was warmer than usual.

“Do you have a fever?” I asked, frowning at him.

However, Charles ignored my question. He just locked his eyes on my hand and gently stroked my fingers.

Only then did I realize what he was actually doing. I wanted to withdraw my hand and attempt to hide it, but he had already noticed it.

“Where‘s your ring?” he asked, sounding calm; but to me his tone was frightening.

Instinctively, I covered my fingers, but I accidentally grabbed his hand instead.

We locked eyes with each other at the same time. While he was distracted, I quickly withdrew my hand and leaned against the car door.

“I lost it,” I said perfunctorily.

“I see. Where‘d you lose it?” he answered. I could tell that Charles was burning with anger based on how he was looking at me as if he would swallow me alive.

‘Why is he so mad about the ring?

Is it even important now that we‘re divorced?

“If I knew where I lost it, I would‘ve went back to search for it already,” I said in a voice laced with sarcasm.

“Find it,” he commanded.

“Charles, don‘t forget that I‘m the one who bought the rings. Now that we‘re divorced, the rings have lost their meaning. You should also return your ring to me,” I replied. The way | looked at him now displayed just how indifferent I was towards him. And I was emboldened by

the fact that I was inebriated. I reached out my hand to him, as it provoking him.

“Stop the car!” The moment Charles blurted that out, the driver floored the brakes.

Janet and Tracy, both of whom who swore to protect me all the time, didn‘t even look at me. They opened the door and got off the car, leaving me to deal with Charles‘ rage.

“Scarlett, our rings represent a lifelong promise! How could you lose yours so carelessly?” For some reason, his eyes showed his vulnerability in the way he was looking at me right now

“A lifelong promise, you say? That‘s rich coming from you. You didn‘t even hesitate when you took off your ring!” I didn‘t want to show him a shred of mercy, so I stared daggers at him.

“That‘s because you don‘t trust me. Scarlett, listen to me. I‘m not here to argue with you today. Right now, we‘re all in danger. My only wish is for you and James to be safe and sound,” Charles said with a bitter smile.

I pursed my lips and looked at him in silence.

“Whatever happens, don’t get involved in the dealings of Lively Group. Just stay away from their family. I‘m taking care of everything already. You just need to trust me on this.”

Having said that, Charles grabbed my wrist and pulled me into his embrace.

“Scarlett, whatever it takes, find that ring and get it back. Otherwise, I will never forgive you,” he whispered. The warmth of his breath seeping into my ear made me tremble.

“Bang!” After the door was opened and closed again, Charles left without looking back.

The cold gust of wind entering the car from the window managed to calm me down.

As I watched Charles walk away from inside the car, my heart felt heavy. I was uneasy and sad about how things turned out between us.

When the door opened again, Janet came in and explained, “I called Richard to pick Mr. Moore up. We‘ll drive you home.”

By the time I got home, that conversation I had with Charles earlier still kept resonating in my mind.

‘If he‘s really dealing with the Lively Group, then that would explain the news spreading all over the Internet. But even if he‘s facing them head on, so what?‘ I remarked inwardly.

The man‘s thoughts and plans were so mysterious and I felt really nervous. After gulping down a glass of water, I accidentally slammed it against my phone while putting it down.

| paused for a moment, unlocked my phone, and found his number on my contact list. However, I couldn‘t bring myself to call him.

‘Just forget it. Let him do what he wants.‘ I thought to myself.

‘He refused to tell me about it before, so even if I ask him now, he probably won‘t tell me the truth.‘

****** Time passed by quickly.

Charles appeared to have disappeared without a trace.

After the last time we met, I didn‘t see him again. I didn‘t even hear a single news about him.

A week later.

“Scarlett, look at the news I sent you!” Nina said to me over the phone.

I had just finished my shower when she called me. While drying my hair, I clicked on her messages.

It was a photo. In it, I saw Charles amidst the crowd without even zooming it. His jet black suit made him look noble and distinguished among everyone else.

“Charles went abroad to attend a wedding of some noble family. But that‘s not the point of the story! Check the next message!” Truthfully, I couldn‘t hear Nina‘s voice that clearly over the speaker.

For a moment, I was dazed, but I soon regained my composure. The next news article was one about Nate being arrested for suspicion of fraud!

In the picture, he looked so disheveled. He was bent over a police car, and his face looked haggard. This harrowing experience made him look a decade older than his usual self.

“Did Charles do this?” asked Nina.

“Nina, … I’m not sure,” I said. I clicked on the first photo Nina sent me and zoomed in on Charles. When I felt a cold sensation on my shoulder, I realized that I still hadn‘t finished drying my hair. Thus, I continued wiping my hair using a towel.

“I‘m guessing he must‘ve done this. But it‘s a good thing that evil man finally received his karma. Do you want to celebrate his arrest?” Nina exclaimed with glee.

Actually, I have an appointment with William later. Would you like to come with me, instead?” I offered.

“That sounds good, too! See you later!” Nina replied.

After hanging up the phone, I sent William a text message. “I‘ll be bringing a friend along later. It‘s Nina. You‘ve met her before.”

Not long after, he sent me back a response. “I‘m more than delighted to have the company of two beautiful ladies.”

Once I was dressed, I went to the appointed restaurant along with Nina.

After entering the premises of said restaurant, the waiter led us to our table. Along the waywe bumped into two of our acquaintances; Spencer and David.

Flustered, I looked around, but I didn‘t see Charles.

‘He‘s probably still abroad right now,‘ I remarked inwardly.

Spencer waved at us and smiled. “What a coincidence! Would you like to join us?” he suggested.

“Maybe next time. We‘re actually here to meet someone,” I answered. Afterwards, I chatted with them for a few moments before taking Nina‘s hand and leaving.

But just as we began to walk away, what David said stopped me. “Scarlett, Charles will be here, soon. Let‘s have a drink together,” he said.

I was stunned at first, but then I shook my head and smiled. “You boys enjoy yourselves. We really can‘t join you today,” I answered.

On our way to our designated table, Nina kept on staring at me, and I met her gaze.

“What is it?” I asked.

“If you really don‘t like Charles anymore, you‘re free to find another man. Don‘t get so upset. It‘s been so long since I last saw you smile,” she replied. Nina got close to me, poking my cheek with her fingertips. She seemed worried about me.

Just then, the waiter pushed the door open.

William entered, wearing a strapping suit and a bright smile.

After we greeted each other, we all sat down.

Seemingly excited, Nina whispered, “Hey, what do you think about William? He‘s handsome and a gentleman. You two would make a perfect match!”

| glared at her and retorted, “Shut up, Nina! Don‘t say stuff like that.”

“William, are you single right now?” Obviously, Nina didn‘t seem to get my hint. She was even looking at William with great interest.

“Is that your way of saying you‘re interested in me?” There was a smile on William‘s face as he gently cut his steak.

“Of course, not! Why would you think that?” Nina countered.

“Well, Scarlett is married, so why would you ask me such a question? Do you happen to have another friend who is single?”

“No, Scarlett is already divorced! Can‘t I ask a question on behalf of her?” Nina winked at him.

My head began to hurt. I called out to Nina to stop her from playing matchmaker. “I‘ve always admired Scarlett, and I think highly of her. What about you, Scarlett? What do you think of me?” asked William.

“Sorry about that, William. Let‘s not entertain such jokes.” I let out an exasperated sigh, grabbing Nina‘s wrist under the table to serve as a warning.

Nina just shrugged it off and clammed up.

“So, William, why did you ask me out tonight?” I decided to change the topic.

“Honestly, it‘s because I feel lonely eating alone.” William raised his glass to me.

I felt awkward because of this.

All of a sudden, the door was pushed open, and I was shocked to see a familiar face striding towards me.

The person who barged into the room was so dashing that he appeared like he came straight out of a painting. His beautiful tailored suit, sharp gaze and intimidating aura captured everyone‘s attention. From every angle possible, he looked impeccable.

“Oh, ****! Did he hear what I just said? I‘m so screwed!” Nina gasped in astonishment. She grabbed my hand, hoping for the best.

Charles swept his gaze across the room, still wearing a stern look. Finally, he walked to my hand, placed one hand on the edge of the table, and the other on the back of my chair. He looked into my eyes and said, “Scarlett, let‘s talk after we‘re both finished eating dinner.”

His frigidly intimidating aura almost froze me.

| swallowed, feeling too fearful to meet his gaze. “Got it. I‘ll send you a message once I‘m done.”

‘**** it! Why do I feel guilty right now?‘ I asked inwardly.

Charles leaned close to my ear. The warmth of his breath tickled me. “Drink some more. I‘ll take care of you once you‘re drunk,” he whispered.

His face was so close to me, and I knew in that moment that I must be blushing. This man knew that my ears were the most sensitive part of my body, and he was deliberately seducing me.

“Anyway, I won‘t disturb your lovely dinner anymore.”

Having said that, Charles went on his way

As I watched him walk away, my head was teeming with a myriad of emotions.

Bye My Irresistible Love, Chapter 179 The Ring Was Lost

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