Bye My Irresistible Love, Chapter 178 Sow Discord

Bye My Irresistible Love, Chapter 178 Sow Discord

Scarlett’s POV:

“Trust me.You will get the results today.”

Saying that, Charles walked back to his bedroom.He seemed to be exhausted.

I did not want to disturb him, so I went to the dining room to eat.I sat in at the dining table in a daze even after I was done eating.

“Are you done?”

I heard Charles’ magnetic sexy voice coming from behind me.I turned around and saw that he had just stepped out of the shower.

His light-colored shirt was tucked in his dark gray suit pants, showing off his firm muscular body.

Charles had wide shoulders and a slender waist, which made him look dashingly x.

“Have you found out the truth yet? Who was it that tried to kidnap James?” I asked before he sat down.

“It was Rita.”

Charles placed his hand on my shoulder and gently pressed it, as though he was trying to comfort me.

“Aren’t you going to tell the police about it?”

When I looked into his reluctant eyes, I felt as though a large pair of hands was squeezing my heart.

How could he go to the police? After all, Rita was special to him.

“Please wait for a few days.”

Upon hearing that, I looked down in disappointment.

Just as I thought, Charles didn’t want to hurt Rita.


He ate quickly and was about to say something to me when the phone rang all of a sudden, interrupting him.

Seeing that, he frowned.

“Answer the phone first,” I said, glancing at his vibrating phone.

It seemed like he really wanted to say something to me, but he was hesitant.

In the end, he finally answered his phone, and after saying a few words, he took it, and walked out of the room.

After sitting at the table quietly for a while longer, I went upstairs to be with my lovely son.

The next morning, as soon as I woke up, I saw the news.

It showed photos of Charles and Nate with two beautiful women by their sides.

My heart sank as I clicked on it and the photos appeared.

Charles was clinking glasses with Nate, and next to them were Lily and Rita.

Rita was the mastermind that tried to kidnap my son.

I clenched the phone in anger until my hands turned pale.

How could Charles talk and laugh with Rita and Nate after knowing that she tried to hurt our son? How could he do such a thing? Thinking of that, I began to tremble with anger.

It took a long time for me to calm down.

That whole morning, I was in a daze, unable to understand Charles’ reason for doing such a thing.

I went to a cafe that afternoon to interview William.

“You are more beautiful than the last time we met.”

Saying that, William pulled out the chair for me like a gentleman.

“Thank you for the compliment.”

I smiled at him and got down to business.

“Let’s confirm the details of the interview.These are some questions that I have prepared for you.Please take a look at them first.”

With that, I handed a document to him.

He looked at me with a helpless sigh before he took it from me and said, “Relax.

We’re in a cafe, not in front of cameras! It seems like you’re more driven than most men I’ve met.”

“Well…It is the only way for me to live up to people’s expectations,” I said with a smile.

William burst into laughter, and the room became more harmonious.

Things went smoothly as we continued to discuss the details of the interview.

All of a sudden, I heard loud familiar voices coming from upstairs.

I immediately recognized that it was Nate and Rita.They were now under Charles’ protection, so why were they still quarreling with each other?

“Sorry, can you give me a second? I think I need to deal with something.” I suppressed my emotions and gave William a pleasant smile.

“Of course, I’ll wait for you.”

William was indeed graceful.

Just when I was about to go upstairs, a waitress walked to me.

“I’m sorry, ma’am.The entire second floor has already been booked by a customer.”

She seemed to be in a dilemma.


“It’s Mr.Lively and his daughter, right? Don’t worry, they invited me.”

With a serious expression, I lied to her.She then stepped aside to make way for me.

The entire second floor was in chaos when I walked up.

There were broken cups all over the floor, and drinks splashed everywhere, leaving almost no place for me to walk on.

Were they the ones that booked the entire floor? Thinking of that, I could not help but feel that they were just causing a scene.

Nate and Rita were in a stalemate while Lily was hiding behind him.

No one even seemed to notice that I was also there.


I cleared my throat, which made them all turn to me with different expressions.


Nate seemed to be overjoyed to see me, but he stepped on a glass shard and almost tripped.

Lily held him just in time, and used the opportunity to hide herself in his arms to avoid eye contacts with me.

“What? Did you see Charles drinking with us on the news? Is that why you came here in panic? Unfortunately for you, he doesn’t care about you at all,”

Rita sneered I remained calm as I slowly turned on the recording in my phone.

“Well… It was all Rita’s idea.She was the one that made me do it…”

Upon hearing that, Lily immediately looked up at me in shock.

“You asked Lily to drug Abner and stir up trouble between me and Charles, because you were afraid that he loved me too much, right?”

I snickered, looking at Rita.

I thought that she might try to fight me, but to my surprise, she ran to Lily, instead.

“What the hell did you tell her? How can you slander my name for something that you did?”

Rita sneered as she grabbed Lily’s arm.

“What are you doing? Let go of her!”

Nate stood in front of Lily and pushed Rita’s hand away.

“Are you really my dad? How can you stand up for this bitch and not your own daughter?”

Rita roared.

“What are you saying? She is my woman, so you should respect her!”

Nate seemed to be really embarrassed, so he pulled a long face, and pushed his daughter away.

Rita fell over the couch, staring at her father in shock.

And I was not in the mood to watch their silly farce.

But judging from Rita’s reaction, I figured out that Lily was not as easy to deal with as someone would think.

“Listen.Please behave yourself in public, and don’t let your family disputes trouble others.You are really loud.”

I gave them a polite nod, turned around, and walked downstairs.

However, before I could take another step, someone grabbed my arm.

I looked back and saw that it was Rita.

“It’s really none of my business, but it was Lily who decided to drug Abner on her own! I just mentioned him to her.I never thought that she would take it that far!”

Rita seemed to be more horrified than angry.

“You and Lily are the same, and I don’t give a damn, anyway.”

Shaking off her hand, I turned around, and headed downstairs.I walked to our table and sat down, smiling at William apologetically.

“Sorry to have kept you waiting.”

“It’s no problem.I was enjoying the stunning view here, anyway.”

Putting down his coffee cup, William stared at me.

“I hope you’ll enjoy our cooperation.”

“I am sure I will.I want to live here for a while, so I bought a house.If I need any help, I will ask you.I hope it won’t annoy you.”

“Of course, not.It would be a pleasure,” I replied with a smile.

Once we confirmed the details of the interview, I said goodbye to him.

As soon as I walked out of the cafe, Janet and Tracy were waiting outside for me.

“Why aren’t you with James?” I asked, looking at them with a frown.

“Mr.Moore said that we should be protecting you as your bodyguards,” Janet answered.

Although I felt a little helpless, I knew that the Moore family’s house was quite safe, so I simply nodded and took them with me.

After I went back to the TV station, I handed over the interview documents.

Just when I was about to get off work, Nina held my hand.

“Come on, let’s go out for dinner.It’s our treat today,” she said excitedly.


I was confused.

“Abner and I are treating you! We got married, but we still haven’t invited you over for dinner.”

“Okay, then! I’ll make sure to order the most expensive dishes on the menu.”

Holding Nina’s hand, I walked out with her.She winked at me and smiled as she escorted me out of the door.We then got in Abner’s car.

Soon, we arrived at a restaurant.

“I wish you both a happy, loyal, and long married life.” I raised my glass to toast.

I drank one glass after another, slowly losing my consciousness, but I continued to drink.

Nina took the bottle away from me and said in a serious tone, “Scarlett, you’ll pass out if you keep this up.What happened now? I can tell that there’s something troubling you.”

“Nina…” I called out to her, but I met her eyes filled with concern, I could not say anything.

“I’m going to the bathroom.”

Saying that, Abner stood up and left.

“What happened?” Nina asked again, putting down the bottle.

I embraced her weakly, resting my head on her shoulder as I said, “He knows that it was Rita who tried to kidnap our son, but he is not dealing with her.Does he still have feelings for her, perhaps?”

“That’s nonsense!”

Nina pinched my cheek hard.

I covered my face, looking at her, confused.

“Isn’t it obvious that Charles loves you? You wanted me and Abner to trust each other, but do you even trust Charles?”

Nina asked, looking into my eyes, which made it difficult for me to answer her question.

“How could I trust him? And even if I did, it will be useless.We’re not meant to be together, after all.”

By the time we walked out of the restaurant, it was dark outside.

The last ray of sunlight in the sky had disappeared without a trace.

Since I was too drunk, I had to take Nina’s help to walk out of the restaurant.

Soon, Tracy stopped the car in front of me, and Janet got off.

She then helped me get in.

As I leaned against the backseat of the car, I could not help but sense that something was odd about them.


My brain, which was numbed by the alcohol, was suddenly pulled back to reality when I heard a familiar voice coming from beside me.

I looked sideways and found that there was someone sitting next to me.

“Charles? Why are you here?”

Bye My Irresistible Love, Chapter 178 Sow Discord

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