Bye My Irresistible Love, Chapter 175 An Irreparable Situation

Bye My Irresistible Love, Chapter 175 An Irreparable Situation

Scarlett’s POV:

I had been really busy ever since I became the producer.

I would send James to the Moore mansion so that Alice could take care of him while I was at work. And I would go there to pick him up as soon as I was done with my work.

But whenever I went there, it seemed that Alice wanted to say something to me, but she was hesitant.

I could guess what she wanted to talk to me about, but I was not in the mood to talk about it.

One day, when I was about to leave with James, she stopped me. “Scarlett, is it really over between you and Charles?”

“Mom, do you know how Nate is connected to my mother?” I changed the subject, unwilling to talk about my relationship with Charles.

After a long moment of silence, Alice said with a sigh, ”Well, the fact is, Nate loved your mother, but it was one-sided. Your father was the first man that your mother ever loved. Nate fought with your father several times over your mother’s love, and he was really unwilling to give up on her. And after your father passed away, he…”

Before Alice could say more, I interrupted her, and said, “I understand. Thanks. I am headinback now.”

With an anxious look in her eyes, she asked, “Why can’t you stay a bit longer? Charles will be home soon.”

“James is asleep. And I am tired too, so I want to go home and have an early tonight.” With a smile, I walked out of there, holding my son in my arms.

I felt like I should leave before Charles returned, because I did not want to see him. However, just when I was about to start the car, he appeared in front of me. He stopped his car right in front of mine, blocking my way.

glanced at my son, who was sound asleep, and gave up the idea of honking the horn. After thinking for a second, I got off the car.

At the same time, Charles also got off his car.

“What do you want?” I asked in a sullen tone.

Without answering me, he got in my car, sat in the driver’s seat, stuck his head out of the window, and said, “Let me drive you home.”  “No, thanks.” Saying that, I glared at him.

Charles glanced at James, and said, “Aren’t you worried to let our son sleep alone in the backseat?”

I hesitated for a moment before I got in the car with him.

Charles then signaled his driver to drive his car away to make way for my car to pass.

The drive was a silent one, and as soon as we arrived at my apartment, I tried to get off the car, but Charles locked the door.

Before I could say anything, he said, “I’m James’ father. If you want any help, you should come to me first.”

“There’s no need for that. Open the door. I want to get off,” I said uneasily as the things that we had done in the car before kept popping up in my mind.

However, Charles sat still as he stared at me.

“Open the door, now! James won’t be comfortable sleeping like this.” Feeling a little low, I tried to urge him.

Looking at our son, Charles finally compromised.

I quickly got off the car, letting the cool night breeze cool down my heated face.

The next day, there was news of Nate’s party for the wealthy all over the Internet. In the photo, Charles was sitting in the center, and there were two women beside him dressed in sultry clothes.

“Why is Charles hooking up with them already? He just got divorced,” Nina complained, watching the news.

There was a hint of sadness in my heart as I glanced at her.

“Scarlett, Charles and the baby are here,” a colleague reminded me.

Frowning, I got up to go out.

Charles was indeed standing there with James in his arms.

He smiled at me and said, “Our son can say ‘mama’ now. I brought him over so you could hear it.”

1 glanced at James, who was sound asleep.

Charles also looked at him with a pout, and said, “He was awake just a moment ago.”

“He is an infant. How can he speak at his age? Do you really think that I am that gullible?” || retorted.

“I am not lying. I did hear him say the word!” Charles was really sure about it  —

Since I did not want to argue with him any longer, I said, “Let’s go.”

Following me out, he carried James to his car. ”You either get in the car, or you can go back alone,” Charles said casually, looking at me.

Feeling helpless, I glared at him before I got in his car.

Soon, we arrived, but James started to cry before we got off, so I had to stay and coax him.

“Did you change your perfume?” Charles asked me in a low voice.

“You only live once, right? I am not going to stop with just changing my perfume, I will also be changing a lot of other things too,” I said meaningfully.

‘I can change my husband, too!’ I thought to myself.

With a sad look, he stared at me.

“I am going to take James inside to breastfeed him,” I said, holding my son in my arms.

“You can feed him right here,” Charles said in a deep, seductive voice.

With a frown, I looked at him, but since James was crying uncontrollably, I had no choice but to compromise.

I unbuttoned my shirt to feed my son, and warned Charles, “Turn around and don’t look!”

Looking out of the car, Charles mumbled, “I was the only one who could suck on them before!”

After James finished drinking milk, he fell asleep again. However, Charles continued to keep the car doors locked. It seemed that he was unwilling to let me get off the car.

“Open the door!” I hissed, lowering my voice.

But he still did not open the door. After a moment, he said, “Recently, Nate and ….”

“Your business with him has nothing to do with me,” I interrupted him.

“I will explain it to you later,” he said.

I was silent for a long time before I turned to him and said, “There is no need for that. You should do whatever you want.” 1

With a cold gaze, he turned to me and asked, “Are you really happy that we divorced?” “That’s none of your business.” I was being indifferent and did not even look at him.

“But I’m not happy…” he muttered.

| glanced at him and continued to remain silent.

All of a sudden, the atmosphere between us felt depressing, and even James moved uneasily.

“Open the door. I want to get off the car,” I urged him again.

Charles finally unlocked the door, and I quickly got off the car, but before I could grab my bag, he took it.

“Let me help.” Saying that, he was about to get off the car.

“Give me the bag. I can do it myself.” Upon hearing my indifferent words, his expression darkened.

Are you trying to keep distancing yourself from me?” he asked coldly.

I was stunned for a moment before I replied with a chuckle, “Of course, I am. You are my ex husband, and we should be keeping our distance.” 6

Charles stared at me with a strange look in his eyes for a long time. I could not understand what he was thinking about.

“Give me the bag,” I repeated. Sighing, he finally handed me my bag.

Holding James in my arms, I turned around and left, ignoring my ex-husband.

Bye My Irresistible Love, Chapter 175 An Irreparable Situation

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