Bye My Irresistible Love, Chapter 167 Scarlett’s Prenatal Checkups

Bye My Irresistible Love, Chapter 167 Scarlett’s Prenatal Checkups

Charles’ Pov: The moment Scarlett put on the ring for me, my heart skipped a beat.

Firmly, I held her hand and promised, “I will never let you down, Scarlett.”

Upon hearing my statement, she pouted at me.

As I held her waist, intending to kiss her, her phone abruptly rang and interrupted us.

She picked up the phone and put it on speaker. “Oh, hello, Nina! What’s up?”(This novel will be daily updtaed at www.********.com) “Scarlett, what time is your flight today?” Nina asked anxiously. “Why do you ask? Are you coming to pick me up?” asked Scarlett. “Nate is here. I think it’s best that you don’t come back for the time being,” Nina replied sternly.

“Nate?” Scarlett seemed alarmed by the name. I frowned when I saw her reaction.

“Yes, and he brought you a gift,” added Nina.

Upon hearing this, grabbed Scarlett’s phone and hung up on Nina.

“Do you have any idea why Nate came to you?” I asked.

“No. Why?”

“He came to borrow money from me, but I refused. That’s why he asked you for help. It’s probably because he thinks you’re more easily to persuade than I am.”

“Why would Nate borrow money from you?” Scarlett appeared to be shocked by what I said.

“If you go back now, you’re just going to be badgered by that man incessantly. Why don’t you just have your ticket refunded and stay for a few more days?” | suggested, planting a kiss on the corner of her lip.

It appeared as though Scarlett was still hesitant. “But, I can’t ask for a leave all the time.”


“Is the date of your antenatal examination approaching?” I decided to change the subject.

Scarlett nodded affirmatively. “It is.”

: | rubbed her nose and smiled. “T’ll accompany you to your prenatal checkups.”

Not wanting to give her a chance to refuse,(This novel will be daily updtaed at www.********.com) I quickly changed my clothes and urged her into the passenger seat of my car.

14:30   Scarlett seemed amused by me, so I took the opportunity to kiss her deeply.

After the kiss, we caught our breaths. I held her in my arms and asked, “Scarlett, do you love


But she didn’t answer me. I gently kissed her lips and fondled with her *******. “Answer me. Do you love me?”

Scarlett gasped for air and moaned with pleasure while nodding.

Seeing her response put me in a good mood. I nibbled on her earlobe and asked, “Do you know where I went yesterday?”

“Where?” Scarlett was about to ask a question, but I began kissing her again.

“I went to see you.” I chuckled, covering her eyes while kissing her. She then placed her hands on my chest, reciprocating my passion.

As I placed her hand on the seat, I told her, “Scarlett, I think we’ve never had *** in the car before.”

She was hesitant at first, but she soon gave in to her ****.

The space in the car was not big enough, so I had to be extra careful. After adjusting the reclining of the seat to a better position, I turned over and let her mount me.

She was wearing a one-piece shirt dress today, and this position was convenient for us.

| placed a hand over her head to prevent her from bumping against the window.(This novel will be daily updtaed at www.********.com) Then, I unbuttoned her shirt. When her ******* were exposed, I began fondling them with my fingers and my tongue.

“Oh..” Scarlett moaned placing her arms around my neck and growing hornier by the second.

I planted a kiss beside her lip, down to her collarbone, and finally sucking on her ****. Gradually, her skin turned red.

And as I sucked on her *******, I heard her groan with pleasure.

I reached down to touch her ****** and felt how wet she was. Amused, I chuckled and said, “You’re so sensitive, honey.”

“Shut— shut up!” Scarlett glared at me, seemingly embarrassed.

“How am I going to make you happy if I shut up? Fine. There are other ways,” I said, wearing an impish grin. I unzipped my pants and inserted my ***** inside her ******.

Scarlett gasped, holding my neck tightly. This cowgirl position was incredible. I was worried that I might hurt our baby, so I tried my   best to control myself. But every time I was having *** with Scarlett, I couldn’t help but indulge in it.

After we were done, she was so exhausted that she leaned against the car window and fell asleep. Meanwhile, I stared at her, caressing her face lovingly.

Then, I kissed her forehead with satisfaction. It was then that I decided to dial Amy’s number. “Amy, I need you to postpone all my work for today. I’m taking Scarlett to the hospital.”

“Yes, sir,” she replied.

When we arrived at the hospital, we went straight to the VIP examination room. (This novel will be daily updtaed at www.********.com)However, my phone rang all of a sudden.

I stroked Scarlett’s head and said, “You go have your checkup. I’m just going to take this call.”

She nodded in response and left. Upon seeing the caller ID, I frowned.

“Charles, I’m begging you. Please let go of my father’s company,” said Rita.

But before I could speak, I heard a noise coming from behind me.

“Watch out!” a nurse shouted. When I turned around, I happened to see someone collapsing on the ground.

Rita’s POV:

When I called Charles, I heard something happening at the other end of the line. woman screamed, “Blood! There’s so much blood! Oh, my ***! Is she having a miscarriage?”

The call was disconnected abruptly, but I was delighted to hear all of it.

‘Scarlett had a miscarriage? Yes! That must be it!’ I exclaimed inwardly.

“What’s the matter with you?” Nate asked me in confusion.

“It seems that Scarlett had a miscarriage,” | responded. “You don’t want her to give birth to that baby, right? Well, your wish has been fulfilled.” 4

Nate nodded affirmatively. “Now that her child is gone, you don’t have to trouble her anymore.

“Are you saying that you want me to let her off the hook? ****, no!”(This novel will be daily updtaed at www.********.com) | broke into a sarcastic laughter. “That ***** stole my man. I will never forgive her. Her losing the baby is just the first step of my plan! There will be many more to come.” 3

“Don’t go too far,” said Nate.

“What? Are you seriously feeling sorry for her? Do you not have the heart to see her suffer?” || sneered.

“I just can’t bear to see her die like this,” Nate said with a frown.

| scoffed at him and said, “You can’t even protect your own company now, and yet you still want to protect Scarlett? Are you daydreaming? Wake the **** up and face reality.”

Seemingly infuriated, Nate creased his eyebrows at me. “Is that seriously how you’re supposed to speak to your father?”

“Why don’t you take a long, hard look at yourself in the mirror? Then, ask yourself if you’re even qualified to be my father. Ugh, you make me feel sick.” I didn’t want to waste my time talking to him anymore, so I walked awafrom him.

Bye My Irresistible Love, Chapter 167 Scarlett’s Prenatal Checkups

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