Bye My Irresistible Love, Chapter 166 The Wedding Ring He Took Off

Bye My Irresistible Love, Chapter 166 The Wedding Ring He Took Off

Scarlett’s POV:

As soon as I got off the plane, I tried calling Charles, but when I could not get through to him, a sense of depression clouded my heart.

I knew that I needed to go to the Moore mansion right away. Maybe I could find him there.

“Oh, Scarlett! How did you get here all of a sudden?” Christine was surprised to see me.

“Well, I came back to see you, Grandma.” With that, I gave her a forced smile.

“I’ll call Charles at once. I am sure he’ll be really happy to know that you’re back,” Alice said excitedly as she went to grab her phone.

A while later, she frowned at her phone screen. “That’s too bad! Looks like he’s turned off his phone at such a critical moment.”

Maybe, his phone is dead. Leave him be. I am sure that Scarlett must be really tired after her long journey.”

Saying that, Christine held my hand and made me sit down with her.

That night, I was in a daze, and I went back to my room as soon as I ate.

I took a shower and lay on the bed, looking at the familiar chandelier. The cool night breeze blew from the window, disturbing my thoughts.

I was asleep when I suddenly felt someone touching me.

  • When I opened my eyes and looked at the man in front of me, my mind went completely blank

for a moment.

I touched Charles’ face and giggled. “I must be dreaming! I was sure that you were not going to visit me in my dreams tonight, though.”

Upon hearing that, Charles frowned. “Why didn’t you tell me you were coming back?” There was a hint of coldness in his tone. “It’s because I only came back to meet the elders,” I mumbled, feeling angry in my heart. “Humph! Even in my dreams, you end up making me mad.” 1

With that, I turned over and continued to sleep.

The next morning when I woke up, rubbing my eyes, and turned around, I was stunned to see Charles sleeping next to me.

He opened his eyes and said in a gentle voice, “Good morning.”

“Good morning,” I replied with a smile. “When did you come back?”

“I think I came back at around three in the morning,” he whispered in my ear. 1

If he really came back at three in the morning, then I was not dreaming about him.

Charles gently placed his hand on my waist and stroked my belly lovingly.

“I’m going to wash my face and brush my teeth.” Saying that, I pushed his hand away and walked to the bathroom.

While I was brushing my teeth, he pushed open the door and walked in, naked.

My cheeks turned red as I immediately turned away and mumbled, “Why don’t you have your

clothes on?”

“Do you shower with your clothes on?” Asking that, he walked behind me and stood in front of the shower before he turned it on.

Standing in front of the mirror, I could clearly see his naked body in the reflection. ‘****! Why does he have to be so good-looking and ****?’

I was struggling to force myself not to peep, but I could not resist myself at all.

“You can come and watch if you want. I won’t mind,” Charles said with a seductive smile. His voice was so alluring, and it almost felt like it could burn me alive.

I did not want to stand there any longer, so I quickly washed up and ran out of the bathroom.

Charles soon walked out of the bathroom with a towel loosely wrapped around his waist. His sculpted body and his beautiful, **** abs was making my insides scream. He slowly approached me and asked in a low voice, “Where is my ring? Did you bring it with you?”

I was still thinking about his naked body when his words suddenly jolted me back to reality. I moved aside nervously and replied, “No.” I

All of a sudden, he pulled me into his arms as he asked, “Where is it, then?”

“I really haven’t brought it back with me,” I said firmly.

There was a hint of seriousness in his eyes, and he even seemed to be a little angry.

“Is the wedding ring that important to you?” I asked tentatively.

Charles nodded and said, “Yes, of course, it’s very important.”

“Then will you be taking it off again?”

Hearing that, he let go of me and reached out his hand to me. “You will see only if you put it on for me.”

I was still kind of mad at him, so I pouted and said, “If you dare to take it off again, then it

might end up in another man’s finger in the future.”

“How dare you?” Charles pretended to pounce on me.

Seeing that he was not joking around, I blurted out, “Undo the first two buttons of my shirt.”

Confused, he gently unbuttoned my shirt and stared at my exposed neck in amazement.

“You put it in a necklace and wore it around your neck?”

Seeing that, he leaned in, hugging me and kissing me several times.

Pretending to be mad at him, I pushed him away and said, “Of course, I have to take care of it. It’s my wedding ring, after all.” “Our wedding ring,” Charles corrected me at once. “But didn’t you take off your wedding ring and give it back to me last time?” “I didn’t give it back to you. I just asked you to keep it for the time being. I want you to help me put it on again, honey,” he said anxiously. “But I think that it looks really good on the necklace.” I was deliberately stalling for time.

“If you really like it, then I will take you to the mall and buy you one just like it later, but for now, just help me put it on first.”

Saying that, he leaned closer and kissed my lips flatteringly. “Did you take off your ring because you stopped caring about me?” I asked with a serious look in my eyes.

“No. I just… I really care too much about you.”

With a tender gaze, Charles held my hand, stroking my cheeks lovingly.

Seeing that, I took off his ring from my necklace and put it on his finger.

“You’re not allowed to take it off at will ever again.”


Bye My Irresistible Love, Chapter 166 The Wedding Ring He Took Off

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