Bye My Irresistible Love, Chapter 165 Get The Marriage License At The Speed Of Light

Bye My Irresistible Love, Chapter 165 Get The Marriage License At The Speed Of Light

Nina’s POV:

After I got home, I asked Abner to join me for a drink.

“Why did you come back all of a sudden?”

Abner asked, sitting from across me. Seeing the dim light that shone on his face, I felt like he looked a bit unpredictable.

He was dressed in a navy blue suit with a matching tie, and his neatly combed hair made him look colder than usual. However, the faint smile on his lips perfectly offset his cold look.

Resting my chin on my palm, I said in a casual and frivolous tone, “I came back chasing you.”

Abner was stunned for a second before the smile on his lips grew brighter as he asked, “Are you drunk?”

Hearing his low, magnetic voice, my heart began to race uncontrollably.

“I know what I am talking about.”

After staring at him for a while, I poured myself a glass of wine.

Abner lowered his head and said guiltily, “Nina, you know, I…”

“To me, it doesn’t matter who you like, because I like you and that’s enough for me.” || interrupted him with a smile. After finishing my glass of wine, I looked into his eyes again, and added, “My future husband.”

Abner raised his head to look at me. The dim light somehow blurred his expression, making it harder for me to read his thoughts.

“You don’t need to respond if you don’t want to. But you’re going to be my husband in the future, either way,” I said in a stubborn tone before I drank up the wine.

“Do you really not mind that I like someone else?” Abner asked with a sigh.

“Actually, I really do. But you know what? I’ve always considered Scarlett as a younger sister, and I am more than determined to make you want to be her brother-in-law someday, willingly even,” I admitted, looking at him.

Upon hearing my confident words, a smile appeared on Abner’s lips. – “Then I will try to let go of my feelings. I hope you can give me some time to do it.”

Saying that, he clinked his glass with mine.

I raised my eyebrows at him and said confidently, “I can wait.”

Abner smiled at me and asked, “Do you want to get the marriage registered, then?”

I could not help but stop pouring more wine in my glass as I looked at him in surprise.

“It will help put your mind at ease. Besides, it will also work as a restraint and a reminder to me. After we register our marriage, you will legally be my wife, so I will have to do whatever it takes to treat you well.” With a gentle smile on his lips, Abner looked up at me tenderly. However, I could not find any love for me in his eyes.

| smiled bitterly as I lowered my head, stood up, and grabbed my coat before I turned and said, “Let’s go, then.”

We then headed straight to the city hall to register for our marriage.

Later that evening, Abner and I went to Spencer’s bar.

I held the marriage certificate in my hand as I raised it up and showed it to Spencer. “Come and see my marriage certificate. I am sure you’re burning with jealousy right now.”

“Did you really get married?” Spencer asked, looking at us in surprise.

| patted him on the shoulder and said, “It’s a flash marriage. Do you know what that means?”

“I’m just a little surprised. Anyway, I wish you two a happy married life,” he said with a smile before he escorted us in.

I turned to him and said, “Call Charles and tell him that I want to meet him.”

Soon after I finished my words, I saw Charles not too far away from us.

I could not help but frown when I saw him. Thinking of how sad Scarlett was before, I felt more disappointed in him.

With a smile on his lips, Spencer waved to him.

Charles walked towards us. All of a sudden, Lily came out of nowhere. She was wearing a heavy coat of makeup and was smiling brightly.

“Charles, long time no see,” she said in a fake sweet voice. “Don’t get in my way,” Charles said coldly before he walked past her.

I could not help but smile in my heart when I saw how pale Lily’s face was.

Spencer was also a bit surprised to see Charles there. “What brings you here all of a sudden?” he asked, looking at him.

“What? Am I not allowed to come here?” Charles retorted coldly before he cast a glance at Abner.

“I asked him to meet me here. I wanted to talk to him about something,” Abner explained.   “Charles, how can you do such a thing to Scarlett? She’s pregnant!” | scolded him without any hesitation.

Lily walked over to us and said, “Charles, I hope you’ll hear me out.”

“You have no right to open your mouth here! Just who do you think you are?” | snapped. I could not stand her pitiful look.

“This doesn’t involve you in any way,” she said to me coldly.

“Really? You seduced my best friend’s husband. And you drugged my husband. How can you say that this has nothing to do with me?”

| grabbed a liquor bottle from the table and pointed it at Lily. “You’d better get out of here or you will see the news headlines tomorrow reporting a celebrity shamelessly seducing a married man at a bar. And it would also state how an onlooker helped the wife punish the mistress and how the mistress was severely injured because of the accident.”

I would have smashed the bottle on her head if Abner had not stopped me in time.

“Who is the mistress here?” Lily asked angrily.

Looking at her, I hissed, “It’s you, obviously!”

“I’m gonna kill you!” Just when Lily was about to pounce on me, Spencer stopped her. “If you don’t want to become a trending topic on the Internet tomorrow, then you’d better not do anything reckless,” Spencer said indifferently.

With tears in her eyes, Lily turned to Charles again. “Charles, I was used. I swear what happened before has nothing to do with me.”

However, he ignored her and turned to Spencer. “Do you just let anyone walk into your bar?” “Get her out of here,” Spencer immediately ordered his bodyguards.

Once Lily was taken away, the bar was a lot more peaceful. With a satisfied smile on my lips, gently rubbed the ring on Abner’s finger. I cast a glance at Charles before I said to Abner in a serious tone, “You’re not allowed to take off your wedding ring.” 1

“Okay.” Although Abner was clearly confused, he still nodded in agreement.

Looking at Charles, I said, “I don’t know what you were thinking when you took off the ring. The only reason Scarlett doesn’t trust you is because she doesn’t have faith in your relationship and thinks that you might abandon her again.” .

Charles glanced at me, but he remained silent.

“She would not have ended up feeling so pessimistically if you had not left her abroad for three years, completely ignoring her. Think about it, Charles. If a woman you love abandons   you just to be with another man, then would you still be able to love her wholeheartedly? If you can’t do it, then how can you expect Scarlett to trust you?” 5

I said in a cold voice before I left the place with Abner.

Charles’ POV:

After Nina and Abner left, Spencer walked to me and patted me on the back.

I looked up at him indifferently and asked, “What? Do you want to blame me too?”

Spencer nodded and said, “This is not about who is right and who is wrong. You should just learn to be more tolerant as a man.”

| cast a glance at him before I lowered my head and began drinking alone. “I have been ignoring Lily from the start, but Scarlett just doesn’t trust me. She was even giving me a hard time about it. She went so far away for her training program without even caring about my feelings, and she has also entangled with Abner…” 2

Spencer sighed and advised, “You should trust me and take the initiative to apologize to her, or else you will only be suffering in the end.”

“You’d better think of yourself first, you loner!”

How dare a single man like him advise me on how I should handle my relationship with my wife?

Annoyed, I stood up and left.

Once I was home, I tossed and turned in bed, but I was not able to fall asleep. Scarlett was the only one I could think about.

I kept trying to find something to numb the pain of my separation from her in the following days, but it was an undeniable fact that I missed her more than anything in the world.

I then decided to apologize to her, and booked the next flight to see her.

When I knocked on her door, Nina was surprised to see me there when she opened. “What are you doing here?” she asked.

“I came here to apologize to Scarlett,” I said bluntly.

“But Scarlett went back looking for you,” Nina said with a helpless sigh. 3

Since I had no time to waste, I immediately booked the next flight to go back home.

Bye My Irresistible Love, Chapter 165 Get The Marriage License At The Speed Of Light

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