Bye My Irresistible Love, Chapter 163 Misunderstanding

Bye My Irresistible Love, Chapter 163 Misunderstanding

Scarlett’s POV:

The next day, Charles and I went back to the Moore mansion.

“Did you two have a fight?” Christine worriedly asked the moment we entered.

I held her hand and shook my head to reassure her. “No, Grandma.”

“A lot has happened these past few days. But don’t forget to take good care of yourself, okay?” Alice advised with concern. “Yes, I will.” I forced a smile and turned to look at Charles.

He pursed his lips but said nothing. His expression was terrible. “Charles, you really are something. Just a few days ago, you seemed to have a good relationship with a celebrity,” Christine said with a snort.

“The photos were taken at an opportune moment. I didn’t even touch her,” Charles replied. He cast a glance at me when he spoke as if implying something.

“There’s a hidden meaning in your words, isn’t itWas it because Scarlett had ‘physical contact’ with someone else?” Before Charles could respond, Christine hit him on the head. “Lily framed Scarlett and Abner. In fact, it’s all because of you why that happened. You’re the one to blame.”

Charles looked away. “I didn’t mean that.” Christine ignored the glum look on her grandson’s face and even scolded him. “As if Rita isn’t enough, now there’s Lily. Should I praise you for your charm?”

Charles let out a heavy sigh. “It’s my fault for making you worry, Grandma. I’ll handle it.”

However, Christine seemed dissatisfied with what he had said. “What you should do is reassure your wife and be a good husband to her. It has nothing to do with me.”

She then turned to me, and her expression changed in a blink of an eye. She held my hand and asked me about my condition.

| cast a glance at Charles and smiled at Christine reassuringly. “Don’t worry, Grandma. I’m fine.”

“When will you go back there? Your training should be over soon, right?” Alice asked concernedly. “Tomorrow. And yes, the training is almost over.” | glanced at Charles after I finished speaking.

He was still pulling a long face, and it seemed that he would not cheer up anytime soon.

Christine and Alice looked at me with astonishment upon hearing my answer. “Why are you in such a hurry? You can stay here for a few more days. You just arrived.”

“I know, but I don’t have much to do here. But, the life there will be more fulfilling.” All of a sudden, Charles stood up irritably. “I’m going out.” With that, he left without an explanation.

I felt even more depressed as I watched him walk away. O

Charles’s POV:

I came to the bar. Coincidentally, Spencer and David were there. “You don’t look so well. Do you want some ladies to make you feel better?” Spencer proposed with a smirk.

“Of course, not. I’m a married man, dude.” I picked up the wine glass on the table and drank it

David looked at me with bewilderment. “What’s the problem anyway? Scarlett came back the instant she heard you had a scandal with Lily. That only means she cares about you very much.”

“She must care about me,” I mumbled with a faint smile.

However, the smile on my face soon faltered. I fiddled with the wine glass on the table and added, “But she still doesn’t believe me.”

“It’s because you haven’t given her enough sense of security. When will she leave?

David asked after a long period of silence. “Tomorrow.” I took a long swig of alcohol to try and ease the dejection in my heart.

David sighed and stared into the distance for a long time.

Judging from the melancholy on his face, I surmised that he must have been dumped. But now, I had no time to care about someone else’s problem. I already had enough on my plate.

“I think you’re not considerate enough to Scarlett, so she’s constantly worried about losing you,” Spencer reckoned. It was only then that he spoke after being silent for a long while. I must admit, his words surprised me.

“How would you know whether I’m considerate or not? You and your private doctor Vivian seem to have a special relationship though,” I scoffed.

“We don’t. I just hired her,” Spencer reforted with a frown.

I shrugged my shoulders. “It has nothing to do with me. Anyway, I’m going home now. I have

a wife to coax.” With that, I stood up and left. ******


Scarlett had already fallen asleep when I got home. I carefully held her in my arms so she would not wake up. Then, I fell asleep next to her.

Early the next morning, I woke up to the sound of the alarm. When Scarlett woke up, she tried to extricate herself from my arms.

“Don’t move.” I held her in my arms and buried my head in the crook of her neck.

“I have to catch the plane.” Scarlett struggled to get up, but I did not let her.

“Yes. Catch a plane…”

I slipped my hand into her clothes, but I still did not let her go.

“I have to get ready now, or I’ll miss the plane…” Scarlett’s voice was trailing off. I could feel that she was slowly giving in.

I did not say anything more. Instead, I fondled her breasts and play with her nipples with my fingertips. This made her tremble all over.

I kissed her earlobe and whispered, “Honey, you’re so sensitive.”

“You… Don’t touch me…” she pleaded. On the contrary, I could hear the anticipation in her voice. My hand trailed down to her breast, then to her stomach, and down there. Scarlett uncontrollably moaned in pleasure.

“Really? But you’re so wet.”

I drew circles on her clitoris and watched her expression change in pleasure. She curled up in my arms, her body trembling slightly.

“Charles…” A few moments later, she gasped sharply and clutched my hand to stop me.

“If you don’t want me to move, then you move.” I held her hand instead and wrapped it around my penis, waiting for her to continue.

But, of course, she did not. I chuckled and kissed her in her soft, pink lips.

At that moment, Scarlett finally let me do what I wanted.

“Is it okay?” | gently asked with my forehead against hers. Scarlett looked into my eyes and said, “Be gentle.” Although I was excited, I was careful when I inserted my manhood into her hole.

We both sighed with satisfaction when our bodies became one.

I drove Scarlett to the airport after breakfast.

We were silent all the way to our destination. Too many things had happened in the past few days. Even the exhilaration a while ago did not close the gap between us.

Just before Scarlett boarded the plane, I solemnly removed the wedding ring from my finger and placed it on her palm.

“Scarlett, a true husband and wife trust each other. I will not put on our wedding ring until you do. I really hope that one day, you’ll do it for me.”

Scarlett kept her head down. She just stared at the ring, lost in thought.

“I know you’re still upset about the scandal, and I understand. But I promise I’ll prove to you that I sincerely love you. I’ll wait for you until you’re willing to give me your heart.” I held her in my arms and sighed. It would take a while before we could finally see each other again. I hoped that we were okay by then.

Scarlett did not say a word. When the boarding announcement came, she broke away from my arms and walked away without looking back.

I sighed heavily, knowing that she was still troubled because of the matter. Although it was hard, I had to wait for her patiently. It was not until her figure disappeared from my sight that I left the airport.

Bye My Irresistible Love, Chapter 163 Misunderstanding

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