Bye My Irresistible Love, Chapter 158 His Confession

Bye My Irresistible Love, Chapter 158 His Confession

Spencer’s POV:

Inside the backstage dressing room, the woman took off her mask. I was surprised to see a familiar face.

“Aren’t you going to explain to me why you’re suddenly singing here for money? Do I not pay you enough?” I asked angrily.

Vivian was my private doctor, and not to toot my own horn, I liked to believe that I compensated her well.

After a moment of silence, she smiled at me. “I do it for fun. Why are you so angry about it?”

I frowned at her and lowered my voice. “Why don’t you just tell me the truth?”

  • Vivian looked into my eyes and said, “I am telling the truth.”

“Vivian, don’t make me ask again.” I had drunk a lot, and I could feel my head throbbing with pain, so I was on edge. Naturally, one shouldn’t expect that I’d be in the mood to speak kindly.

“Fine. You can just think that I need the extra money, and I am making some extra cash here,” Vivian said in a relaxed tone.

“What are you trying to say? Speak clearer!” Her words only made me dizzy, and my patience was growing thin.

“I just need the money, okay? There’s no other reason.” Vivian smiled again, began to pack her stuff, and prepared to leave.

I immediately grabbed her wrist. “If you don’t tell me what the real reason is right now, consider yourself fired!”

“Oh, you’re going to fire me, huh? How would you like it if I tell everyone that you have feelings for Scarlett?” Vivian didn’t seem afraid of me at all. She even had the guts to blackmail me. 3

“Argh, fine. How much cash do you need? I’ll lend it to you.” Vivian raised two fingers. “I need two million dollars.”

“Wait, you’re actually singing in a bar for just million dollars? Are you insane?” With that, I turned around and began to walk away.

Vivian followed me around and said, ”Two million dollars may not be a big deal for you, but it’s an unbelievably huge amount for me. So, when are you going to lend me the money?”

“I already regret promising that,” I growled and went straight to the driver’s seat.

“Hey, hey, hey! You’re too intoxicated to drive, you idiot! Just let me do it.” Vivian pushed me  to the passenger seat and smiled brightly.

Once we were in the car, I felt irritable. I wanted to call someone, but when I picked up my phone, I realized that I had no idea who to call. All of a sudden, I saw Scarlett’s name on the contact list. I couldn’t resist to press her number and dial it.

Soon, the call connected.

“Charles? I’m so sleepy.” Judging by her lazy voice, Scarlett must indeed be sleepy. “It’s not Charles. This is Spencer,” I said. Suddenly, I felt my heart began to beat faster. “Spencer? Why are you calling me at this hour? It’s so late. Did something happen to Charles?” Scarlett asked worriedly. “Charles is fine. I just wanted to tell you that he really cares about you.”

Truthfully, I was tempted to tell her that I also cared about her a lot.

“I know that already.” Scarlett yawned. “Anyway, that’s all. Get some rest. Bye!” Scarlett muttered something back to me, but I couldn’t hear it clearly, and she soon hung up on me.

| stared at the screen of my phone until it turned off automatically. Then, I asked Vivian to drive me to Charles’ house.

Charles’ POV:

After I came back from the club, I took a shower and was ready to go to bed. All of a sudden, the doorbell rang.

Outside the door, I saw Spencer. He reeked of alcohol.

“What are you doing here, man?” | asked, frowning at him.

“Hey, Charles, I gotta tell you something, dude. I called Scarlett just now,” Spencer stammered.

He was so hammered that he could barely keep himself standing while walking.

As I helped him in, I asked, “Why did you call her?”

“She’s probably sleeping already. When she answered the phone, she called your name in a daze.” Spencer seemed like he was dodging my question.

Afterwards, I threw him onto the sofa.

Sadly, Spencer rolled to the ground from the sofa, and held onto my thighs. ”Charles, I’ll be honest. I really like Scarlett. Every time I see her crying over you, I want to take her away, but she loves you so much. No matter how much I want her to come with me, she won’t do it.”

Annoyed, I gave him a kick. “Do you want to die, Spencer?

“Scarlett, I love you so much,” Spencer murmured as he kept holding onto my legs. I really wanted to beat him up. “How dare he covet my wife?’

In a fit of rage, I grabbed his collar and threw him onto the bed in the guest room. Afterwards, I turned around and marched away.


The following morning, while I was having breakfast, Spencer came out of the room with bedhead hair.

“*** **** it… I was so drunk last night. Did I say anything weird?” he asked nervously.

I cast him an indifferent glance and replied, “Come here. Have some breakfast.”

Spencer seemed agitated when he looked back at me.

“Clean up the table once you’re done,”

I said before heading upstairs with a passive expression.

Once I was upstairs, I called Scarlett to ask her if she had really conducted an interview with a male star.

“Have you eaten breakfast yet?” Scarlett asked, changing the topic.

“I’d enjoy eating you more,” I said with a tinge of disappointment.

“Bye!” Scarlett pretended to hang up.

“No, wait! Don’t hang up, honey. I just really miss you.” “Well, I miss you, too.” Scarlett smiled. “By the way, Spencer called me last night. What’s wrong with him?”

“Nothing. He’s just bored, I guess,” I replied. “Did he strike out on a girl or something?” Scarlett couldn’t seem to resist the urge to gossip.

I didn’t want to answer that, so I decided to talk about something else. “How’s the baby? Did it make you suffer?”

“I had a B Ultrasound at the hospital yesterday. The baby is very healthy, and it hasn’t troubled me one bit,” she answered.

11 ILI

“It’s almost the weekend. I’ll come by to visit you,” I responded.

“Sounds great!” Scarlett spoke with such glee. Hearing her voice swept away all the things that upset me the whole night, and alleviated my unhappiness.

After hanging up, I went downstairs and saw that Spencer was still having breakfast.”Let’s go play tennis this afternoon.”

“No, thanks. I can never win against you.” Spencer looked like he was about to cry. “You’re coming whether you like it or not,” I answered with a smirk. Afterwards, I ignored him for the rest of the day.

During the evening, Spencer and I played tennis.

After playing a few rounds, he was so tired that I could see that sweat was dripping from his hair.

I put down my racket and said, “Rest for a while.”

Right after I said that, Spencer collapsed on the chair.

Just then, Scarlett video called me.

“Why does Spencer look so depressed?” she asked tentatively.

| glanced at him and scoffed. “He lost a tennis match, and he now doubts the meaning of his existence.”

“Did he do something wrong? Why are you punishing him like that?” Scarlett looked at me, seemingly annoyed with me.

“Are you pleading for his case?” I asked, somewhat triggered. “You shouldn’t bully him.” o I turned around and gave Spencer a friendly smile.

Spencer rushed towards me and put his face in front of the phone’s camera. In horror, he said to Scarlett, “Scarlett, don’t plead for me! The more you try to defend me, the more miserable 1 will be!”

Scarlett looked at me, suspicious of something. “Did you threaten him?” she said to Charles. With a sincere smile, I swore, “As *** as my witness, I didn’t do anything to Spencer.” “Well, you two should enjoy your bonding. I need to deal with something. Gotta go!” Spencer responded. He smiled awkwardly and took this opportunity to slip away.  

Bye My Irresistible Love, Chapter 158 His Confession

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