Bye My Irresistible Love, Chapter 157 Don’t Ask For Trouble

Bye My Irresistible Love, Chapter 157 Don’t Ask For Trouble

Scarlett’s POV:

Charles spent the night with me and went back the following day. Every day, I video called Charles just to tell him how much I missed him.

A few days later, I suddenly received a photo from a colleague back in the country.

In the photo, Charles was drinking with a female star named Lily at a bar.

During our video call, Charles told me that he was busy, but it turned out that he was just fooling around with a female star.

In the afternoon, he gave me a call, but I didn’t answer it.

Not long after, Nina came in with her phone in hand. She pointed at the screen and mouthed Charles’ name.

Tasked Nina to hang up.

However, Charles refused to give up. He called me over ten times in a row, so my heart softened.

Once the call connected, I heard his worried voice.

“Is your phone out of power? Why weren’t you answering your phone?”

I just pouted at him and said nothing.

“That photo was an accident. I swear, I didn’t touch her at all!” Charles took the initiative to explain about the photo.

“Don’t fool around with women while I’m not back at home. Otherwise, )I’m not going to answer your calls ever again,” I said angrily.

“I won’t allow something like that to happen again,” Charles answered with glee.

Charles’ POV:

After I explained the photo to Scarlett, I found out that she was indeed jealous, but I was relieved to know that she eventually chose to trust me.

In the evening, Spencer and David asked me to meet them at the club. Spencer approached me and smirked. “So, what happened, dude? Did you wife give you an earful?” he bantered.

“Scarlett trusts me,” I said, casting him a cold glance.

“Oh, really now? Then why didn’t she answer your calls even after you called her more than ten times? You were so anxious that you almost flew abroad overnight!” Spencer continued making fun of me.

This time, I glared at him. “You know, Spencer, nobody will think you’re dumb if you don’t speak.”

Spencer looked at me with curiosity. “While we’re on the subject, do you really not know that woman?”

“You must really want to die, don’t you, Spencer?” I said through gritted teeth.

Upon seeing how angry I was, Spencer finally clammed up.

“That Lily never really rose to fame for years. To be honest, I didn’t expect she’d become so popular just after drinking with you,” David said with a chuckle.

Right after he said that, a beautiful woman appeared at the entrance of the club. Upon seeing that it was Lily, I was immediately vigilant.

“Mr. Moore, what a coincidence to see you here!”

Lily came over to greet me, but I pretended not to notice her.

“You’re Lily, right? Come, have a seat with us.” Spencer gestured for her to sit down. I cast him a glare but didn’t utter a word.

“Do you two think that Lily and Scarlett kind of look alike?” Spencer asked, glancing at me and David.

“You know what? Their eyes do look similar,” David commented.

“No, Scarlett’s eyes are bigger. They’re rounder and brighter than hers!” I said proudly.

There was no way she could even hold a candle to my wife.

“Well, yeah. How could I even compete with Mrs. Moore?” Embarrassed, Lily raised her glass and changed the topic. “Mr. Moore, I’d like to propose a toast to you.”

“No, thanks. We‘re not that close,” I refused without a second thought. I took out my phone and texted Scarlett. “Honey, Lily is trying to cotton up to me again.”

A moment later, Scarlett replied, “I’ll interview a male star some other day.”

In a fit of rage, I texted back, “Don’t you dare! I’ll hack that stupid male star of yours into pieces and feed him to the dogs!”

I was waiting for Scarlett’s response, when I suddenly sensed that someone was approaching. I raised my head and saw that Lily was wearing a long face.

“Mr. Moore, I…”

“Can you stay away from me? I am a married man and I love my wife,” | snorted before standing up and walking away.

Spencer’s POV:

Charles was no fun. David and I just looked at each other and sighed helplessly.

I picked up the glass of wine on the table and took a sip. “I’m not used to seeing Charles like this. He’s so afraid of his wife.” 1

“To be honest, I’m quite envious of him. He scares because he cares. It would be nice to have a person like that in your life.” After saying that, David stood up, intending to leave.

“Oh, are you going to leave already?” I asked in surprise. “Well, it’s boring here, so it’s better to just go home and get some sleep, man.” David waved his hand and left.

Suddenly, the atmosphere in the private room became tense when only Lily and I were left in the room.

| smiled at her and said, “Let’s drink.”

“Do you mind telling me something about Charles?” she asked.

Are you planning on sleeping with him?” I asked bluntly.

The look on Lily’s face changed dramatically.

“Huh? What are you trying to say?” she asked, hurriedly taking a sip of wine.

I cast her a cold glance and said, “I meant that literally.”

Seeing that she wasn’t responding, I said, ”You’re not the first woman who attempted to sleep with him, and I’m sure you won’t be the last. Do you happen to know Rita Lively?”

“I do know her,” she replied.

“Look at how she ended up, Lily. Don’t try to bite off more than you can chew.” This time, I looked her in the eyes.

Lily stayed quiet for a long time, until she broke her silence with an exasperated sigh. “Sorry to have bothered you today. I’ll be leaving now,” she said. “So, are you still planning on pestering Charles?” “I won’t ask for trouble again,” Lily said after a brief pause. 5 Satisfied with her answer, I smiled and said nothing more.

Once Lily was gone, I was the only one left in  It was then that I noticed a woman singing onstage with a mask on, and her voice sounded so familiar.

After the song, she went backstage. Not long after, I got up and followed her.

Bye My Irresistible Love, Chapter 157 Don’t Ask For Trouble

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