Bye My Irresistible Love, Chapter 153 Being Jealous

Bye My Irresistible Love, Chapter 153 Being Jealous

Scarlett’s POV:

Receiving Rita’s message, I went to the cafe where she asked to meet.

But when I got there, I didn’t see Charles, but just Rita sitting by the window in a trance.

Walking up to her, I asked her in a calm voice, “What did you ask me here to witness? His ruthlessness towards you?” .

“One day, Charles is going to be ruthless to you as well.” Rita sneered, looking up at me.

“Is that so? Well, I hope you’re around to see that happen, if it does happen, that is,” I said casually, shrugging my shoulders at her.

“You can gloat all you can now.” Though she was trembling with anger, she seemed to be reluctant to show her weakness.

“You asked me to come here. If I don’t gloat, it would be a waste of the kindness you showed me, wouldn’t it?” I asked coldly, looking down at her.

Without saying a word, she glared at me with deep resentment in her eyes.

“Charles is generous enough to let you go, but I’m not. I like to settle things fair and square,” || added indifferently before I turned around.

And just when I was about to walk out of there, I noticed Charles standing behind me.

I immediately lowered my head guiltily.

‘Did he hear everything I just said? Is he going to blame me now?’

While I was still in a daze, he held my hand and led me outside.

Where are we going?” I asked subconsciously as I followed him. “I am sending you back to the TV station,” Charles said casually without even stopping.

“Why did you come back?” I asked, looking at his side face as soon as we were outside the cafe.

“I am pretty sure that Rita will call you again, so I had to come back and try my luck,” he said in a gentle voice, looking at me. Although I was indeed moved when I heard those words, I was also a little concerned. “Looks like you really care about me.”

“Isn’t it obvious?” Charles stopped and looked at me with tenderness in his eyes.

I hesitated for a moment before I said uneasily, “Do you care about the child or me?”

Deep down, I was worried that he might only be showing kindness to me because of the child | was carrying, and not because he loved me. 2

“You sleep with me tonight, and I’ll tell you the answer,” Charles whispered seductively in my ear.

I was speechless and I felt shy, so I glared at him, wondering how he could act like a hooligan whenever he felt like it. 1

Laughing, Charles held my hand and we walked forward. He began to quicken his pace with each step. Feeling strange, | glanced back. But I understood why he was doing that when I saw Rita behind us.

I got home from work that afternoon, and began to cook. While I was in the kitchen, my phone rang all of a sudden.

“Hello, this is Liam. I met you at the party before.” I heard a strange man’s voice coming from the other end. I tried to recall him for a long time, but I could not remember anything about him at all.

“What can I do for you?” I asked politely, even though I had no clue who he was.

“I apologize for not being able to make it to your wedding. I was occupied with something at that time. I would like to give you the wedding present tonight. Would you be available? I want to give it to you myself.”

I was a little stunned that he was asking me out so directly.

“You can just give the present to Charles.” As soon as I said that, I heard the door open, so I quickly turned around and said, “Honey, you’re home!”

Upon hearing that, Liam immediately hung up.

“Yes. What present? Who were you talking to?”

“I don’t know, but he said his name was Liam and we met at some party before.”

“Why is he looking for you?” Charles asked while picking up my phone.

“He asked me to meet him and said that he wanted to give me the wedding present in person. ” I was being honest with him.

Hearing that, Charles called him at once and put the phone on speaker.

“What do you want from my wife?” he snapped as soon as the call was connected.

“Hello, Mr. Moore. My name is Liam. I just wanted to give her the wedding present, that’s all.” Liam’s graceful voice was heard.

Upon hearing that, Charles furrowed his brows.

“If I remember correctly, your company seems to have a case that needs my assistance, right?” Charles said coldly before he ended the call.

Tossing the phone aside, he looked into my eyes and leaned in to kiss me without a warning.

He seemed to be jealous as his kiss was not a gentle one at all.

I enthusiastically wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed him back to comfort him.

“Don’t answer his calls again.” Charles brushed his forehead against mine as he said those words out of jealousy.

“I didn’t know that it was him.” Actually, I did not even know who this Liam guy was.

“He seems to be hitting on you. Anyway, don’t answer his calls in the future. Saying that in a domineering tone, Charles held me tightly. O

“Are you jealous?” I could not help but smile as I asked him that. “Yes, I am. Can you ignore him?” Charles asked pleadingly as he rested his chin on my shoulder. Clearly, I was not expecting him to admit it so openly, and I was stunned by his reaction.

“Okay, I won’t answer his calls again.”

“Honey, why do I feel like you’re getting plumper and bouncier?” Charles said with satisfaction as he caressed and toyed with my breasts. 1

“Maybe, it’s just your mind playing tricks on you.” Saying that lightly, I patted his hand that was on my breast.

My senses are pretty sharp, you know? It really is much bigger now. I used to be able to hold your breast with just one hand, but now, they’ve outgrown my hand.” He was seriously discussing the size of my breasts while playing with them.

“Don’t be such a pervert!” I said in a low voice, feeling his hot breath in my ears.

“Honey, when are you going to start lactating?” Asking that, he picked me up and made me sit on the table while staring deep into my eyes.

“… How would I know?” His eyes lit up when he turned his gaze to my breasts, and I felt my face turn red.

“You really don’t know?” Charles asked in surprise and was about to lift up my shirt.

“What are you doing?” I asked in panic.

“Well, since you don’t know when you’re going to lactate, I should check it for you, right?” he said with a smile before he grabbed my hands with one hand while he unhooked my bra with   his other hand. He then leaned closer and lifted my shirt up.

“They’re so beautiful.” Praising my bosom sincerely, he put one of my nipples into his mouth.

I didn’t realize that he let go of my hands. I groaned and struggled, trying to push him awaybut it was in vain as he suddenly took one of my nipples and sucked it hard. Feeling that, I lost all my strength instantly and unconsciously held his head with my hands.

After a long while, Charles looked up at me and said in a serious tone, “I’ve tested it for you, and there’s no milk for the time being. I will continue to check it every day so that you will know when you start lactating,”

“You… I don’t need your help.” I felt too embarrassed to even look at him.

“Then would you like to suck them yourself?” An evil smile appeared on his lips as he looked at me in surprise.

“You pervert!” There was a hint of coquetry in my voice, and my face was as red as a lobster.

“Alright, alright. I won’t tease you anymore. Are you hungry?” Charles asked softly, buttoning up my shirt.

“Yes, I am starving!” I replied, but I was still too shy to look at him.

“I will go and cook something for us You can rest till I am done.” Saying that with a smile, he carried me in his arms again.

Are you sure?” I asked subconsciously when I noticed that he was having an erection. Charles paused for a moment before he asked me with a smile, “I’m afraid I can’t help it. WoulMrs. Moore like to help me, then?”

“Your son might not be pleased with that,” I answered with a smile as I pointed at my belly, which was visibly bigger now.

Charles looked at me for a long time before he finally let out a helpless sigh and put me down on the chair.

With a long face, he stared at my belly. I

I could not help but burst into laughter when I saw his pitiful look.

“Go and make dinner. Your son and I are hungry.” I pushed him away with a smile.

“How can you tell that it’s a boy and not a girl?” Charles asked with a pout.

“Would you like to have a daughter?” I asked, looking at him in surprise.

“Wouldn’t it be nice if it’s a girl? She will be lovely and beautiful, just like her mom. She will be my little princess!” he said, stroking my belly with joy.

“But I wish our child is a boy, because he will be handsome, just like you.”

Hearing that, the smile on his lips widened.

Kissing the corner of my lips, he turned around and walked to the kitchen, but before he disappear behind the door, he turned to me and said with a smile, “I still want a girl, though.”

I gave him a helpless smile. No matter what the gender of the baby was, it would be our child, and I was looking forward to meeting him or her.

Bye My Irresistible Love, Chapter 153 Being Jealous

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