Bye My Irresistible Love, Chapter 149 The Truth Of Miscarriage

Bye My Irresistible Love, Chapter 149 The Truth Of Miscarriage

Scarlett’s POV: Not long after, Richard brought Rita in. She focused her attention on the glass of water on the table.

“Do you want to drink it?” asked Charles.

Rita nodded, ready to take the glass.

But I picked it up before she could grab it.

“Didn’t you give this to me?” Right after I said that, I smiled at her, and Rita’s face turned grim.

“Charles, believe me when I say this; I came here to give you my best wishes. That’s all,” said Rita. “Is that so?” Charles placed his phone on the table. As I listened to the sound coming from the phone, I realized that it was a video of what happened after Rita broke into our tent. | stared at Charles, shocked by this matter. He actually installed surveillance cameras in the tent.

Charles looked back at me. I could tell that he had guessed what was on my mind, so he nodded towards the bathtub.

I followed his gaze and saw a camera just above the bathtub. 1

frown appeared on my face as I looked at him. ‘Why on earth is a camera above the bathtub? What was he trying to record?’

“It’s for fun,’ Charles mouthed with a naughty wink.

I frowned at him to express my dissatisfaction.

The video showed Rita trying to drown me in the tub. In a fit of panic, she began to defend herself. “Charles, no! You have to believe me. Scarlett wants something more than just to be Mrs. Moore!”

“Oh? Then, what else does she want?” asked Charles.

“Your heart. Nothing more, nothing less,” I responded before Rita could get another word in. I could see the joy in Charles’ eyes when he looked at me. “She’s lying! Scarlett just wants the wealth of the Moore family for herself!” Rita exclaimed as she glanced at me with disdain.

“Whatever I want has nothing to do with you,” I remarked, glancing back at her with equal contempt.

“You created a rift between me and Charles, and yet you say that this has nothing to do with me?”

“Your relationship with him is in the past now. He merely wanted to repay you for saving his life before. Your cheating and betrayal have severely affected our relationship. Once and for all, we should end things between you and Charles.”

“What are you planning to do?” Rita asked, swallowing nervously.

“Oh, there’s no need to be so agitated, Rita. I just want to figure something out.” After pausing for a moment, I asked, “Have you ever slept with Charles?”

Upon hearing this, Rita’s eyes widened, but she soon calmed down. “We’ve done things that a couple normally does.”

“I’m asking you if you’ve slept with him or not. Just answer the damned question!” | growled.


“Have you slept with him or not?” I repeated. I was gradually losing my patience, so I was becoming harsher towards her.

“No,” Rita said through gritted teeth. Then, she looked at Charles with affectionate eyes. “We may not have slept together yet, but I love Charles more than you do, Scarlett!” “That’s enough. I’m done with your tomfoolery!” | raised my hand to interrupt her midsentence. My eyes fell on the water she had offered to me before. “Is there an abortient in this water?”

“Of course, not! It’s just an ordinary mineral water.” Rita was trying to stay calm.

“I see…” | picked up the glass of water and stared at it carefully.

“Well, if you don’t believe me, I’ll drink the water,” Rita said, ready to grab the glass from my hand.

I moved it away from her and smirked. “Cornered beasts will always do something desperate.”

“You’re the one doubting my integrity! So, to prove my innocence, I’ll drink the water, myself. If nothing happens to me, that just means you’ve wrongfully accused me,” Rita replied anxiously as she scrambled to get the glass.

Just then, someone came in with a medical equipment case. At this point, she was even more agitated than before.

Rita moved forward, but I quickly raised my hand to stop her. “What’s the rush? We’ll know what’s in this glass of water after it’s been tested,” I said.

Afterwards, I gave the glass of water to the person who came in.

He drew some liquid from the glass using a syringe, turned around, and left.

“Even if there’s something wrong with that glass of water, there’s a good chance that you planted the drug in it just to frame me.” Rita’s body was trembling, and her voice was laden with grief. 0

“I have nothing to gain by setting up a loser like that,” I replied.

“You looked so calm earlier, and you’re clearly trying to hide your guilt. You just don’t want to give birth to Charles’ baby, do you?” she argued.

“Well, why don’t you tell me all your crazy theories while we’re waiting?” | cast her a glare to express my contempt.

“On second thought, I’m sure you wanted to have a baby with Charles, so you’d be able to secure his family’s wealth by using the baby as a leverage,” Rita responded.

“They why would I want to get rid of the baby by drugging myself since it’s this important for me?” | sneered.

“Perhaps part of you still don’t want to have this baby, because you know it’s not Charles’; it’s Abner’s!” Rita’s eyes lit up and she continued telling us about her analysis. “You’re afraid that Charles will one day find out that the child in your womb isn’t his, so you planned to fake a miscarriage and pin the blame on me. That way, you’ll be get your revenge on me, and be able to protect your good name as Mrs. Moore. Or maybe…”

After a pause, she continued, “Maybe Charles will feel so bad about this matter that he’ll treat you even better just to make it up to you.”

Upon hearing all of her guesses, I applauded her. They all sounded so viable.

“You’re one smart woman, Rita. Is this how you killed your own child? This time, I’ll be the one guessing how you lost your baby.” As I said that, I paused to look at her and pretended to be surprised. “Did you take an abortient before you came to me?”

Rita stood frozen, seemingly befuddled.

“You’re right, Scarlett. I found a medicine box in the car,” said Richard. 3 I felt so sorry for him. ‘Why did he fall in love with a woman like her?’ I wondered.

“You’re lying, Richard! None of that happened. Why are you colluding with Scarlett just to set me up?” Rita argued, and then she added, “Why are you taking her side? Did you sleep with her as well?” 1

“You’re insane!” Richard scowled at Rita.

“Why do you sound so guilty? Look, Charles, Scarlett isn’t just having an affair with Abner; she’s also hooking up with Richard!” Rita remarked as she looked at Charles.

“I’m not blind, nor am I an idiot. That box of abortient in your car was yours,” Richard said flatly.

Rita glared at him as her face was distorted by anger.

“Why are you so agitated? I was merely guessing. Once the test result comes out, we will know the truth.”

I looked at her for one more time, invoking her ire. Her face turned pale and her fists were trembling at her sides.

Bye My Irresistible Love, Chapter 149 The Truth Of Miscarriage

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