Bye My Irresistible Love, Chapter 148 Do You Even Deserve My Trust

Bye My Irresistible Love, Chapter 148 Do You Even Deserve My Trust

Scarlett’s POV:

Rita tried to drown me in the bathtub. As a result, my clothes became soaking wet and clung to my body.

I tried to get up, but she pinned me down with all her strength.

In a fit of panic, I grabbed her leg and clenched it as tightly as I could. Rita groaned in pain and unconsciously loosened her grip on me. While she was distracted, I took the opportunity to turn the tables.

“You’re not here to congratulate me but to kill me, are you?” I asked with a sneer. I was out of breath after fighting for my life just now.

“I want you to die with your child!” Rita admitted without a second thought.

While I was tussling with her, I heard Richard’s voice behind me. “What are you doing?” he asked incredulously

Flustered, I let go of Rita.

She stood up and knelt at my feet, gasping for breath. To my surprise, she grabbed my leg and pleaded weakly, “Scarlett, please don’t do this. I’ll leave now.”

However, I was unmoved. I raised my foot, intending to kick this hypocrite in front of me.

But before I could kick her, Richard went out of the tent and ordered to the people outside, “GO and find Charles.”

Unexpectedly, Rita grabbed her own neck tightly and did not let go until she almost knocked herself unconscious.

She collapsed on the edge of the bathtub and looked at me with a cunning smile.

A few moments later, Charles entered the tent and looked at me up and down. Then, he put his coat over my shoulders and asked with a frown, “What’s going on?”

“Rita broke in,” Richard replied with his head lowered to the ground.

Charles looked at Rita and pointed at her neck. “Scarlett strangled her?” he asked in disbelief.

I looked at Charles with utter disappointment.

“She strangled herself,” | scoffed. I felt wronged. How could he suspect me of doing such a horrible thing?

“Scarlett, you’ve been caught in the act. How could you lie?” Rita looked at me wide-eyed and even forced a cough to make her believable.

“You know yourself who’s lying between us,” I said through gritted teeth.

At that moment, Rita turned to Richard pitifully and asked, “You saw everything, right? Scarlett almost drowned me to death.”

However, Richard looked into her eyes and replied with a straight face, “I didn’t see anything when I came in.”

I looked at him in astonishment. When he came in, he definitely saw me pressing Rita down in the bathtub.

Richard was defending me! I cast a meaningful glance at him, grateful that he had taken my side.

Charles looked at Richard with furrowed brows and ordered, “Take Rita out.”

“No, I won’t go,” Rita protested, “Charles, trust me. I came here to give Scarlett my best wishes. But when she same, she suddenly flew into a rage.” I

“Get out!” Charles repeated, unmoved.

“I won’t leave. I’ll stay here and seek justice for what that woman has done. I almost died. Are you just going to turn a blind eye to it?” Rita wiped her tears as she spoke. If I had not known her, I would have pitied her. She looked pathetic.

Suddenly, Richard stepped forward and dragged her away without a word.

“What are you doing? Let go of me! You *******. How could you betray me? Since when did you join Scarlett’s side? Why did you just stand there and do nothing when she tried to kill


As Rita was unwilling to leave, the security guards surrounded her. This shut her up. Now, she had no choice but to follow Richard out.

The tent quieted down once Rita was gone.

Now, Charles and I were the only ones left in the tent. He looked at my dripping wet clothes and advised with concern, “Change your clothes now, or you’ll catch a cold.”

Just as he was about to help me take off my clothes, I slapped his hands away. “Don’t touch me if you don’t believe me.”

“I believe you. Let’s talk about it later, okay? Right now, you should change your clothes first. You should think of our child even when you’re mad,” Charles persuaded me.

“Get out. I don’t want to see you right now.” I pushed him out as I spoke when, all of a sudden, he caught sight of the scratch on my arm.

Charles pointed at it and asked, “What happened to your arm?”

I put my arm behind my back and answered sarcastically, “I did it to myself.”

Upon hearing this, Charles moved closer and whispered, “You’re so cruel to yourself. Are you going to scratch me like that in the future?”

“What’s wrong with you? Now’s not the time to mess around!” I yelled in a fit of anger.

“Don’t be mad at me anymore. Does it hurt?” Charles kissed my arm, which took me aback.

“What are you doing?” | withdrew my hand, embarrassed.

“It won’t hurt anymore if I kiss it. Now, Scarlett, please don’t be mad at me anymore.” Charles held me in his arms as soon as he finished speaking.

However, I was not in the mood for his sweet talks. I turned my face away and muttered, ”You’d rather believe Rita than me. You think I tried to strangle her.”

“I didn’t. I’ll always be on your side. I was just asking, that’s all.”

“If I hadn’t fought back, she would’ve drowned me to death!”

“Yes. You did a great job for defending yourself. It’s all my fault. I shouldn’t have left you alone here.”

Although Charles had acknowledged his faults, I was still quite annoyed with him. I pushed him away with my remaining strength and did not let him get near me.

But he did not give up. He reached out and tried to pull me into his arms.

I pushed him away yet again and turned my face to one side. “Don’t touch me.”

“You’re my lawfully wedded wife. Of course, I can touch you. Scarlett, don’t be mad at me anymore.” Charles coaxed me as he unzipped my dress.

I felt a chill on my back, so I grabbed my dress to cover my body. But then, he grabbed my hands, and my dress fell to the floor. I shivered with cold, but he wrapped me in his warm embrace.

Are you still cold?” Charles asked with concern. I felt his warm breath in my ears, and it somehow warmed me up.

“Let… Let me go,” I pleaded in trembling voice.

“It’s cold, and you’re naked,” Charles reminded. Judging from the tone of his voice, he was feeling sorry for me. But then, his hands began to wander around my body.

“Scarlett, please don’t be mad at me anymore. I missed you so much,” Charles whispered in my ear and gently kissed the back of my neck.

My body tensed up, amusing Charles. “You want it, don’t you?”    on the bed.

He kissed me on the lips passionately. His mouth then trailed down my collarbone and then chest and stomach. But when he reached the lower part of my body, I instinctively grabbed his arm to stop him.

Charles looked at me with a gentle smile. “Are you scared?”


“Scarlett, you only make it harder for me to calm down when you’re looking at me like that.” Charles put his hand on his forehead and took a deep breath.

I looked down at his crotch. Sure enough, he was as hard as a rock. “I… Let me help you…”

“Believe me, Scarlett. I want to have *** with you right now, but I can’t. You’re pregnant. As the father of your child, I have to endure it.” Charles kissed my waist as he restrained his burning desire. 3

All of a sudden, something occurred to me. I pushed him away and said in serious tone, “Bring Rita here. I think that glass of water was poisoned.”

“Don’t worry. I’ll send someone to deal with it,” Charles reassured in a low voice while kissing

“I want to deal with it myself,” I insisted.

Charles stood up and brought me a change of clothes.

I immediately put it on.

“Do you even deserve my trust?”

“We’re married.”

“You don’t trust me,” I retorted when I remembered that he had suspected me.

“I’m sorry for what happened just now. I’ll have someone bring Rita in.”

Bye My Irresistible Love, Chapter 148 Do You Even Deserve My Trust

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