Bye My Irresistible Love, Chapter 143 Confrontation

Bye My Irresistible Love, Chapter 143 Confrontation

Charles’ POV:

Scarlett’s phone rang the moment she stepped inside the bathroom to take a shower.


I looked at the caller ID. To my surprise, it was Nate. I picked up her phone and answered it without a second thought.

“Scarlett, I knew you’d answer my call. Can we meet right now? I want to apologize for what happened last time.” 1

I wanted to laugh. What he had said was funny.

“Scarlett?” Nate called Scarlett’s name tentatively when he did not hear anything from the other end of the line for a while.

“It’s Charles.”

Nate fell silent.

“To show your sincerity properly, I want you to deal with the media outlets by tomorrow morning.” I hung up the call as soon as I finished speaking, and a sneer tugged at the corners

of my mouth.

Sure enough, Nate did as told. The next morning, I handed my phone to Scarlett to let her see the latest trending topic with her own eyes.

As I saw the confused look on her face while she read the news, 1 patiently explained, “It’s an apology letter from Nate.”

“What happened?” Scarlett asked with a frown.

“I think it’s his wedding gift for us,” I said in an unusually cheery tone. Scarlett eyed me with suspicion. “Really?”

| said nothing in response. I then put my arms around her waist and stroked her belly from time to time.

Why do you keep doing that?”

| paused for a moment and asked, “Can’t I?” Without waiting for her answer, I stroked it yet again.

“It’s just that you used to caress the upper part,” Scarlett teased.

I could not help but chuckle at her words. Just as she said, I put my hands on her ******* and fondled them like I always did. “Did your ******* grow bigger?”  . Scarlett shook off my hands and grumbled coyly, “No…” 1

“Maybe it’s because I’m good at massage.” I fondled them harder, and a feeling of satisfaction arose in my heart.

Scarlett’s face turned red, and she hid in my arms in embarrassment. “You’re so cheeky.” 1

Scarlett’s POV:

After breakfast, Alice took out a set of jewelry. Then, with a smile, she beckoned me to come to her. “Scarlett, come here.”

I recognized the necklace in her hand at once. It was the heirloom of the Moore family. I looked at Charles, perplexed.

He nodded at me and urged, “Just go.”

I walked over to Alice, and she helped me put on the necklace

Once done, she looked at me and gasped in astonishment. “You’re so beautiful,” she remarked with a smile.

“I knew it would look good on you, Scarlett.” Christine praised me as well.

I unconsciously touched the necklace around my neck and thanked them for their gift and kind words. “Thank you, Grandma. Thank you, Mom.”

“I was supposed to give it to you earlier, but you and Charles were at odds back then. But it doesn’t matter. What matters is that it is finally yours,” Christine solemnly said.

I could not help but feel a little guilty. They must have been troubled because of me.

I returned to my room not long after. There I took off the necklace for safekeeping. “Why did you take it off?” Charles asked confusedly.

“This is your family’s heirloom. What if I break it or, worse, lose it? We should keep it somewhere safe.” I put the jewelry into the jewelry box as I spoke.

“What are you talking about? It’s our heirloom,” Charles corrected with a long face.

“Oh, sorry. It’s our heirloom.” I handed the jewelry box to him, which perplexed him more.

“Why are you giving it to me now?” he asked with a frown.

T handed the jewelry box to him again. “Please keep it for me.”

“It’s women’s business.”

“But you’re the head of the clan.”

A smile appeared on Charles’s face as soon as I said those words.   “Just take it. Grandma gave it to you.” He chuckled at me, but he remained unmoved.

Knowing him, he would not budge. Unable to do anything, I nodded and put the jewelry box away.

All of a sudden, he hugged me from behind. “Scarlett, I just need to take good care of you. And you take care of everything we have.”

“I don’t want to be your housekeeper,” I retorted.

“You’re won’t be. You’re gonna be my wife.” Charles wrapped his arms around my waist and pinned me against my dresser.

Ever so slowly, he leaned in to kiss me. But then, I put my arms in front of me to keep his body away from me. 1

“I should probably go to work now,” I reminded in a low voice, afraid he would act recklessly. “It’ll be fine. I just want a kiss.” With a smile, Charles held my hand and gently kissed my lips.

This time, he did what he said. After our kiss, he drove me to the company himself.

We arrived at the TV station not long after. “I’ll pick you up after work,” he said once I got off the car.

I nodded in response. Without a word, I walked into the building.

I saw Rita the moment I stepped inside. I did not want to talk to her, so I ignored her and went straight to the elevator. 3

She was like a ghost, haunting me all the time.

Rita seemed displeased that I did not pay her any attention. “Do you think you’ll be happy once you marry Charles? He doesn’t love you. You’ll just end up miserable,” she scoffed.

I turned around and looked at her with a sardonic smile. “How can you say that he doesn’t love me?”

Rita was taken aback. It seemed that she was not expecting that kind of response from me. “Do you really think that Charles loves you?”

“Why not? Do you think you’re the one he loves? Wake up,” I rejoined.

“Of course, he loves me. He’s just confused and overwhelmed. Once he calms down, he’ll leave you for me,” Rita fired back with a smug smile.

I shrugged indifferently. “Really? I can’t wait for him to calm down and prove you wrong.”

Rita snorted indignantly. “Scarlett, don’t be so full of yourself. Disappointment hurts.”

“Oh, I’m not. I’m just spitting facts.” | smiled at Rita in amusement. Her face, however, darkened in displeasure.   Infuriated, Rita took a deep breath and clenched her hands into fists. “Stop being a showoff. What you have now belonged to me first!”

“Really? Have you ever seen Charles’s abs? I don’t think so. Let me describe them to you. They’re so hard and defined. I get turned on whenever I stroke them,” I said with a smirk.

Rita gasped in shock, and her face turned red with rage. She pointed at my nose and exclaimed, “You shameless woman! How can you say that in public?!”

Aren’t you curious about it? Do you want me to tell you something else more interesting?” || asked with my voice dripping with sarcasm.

“Shame on you!” Rita bellowed. Her body trembled with fury.

“How bold of you to say that. Didn’t you sleep with your bodyguard and trample on his love?” | could not help but feel sorry for Richard as I spoke.

“So what? I’ve repeatedly told him that it was only a one-night stand, but that fool took it seriously. He’s the one to blame. He’s so ******* stupid and useless!” Rita reasoned out. The more she spoke, the viler she became in my eyes. “You’re so disgusting,” | slowly said while looking at her with an icy cold gaze.

Rita sneered. “You think you’re so noble, huh? How come you seduced a married man? Isn’t Charles enough for you?”

“I think you’re mistaken. It’s your father who’s trying to seduce a married woman. With a handsome and rich husband like Charles, why would I want to be with an old geezer who’s old enough to be my father? I’m not like you who’s as stupid as a sheep,” I said crossly with a sardonic smile.


I raised my hand to shut her up. I did not want to listen to her blabbers anymore.

“I know you and Charles haven’t made up. But I don’t care. It’s not my fault that I’m so charming that Charles loves me with all his heart. I’m afraid you won’t stand a chance against me.”

Rita stared daggers at me. “Do really you think I won’t hit you?”

“Do it. What are you waiting for?” | moved my face close to her. But seeing that she did not move an inch, I kindly reminded her, “Hurry up so that I can call the police earlier. This is the

first and last time I’m going to give you such a wonderful opportunity.”

Rita just glared at me, her body trembling with pent-up rage.

With an amused look on my face, I pointed at the surveillance cameras around us. “By the way, there are more than fifty cameras watching us, and they’re not cheap. Those cameras can   capture everything, even your pimples.”

“Don’t think that I don’t have the guts to hurt you!” Rita was so furious that she was gritting her teeth and trembling all over. For a second, I was afraid that her teeth would break and fall off.

“What? Are you gonna hit me or not? What a coward. I’m leaving. You’re just wasting my time. ” With a smirk, I turned around to leave.

“Wait!” Rita rushed over and blocked my way.

“Have you made up your mind? Hurry up.” I moved my face close to her again, provoking her on purpose.

Rita raised her hand and looked at the passersby. She seemed to be contemplating whether or not it would be worth it. 1

I opened my mouth to mock her. But just as I was about to say something, I suddenly felt an urge to vomit.

Without missing a beat, I looked around, covered my mouth, and ran to the nearest restroom.

Bye My Irresistible Love, Chapter 143 Confrontation

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