Bye My Irresistible Love, Chapter 134 Announced The Marriage

Bye My Irresistible Love, Chapter 134 Announced The Marriage

Scarlett’s POV:

That afternoon, I left through the backdoor of the TV station after I was done with work, but Charles’ driver stopped me.

“I’m going to buy something.” I excused myself and was about to leave.

But he continued to stand in my way with a fake smile. “Mr. Moore asked you to come with me.”

I frowned, looking at him, but when I saw how embarrassed he was, I didn’t have the heart to make things difficult for him, so I got in the car.

As soon as I arrived at Charles’ office, I noticed an extraordinary man sitting on the sofa. With the features of his, I guessed he must be French


“Scarlett, this is Ethan, the wedding dress designer. Ethan, she is my wife,” Charles introduced us.

Although I felt my heart in my throat, I still greeted Ethan with a smile. “Hello.” With an awkward smile, I glanced at Charles in silence, but he tried to avoid looking at me.

“You are beautiful and you have a good figure,” Ethan praised me.

Hearing that, Charles glared at him.

Ethan smiled innocently and said, “Don’t overreact. I’m just telling the truth, as a designer.”

“Hurry up and start your work. Don’t waste time.” Charles frowned.

“Okay. Do you have a favorite wedding dress style?” Ethan asked me in a serious tone and stopped laughing at once. “No.” I shook my head. My mind was a mess. “Then let’s look at some classic wedding dress styles first, and then I can customize one for you according to your temperament and preferences.” Saying that, Ethan took out the tablet PC and showed me some of the designs.

I listened to him absent-mindedly, and after talking for a while, he left. I realized that Charles was really serious about the wedding when I saw him seeing Ethan off.

I felt like I needed to find an opportunity to escape.

As soon as Ethan left, Amy knocked on the door and walked in. “Boss, the reporters are ready,” she said. “What on earth do you want?” I asked in confusion, looking at Charles.

“Our wedding ceremony must be a grand one!” Charles said to me in a firm voice while looking at me with a serious expression.

My mind went blank after seeing how determined he was, and before I knew it, he walked me to the meeting room.

I didn’t come to my senses until the reporters began asking me questions and the dazzling lights from the cameras kept flashing on my face. “Looks like Mr. Moore really loves his wife deeply.” The reporters glanced at pictures of me and Charles with admiration in their eyes.

I sneered in my heart. If I hadn’t shamelessly begged him to take pictures with me at that time, then he might not have been able to show off so much now.

This press conference lasted for an hour, and once it was over, the reporters immediately went to prepare the news article which said that Charles would be holding his wedding ceremony on the first week of the following month. As soon as the news report was released, it instantly became a trending topic.

Charles took me to a cafe after the press conference.

Lately, the weather had been quite cold, but he naturally held my hand to keep me warm.

Before long, our peaceful moment was shattered.

“Scarlett, how can you shamelessly become the third party in our relationship?” Rita roared, walking toward us. She did not seem like the elegant woman she had once been.

“It was all my idea,” Charles said seriously, looking at her with a cold glance. “Are you really going to marry this bitch, who is willing to be the third-wheel?” Rita looked at him in disbelief.

“Scarlett is my wife, and you should respect her.” Charles frowned coldly.

“Do you even know what you are doing?” Rita hissed, pointing at my nose. “Why should I respect her? She’s the one who took you away from me!”

“She did not take me away from you. I volunteered to be with her.” Charles ignored her wrath.

Without saying anything, she looked at him pitifully. However, Charles was not   use moved by her at all. He continued to keep my hands warm by holding and rubbing them gently

“Rita, let’s go back!” Richard’s voice came from not far away.

He hurried over to us, held Rita’s hand, and dragged her out.

“Let go of me!” Rita shook off his hand, feeling emotional. “I want to talk to you.” Saying that, she walked to me. “No!” Charles resolutely opposed as soon as she said those words.

“Sure,” I said with a nod.

Hearing that, he looked at me with worry and suspicion in his eyes. “It’s okay. I need to settle this once and for all,” I said indifferently as I stood up to go outside with Rita.

As soon as we were outside, Rita suddenly grabbed my hand.

“My story is very simple, and I can easily make it clear to you. But what about you? Can you explain yourself?” I broke free from her grip and stared at her belly.

Rita looked at me with resentment in her eyes, and suddenly whispered in my ear, “I’ll let my child die with yours!”

I was stunned by her words. Before I could even react, Rita changed her tone and began to cry pitifully, “Scarlett, can you please leave Charles? I really can’t live without him!”

She then grabbed my hand again and fell back. I wanted to get rid of her. But it was too late.

I looked at her in horror and finally understood what she meant by that.

Bye My Irresistible Love, Chapter 134 Announced The Marriage

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