Bye My Irresistible Love, Chapter 128 A Liar

Bye My Irresistible Love, Chapter 128 A Liar

Charles’ POV: I was no longer worried when Scarlett and I finally talked over the call. However, my worry turned into dismay.

When would she finally be able to let go of our misunderstandings and accept me?

In the evening, Spencer invited me out for a drink, to which I agreed. I stared at the tequila shot in front of me. Without much thought, I picked it up and drank it up.

I could not wait to numb the pain in my heart with alcohol. For once, I did not want to think about Scarlett. Well, the joke was on me as she was on my mind the entire night.

“What happened? You look troubled,” Spencer asked with a frown. I merely glanced at him. I did not feel like talking, so I just drank in silence.

“What? Is it because you haven’t seen her for a long time?” Spencer guessed with a smug look on his face.

“We see each other a lot,” I corrected before he could make another wild guess. Spencer looked at me in confusion. “If that’s the case, why do you look glum? Cheer up, man.”

David also looked at me with bewilderment.

I sighed exasperatedly and explained, “Scarlett’s apartment is not safe. That day, someone broke into her apartment with a knife.”

The cheeky smile on Spencer’s face faltered. “Could it be that it was the same person who had almost hit her with a car?” he worriedly asked.

“I don’t know yet, but the investigation is underway. Right now, there’s nothing I can do but wait for the result.” I kneaded my temples and leaned against the sofa wearily.

David patted me on the shoulder for reassurance. “Let’s wait until the result of the investigation comes out. But seriously, can you rest assured while Scarlett is abroad on her own?”

I glanced at him and heaved a sigh. “Of course, not! I’m worried about her. But, she has her own plan, and I trust that she would take care of herself. Besides, I can’t take her back by force, can I?” 2

At that moment, Spencer looked at me with narrowed eyes and eyed me with

suspicion. “Tell me the truth. Are you unhappy because Scarlett was attacked, or is it because of something else?”

I sighed yet again. His question made me even more irritable. Sometimes, true friends would seem as though they could read your mind. They could see through each other at a glance.

“Scarlett told me not to waste my time on her.”

Spencer and David’s eyes lit up as soon as I finished speaking. It seemed as though they found my dilemma amusing. “Aww. Look at you—so sad and pitiful. Sorry, it’s just that it’s unusual to see you like this. It’s funny.” David’s face turned red as he tried to stifle his laughter.

I stared daggers at him.

“Well, from what I can see, you still have a long way to go before you finally win Scarlett over. Admit it, women are more difficult to deal with than business.”

I shot Spencer a furious glance and kicked him in the shin. “Are you two really my friends or not?”

“Of course, we’re friends. That’s why I hope you win Scarlett’s heart as soon as possible.” Spencer and David raised their glasses at the same time.

Although those two were getting on my nerves, I also raised my glass and clinked it with theirs. All of a sudden, the door opened, and the person I wanted to see the least walked in.

“Why is she here again?” Spencer asked while looking at the woman who barged into the room with utter disgust.

I did not answer and just stood up to leave.

Just as I reached the door, Rita tried to stop me. “Charles, please don’t go!” she implored.

“I’m going to have a video call with Scarlett,” I replied coldly. Despite Rita’s dissuasion, I went straight out.

Rita fell stunned, but she immediately got ahold of herself. “Charles, you’ve always treated Scarlett as a sister,” she reminded with a bitter smile, hoping that that would make me rethink my feelings.

I looked at her with a deep frown and corrected her, “Scarlett is my wife.”

“No… Charles, stop being so cruel to me. Please. I… I saved your life, remember? Charles, I’m dying. I want to spend my remaining days happy and without regrets. Can you please stop being cold and distant to me?” Rita looked at me pleadingly. All of a sudden, she threw herself into my arms. She must have expected me to catch

her. But… I did not.

I dodged her, which made her fall to the cold, hard ground. Her face went beet red in shame and embarrassment.

“You’ve made trouble for Scarlett again and again. I’ve forgiven you several times, but you keep on testing my patience. I’m warning you. Don’t challenge my bottom line again, or you’ll regret it.” 3

“Still, Scarlett won’t accept you because wwere once together.” Rita put away the pitiful look on her face and smiled sarcastically.

“Nothing happened between us,” I reminded in an icy cold tone.

“So what? You can’t prove it.” With a sneer, Rita got up from the floor and casually dusted her clothes as if nothing had happened. 1

“Scarlett begged for my attention for manyears. And now, I will do the same until she accepts me. If anyone dares to discredit me to her, I won’t let them go.” After expressing my stand, I turned around and left.

I arrived home not long after. I must admit, what Rita had said got into me.

I decided to video call Scarlett. The rings felt forever as I waited for her to answer. Sadly, she did not. I was right. She did not want to talk to me. But just as I was about to put my phone down, the video call connected all of a sudden.

To my surprise, it was Nina, smiling from ear to ear. “You’re welcome. You two have a great chat. Bye!” 3

Once Nina was out of the frame, I gazed at Scarlett and felt a deep sense of longing for her. It felt like I had not seen her for a long time.

“How have you been these days?” I asked with concern, seeing her ashen face.

“I’m fine,” she answered indifferently.

“You look a little gaunt. Aren’t you eating on time?” “It’s none of your business,” Scarlett replied crossly. “I met Rita today,” I said without beating around the bush. Scarlett was taken aback but immediately regained her composure.

I lowered my head as guilt washed over me. “I know that my relationship with Rita is a sore spot in your heart.”

Scarlett raised her head and looked at me sadly. “Good thing you know. I just can’t turn a blind eye to it, can I? That’s why we can’t be together.”

My heart ached as I gazed into her eyes.

“Scarlett, I’m sorry for hurting you. But believe me, nothing happened between Rita and me—” I explained in a hurry, but Scarlett interrupted me.

“Whether or not you’ve had a relationship with her is beyond me. I don’t want to know what happened between you two. Just keep it to yourself.” . Although Scarlett’s words were full of conviction, she sounded as if she were on the verge of crying. As soon as she finished speaking, she turned her face away and averted her gaze.

After a long period of silence, I took a deep breath and admitted the truth. “When we did ‘it’… it was my first time too. Believe me, I was very nervous. I was afraid I’d hurt you or that you’d get turned off because I was inexperienced. So, I was extremely careful and gentle that I almost appeared like a clumsy fool.”

As I spoke, I remembered what had happened the other night, and I despised myself for it.

“Scarlett, I regret not cherishing you. Can you give me a chance to make up for you? I promise I’ll love you with all my heart and soul. I’ll accompany you wherever you go and take care of you. You’re the one I want to be with for the rest of my life,” I sincerely said while looking into her eyes. 4

“Charles, can you stop preten

: you’re sweet and affectionate? I know what kind of person you are,” Scarlett replied, unmoved.

Her words brought a pang to my heart. “What kind of person am I in your eyes?” Scarlett paused for a moment, and a sneer tugged at the corners of her mouth. “A liar.”

I was stunned. Suddenly, what had happened in the past crossed my mind, and I felt guiltier than ever. I just realized that the damage I had caused was way deeper than I had imagined.

“Scarlett, I’m deeply sorry for leaving such an impression on you. I’ll do my best to change that and prove myself to you,” I said apologetically.

Scarlett just looked at me in response.

I figured that I had better tell her how much I missed her. But when I did, no response came from her. Scarlett had fallen asleep to the sound of my voice. She looked so peaceful. 2

As I stared at her face at my phone screen, I took a trip down memory lane. I thought of everything I had ever done to her and felt an overwhelming sense of regret. It must have been difficult for her to move on at that time. And now, she hated me. Fate would sometimes play cruel tricks on people. Now, I finally knew how that felt.

But, it did not matter. I swore to myself I would make up for treating her poorly in

the past. I would not stop until she saw my perseverance and sincerity.

Bye, My Irresistible Love, Chapter 128 A Liar

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