Bye My Irresistible Love, Chapter 124 Knew The Truth

Bye My Irresistible Love, Chapter 124 Knew The Truth

Scarlett’s POV: “Yes, I am just here to sleep with you.” Saying that, Charles picked me up with the quilt still in my arms and walked into the room slowly.

In the dimly lit room, he held me so close that I felt his warm breath caressing my skin.

He gently stroked my face helplessly, sighing, as he asked, “What should I do to make you believe that I love you deeply?”

Since the lights were off, I could only vaguely see his tender, affectionate eyes.

My heart began to race again. I kept my head down, not daring to look at him. “Scarlett, I miss you so much every day, you know? I didn’t want to let you go at all, but I couldn’t bear to see you cry. I really wish I could have kept you by my side forever. What should I do with you?” 3 Charles asked softly. His gentle tone made my body go limp. I grabbed my hand, forcing myself to think straight.

‘I must stay rational. And I can’t allow myself to be bewitched by his words again,’ I thought to myself. 2

Taking a deep breath, I pushed Charles away, afraid that I might not be able to control myself if we continued to stay so close to each other.

However, he held me again, and said in a firm voice, “I don’t think that you can turn me down so resolutely. And I don’t believe it when you say that you don’t love me. I can still feel your love for me whenever we’re together. You can also feel my love for you, isn’t that right? You just don’t seem to want to admit it.”

“Whether you believe it or not is…’

Before I could finish my words, Charles’ gentle kiss stopped me. My head was a mess, and my brain could no longer decide what to do. Embracing each other warmly, we fell on the bed.

The atmosphere in the room suddenly became passionate and romantic. However, my phone rang on the bedside table, jolting us back to reality. 1

I turned to look at Charles, who was still kissing me.

Just when I was about to push him away and answer the call, he grabbed both my

hands and pressed them over my head.

“The phone…”

Before I could say another word, Charles kissed me again, more passionately than before. I felt as though he was punishing me, but his domineering and possessive behavior was fatally attractive in my eyes.

Under his flirtation, my brain shut down once again. All of a sudden, I head a click sound. Charles unfastened his belt. “Guess who is calling?” he asked me in a hoarse voice, which was seductive and charming

“…” Before I could say more, I felt a chill.

And Charles took off my shirt in one swift move. I covered my face in embarrassment, and was no longer in the mood to guess who was calling. “Abner has an improper desire towards a married woman. You can’t be friends with him.” Charles kissed me, his tone filled with jealousy.

His lips moved from my lips to my neck, and then to my collarbone. Soon, I was aroused, and I could not resist him anymore.

I felt a sudden chill on my neck. Charles took off my scarf, and feeling the chill, I immediately covered my neck with my hands. “Move your hands.” He continued to kiss me, but I shook my head and shrank back a little.

Seeing that, Charles grabbed my leg and dragged me, pressing himself on top of me. As soon as he turned on the bedside lamp, I noticed the look of fury in his eyes.

He raised my hands high while he studied my neck. “What happened here?” he asked coldly, pointing to the scar on my neck. “I accidentally got scratched by a branch,” I explained guiltily as I turned away, not daring to look at him.

Charles looked at me and laughed. “Do you really think that I am going to buy that? You’d better confess!”

I kept silent, not knowing what to say. “Well, just let it go, okay?” I looked at him pleadingly, but he frowned, unwilling to give up.

“Are you going to tell me or not?”

With a helpless sigh, I dropped my hands feebly. “Someone broke into my apartment with a knife, and I got cut a little.”

I still could not bring myself to lie to him.

He remained silent for a long time, gritting his teeth while looking at me. “Why didn’t you tell me sooner?”

“We were far away from each other, and there was no point in telling you about it.” The next second, the bedroom fell silent with only the sound of our breaths that was heard.

“I shouldn’t have allowed you to go abroad.” Charles was clearly furious.

I continued to stay silent, and he let go of my hand. He moved away from me with disappointment in his eyes. I sat up, trying to cover my neck with the scarf, but he took it away forcefully. “Did you call the police?” He glanced at me indifferently while irritably scratching his messy head. “I called the police on the next day, but they didn’t find anything,” I said lightly as I straightened up my clothes awkwardly.

“You didn’t told me that you almost got hit by a car last time, and now this. Good for you, Scarlett. You don’t seem to want to tell me anything at all.” Charles gritted his teeth with a helpless look in his eyes.

Thinking of the car accident, and what happened that night, I whispered, “I might… I might have offended someone, but I haven’t found any evidence yet.”

“Do you suspect anyone?” Charles asked flatly. Seeing that, I thought of Rita, and could not help but feel ironic.

If I told him that I suspected her, then he might think that I am trying to slander her.

With a frown, he looked at me and asked, “Why are you looking at me like that?”

I glanced at him before I looked away and shook my head. “Nothing. Let’s wait for the police investigation results first. After all, they haven’t caught that person yet.”

“If you had told me earlier, then I might have caught that person,” Charles said fiercely as he picked up his phone. He seemed to be about to text someone.

I looked out of the window at the night sky, feeling a little depressed. “Don’t worry. I have asked someone to investigate it.” Charles stroked my hair gently.

I could not help but be stunned because deep down, I knew that I would not be able to resist the considerate and thoughtful Charles.

“I won’t let you get hurt.” He smiled faintly, noticing that I was in a daze. “That’s none of your business,” I said flatly, shaking off his hand. &

“You are my wife. How can I leave you to handle such matters on your own? I sounded mean because I was worried about you. Honey, don’t be mad at me.” 1

A myriad of thoughts crowded my mind at that moment, and I fell silent.

What would Charles do if Rita was really the one behind it? I was worried that he might choose to trust her and stand by her without even considering otherwise. 2

I was being ridiculous. I knew the answer, and yet, I kept deceiving myself with various excuses

Bye, My Irresistible Love, Chapter 124 Knew The Truth

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