Bye My Irresistible Love, Chapter 118 Explanation

Chapter 118 Explanation

Scarlett’s POV:

After everyone had dinner, the family sat down in the living room to watch my TV show.

Once it was over, everyone left the room one by one, leaving only me with Charles.

That moment, his phone rang, and he answered it immediately.

“Scarlett is back, so I want to be at home with her. Let’s meet some other day.”

With that, he hung up.

I looked at him subconsciously, only to find him staring at me.

“What’s up?” Charles asked indifferently. 1 “Nothing,” I replied, shaking my head. I then lowered my head and twiddled with my hand nervously.

My heart would race and I would feel so nervous whenever I was with him.

I thought that I had moved on, but my heart would always melt into a puddle whenever I looked at him.

Noticing that Charles was staring at my clenched hands, I felt a little nervous.

The moment I got up to leave, he grabbed my hand.

“Why are you sweating?” He rubbed my palm with a faint smile. Struggling, I tried to withdraw my hand.

He suddenly pulled me so hard that I fell into his arms like a weak kitten. “What are you doing?” I asked as I struggled to get out of his arms, but I was no match for him.

His cologne was so distracting.

I couldn’t help but think of the night we had ***. He had kissed me gently while calling my name over and over that night.

I was so lost in thought that I did not notice that he was getting closer and closer to me until I felt his lips meet mine.

When I came to my senses, I tried to push him away by placing my hands on his chest, but failed.

Charles kissed my lips overbearingly. He quickly pressed me onto the couch in one swift move, gasping for breath. I was able to feel his ******** poking my skin. His hands wandered through my body, and when I realized that he was about to reach inside my clothes, I quickly grabbed his hand. “Stop it!” I was supposed to be blaming him, but I sounded like a spoiled child, who was playing hard to get. 2

“The bedroom or the living room? You choose.” He continued to press his body on mine as he whispered those words in my ear seductively. Feeling his hot breath against my skin, my heart trembled. My body tensed instantly and I was so nervous that I could not even bring myself to speak.

“Then… Let’s do it here,” Charles said with a sly smile, kissing my neck. His lips continued to travel every inch of my skin, starting a fire with each kiss. I was worried that I might burst into flames if he continued to do it. “Wait!” I shouted anxiously just when he was about to slide his hand into my dress. “Have you decided yet?” he asked, kissing my lips lovingly.

“Bedroom, the bedroom…” I had no choice but to choose one of the options, as I was afraid that people might walk in on us. Charles seemed to be determined, so I had no choice but to give him an answer, panicking.

He immediately stopped his movements, picked me up, and carried me into the bedroom.

He then rudely threw me on the bed. Feeling a little scared, I shrank back.

“We were both drunk that night,” I said in a serious tone, looking into his eyes.

But without even saying anything, he took off his shirt.

“What’s your point?” Charles said, staring at me.

“We are not drunk tonight, so… I don’t want to have *** with you, and we shouldn’t do it, anyway,” I blurted out with a sigh.

Charles grabbed my ankle, pulled me to his side, and pressed himself onto me.

He leaned in, and tried to kiss me, but I dodged him. However, without getting angry, he began kissing my neck.

“Didn’t you just choose to do it in the bedroom?” His voice was very gentle, as if he was coaxing me. But he didn’t know how seductive his low voice was when it was laced with a hint of ****.

I felt a ball of fire engulfing my heart, and I had nowhere I could escape to. Moreoverthe arsonist was only trying to make the fire burn more vigorously.

“But I remember you taking the initiative to kiss me that night. You even held me and acted like a spoiled child, saying that I was a *******…” He held my hands over my head as our lips locked. His flirting caused me to blush uncontrollably. Upon listening to his description, memories of our lustful night flashed through my mind.

“You look so cute when you are shy…” Charles complemented me in a sincere tone, stroking my face tenderly before he kissed my lips again.

I was ashamed and angry, but I suddenly felt his hand sliding through the hem of my dress. Feeling his faintly cold fingertips against my skin, my body tensed up. “I know the reason why you slept with me that night,” I said lightly, sensing what he was about to do to me.

Charles stopped and looked at me with calmness in his eyes. “Last time I came back, I met Rita. And she told me about what happened between her and Richard. So I think that you’re only doing all this to get your revenge on her,” I said after making a careful analysis, but then I saw Charles glancing at me coldly as he put his clothes back on.

“You are my wife!” Standing by the bed, he gritted his teeth and looked at me.

Looking into his eyes, I was stunned for a moment before I got up from the bed, and said to him with a smile, “I don’t deny our relationship.”

I straightened up my wrinkled clothes. Taking a look at the shoes on the floor, I bent down, picked them up, and was ready to put them on.

“I have the right to make love to you!” Charles said in a cold voice, suddenly pulling me to him.

Shocked, I gazed deep into his eyes.

“Charles, calm down. You never planned on marrying me in the first place. You have been wanting to marry Rita from the start. But you’re suddenly acting like you want me. What other reason could you possibly have if not for taking revenge on her?” I said in a calm voice, analyzing. 1

Charles’ brows furrowed and he kissed me as though he was punishing me. He even bit my lips rudely as if he was going to swallow me whole.

I knew that my lips must be swollen.

He continued to kiss me harder and harder until I was left breathless.

I tried to push him away, but failed again. He did not let go of me until he vented all his anger on me.

“You are so cruel, Scarlett. Can’t you feel my love at all?” Charles asked in a depressed tone, resting his head on my shoulder. “How can I make you understand my feelings? Tell me, what should I do…”

His voice was filled with exhaustion.

“Charles, I think you need some time to calm down.” With a sigh, I tried to break free, but he was so strong that I couldn’t even move an inch.

“I’m very calm now.” Although he seemed calm, there were still clear sparks of burning desire in his eyes. “What should I do to make you believe that I love you?” Asking that, he buried his head in my neck as though he had lost all of his strength.

Bye My Irresistible Love, Chapter 118: Explanation

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