Bye My Irresistible Love, Chapter 117 Great Grandchild

Chapter 117 Great Grandchild

Scarlett’s POV: Looking at Charles, who was getting off the sports car, I became nervous subconsciously. Noticing that he was also looking at me, I immediately lowered my head and entered the room without greeting him.

After all, I despised myself for running away. m As soon as I stepped inside, I felt someone grab the bowknot in the back of my coat, and froze.

I knew that it was Charles, which only made me more nervous.

“The knot was loose.” Charles’ low voice came from behind me.

I raised my hand subconsciously in an attempt to fasten it again, but he stopped me. “Let me help you!” he said. 2

I was tense, hearing the faint sound of his slender fingers touching the fabric. When I realized that he was so attentively tying the knot for me, my heart began to race. I was just standing there like a piece of wood that was frozen.

“All right.”

Only when I heard his voice again did I come back to my senses. I was struggling whether I should thank him for a long time. And without saying anything to him in the end, I walked into the room. When I saw Christine sitting on the sofa, I went straight to her and said, “I’m back!”

As soon as I sat down next to her, she held my hand, and complained, “Scarlett, my dear, didn’t you miss me? Why didn’t you come to see me more often?”

“I’m sorry, Grandma. I’ve been very busy recently. As a token of my apology, I brought you a small gift. So please forgive me.” Holding her hand, I acted like a spoiled child as I handed her the box.

“Smart girl, are you bribing me?” Christine rubbed my nose dotingly with a helpless smile.

“Yes, so will you accept my gift?” I snuggled up to her with a smile. “Of course, I’ll accept it.” She returned my smile kindly.  I took out the brooch that I had bought for her, and helped her wear it. That moment, Alice entered the room.

“This brooch is so beautiful. Scarlett, you have such a good taste,” Alice praised me with a smile. “Yeah, I think so, too.” With a child-like smile, Christine showed off her brooch to Alice.

“Well, you are elegant and graceful, so I knew that the brooch would match your temperament perfectly,” I replied with a smile. I then took out another gift box and handed it to Alice. “Mom, this is for you.”

Taking the box from me, Alice praised me again. I took out the gifts that I had bought for Michael and Lawrence, and placed them on the tea table.

“I’m still here. Is it really appropriate for you to ignore me?” Charles complained all of a sudden. 1

That was the moment I realized that I was indeed ignoring him. And as for his gift, I did not prepare one at all!

Alice glanced at him coldly while intimately holding my hand.

“Scarlett, take off your coat. It’s warm in the room. You might end up sweating if you continue to wear it.” Her tone was gentle, unlike the way she talked to Charles.

I quickly took off my coat and handed it to the servant.

“The clothes are wrinkled. Would you like me to send them for dry cleaning?” the servant asked, looking at my wrinkled coat.

“No, thanks!”


Alice and I blurted out at the same moment, making it awkward. “Your clothes are wrinkled, and if you wear them like that, people might laugh at you, ” Alice said in a gentle yet firm voice.

“If you wear such clothes, then people might think that we’re mistreating you,” Charles chimed in all of a sudden.

Glancing at him, I stayed silent. “What do you know? Scarlett is frugal.” Upon hearing his words, Christine cast a reproachful glance at him.

Charles raised his hands in surrender, indicating that he wouldn’t interrupt us


“You should dry clean it. It’s wrinkled.” Holding my hand, Alice continued to convince me. “She’s right. Besides, it’s not such a big deal,” Christine said. I felt like if I continued to resist, then they might think that I am being rude.

Hence, I had no choice but to nod in agreement.

But then, I was worried about what could I wear when I go back if my clothes were sent away for dry cleaning.

“Scarlett, you are so sweet. I just love you so much.” Christine’s tone was affectionate and loving as she held my hand. “Unlike you, Charles always makes me angry.” 1

She then turned to Charles with a fierce look in her eyes.

Charles sighed helplessly, but did not say anything. “Scarlett, my dear, could you do me a favor?” Christine asked in an awkward tone. “Please tell me, and I will do my best to help you, Grandma,” I said firmly. The next moment, she escorted me to the couch.

“Scarlett, you have been married to Charles for years now. Since you had your own problems to deal with, we didn’t force you before, but I am growing older with each passing day, and I might die before…” she suddenly seemed to be sentimental. For a moment, I didn’t understand what she was going to say.

“What are you talking about, Grandma? You are going to live a long and happy life,” I tried to comfort her.

“I don’t want to live a long life, Scarlett. I only have one wish. Can you help me realize it?” Christine wiped her tears away, looking at me with eagerness in her eyes.

“Sure,” I answered with a firm nod.

“Then I want you give birth to a great-grandchild for me. I have already have one foot in the grave. I want to see my great-grandchildren, but I don’t think I can live that long…” She was in tears again when she mentioned that.

I was not expecting her to talk about it, so I was feeling a little awkward. “Grandma, I might…” Just when I was about to refuse her politely, she interrupted me.

“I know that you are busy with your work, and that you are pursing your dream. But don’t worry, having a baby will not affect that at all. I might be old now, but I can be of help. Besides, Alice can also help to take care of your child.” Saying that, Christine and Alice exchanged glances.

“Yes, you can continue pursuing your dreams even after the baby is born. We will take care of the baby. Scarlett, as you know, Grandpa and Grandma are getting old. Their greatest wish is to see your baby come to this world, and if you can help them make that happen, they will’ be really happy.” Alice was also persuading me earnestly.

Michael was about to say something, but he stopped on second thought. I knew that if I opened my mouth now, they would try to persuade me again, so I shut up and looked at Charles, silently asking for help.

He glanced at me before he lowered his head and played with the lighter in his hand. He didn’t seem to want to say anything.

“Scarlett… Your grandma is right. Give birth to a great-grandchild for us while we are still alive.” Michael also tried to convince me, just as I expected. 1

Feeling their pressure, I could only give them an awkward smile.

I looked at Charles again, hoping that he would say something to help me.

He also looked up at me, but he only raised his eyebrows at me, and did not help me out at all.

“Scarlett, please listen to us. I really want a great-grandchild.”

“Yes, I also want to see who your child is going to look like…”

Michael and Christine were still persuading me, but I didn’t have the heart to say no to them. I could only smile at them awkwardly, hoping that they end the topic as soon as possible.

Bye My Irresistible Love, Chapter 117 Great Grandchild

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