Bye My Irresistible Love, Chapter 115 Anger

Bye My Irresistible Love, Chapter 115 Anger

Scarlett’s POV: “It has already happened. No matter how angry you feel right now, it can’t be undone,” I said casually with a shrug of my shoulders. In fact, I didn’t care about her reaction at all.

“No! Charles only came to you because he was mad at me for sleeping with Richard. Otherwise, he wouldn’t even look at you!” Rita shouted. I was stunned upon hearing that.

“Is that baby actually Richard’s, then?” I couldn’t help but ask.

“No.” Rita denied it at once as though she was trying to cover up her guilt. She looked at me fiercely and added, “Leave Charles alone. He is mine.”

“You have already lost Charles, though.” I was completely indifferent and unfazed as I told her the truth.

“Don’t think that you have a chance with Charles just because he slept with you. He doesn’t love you! He loves me, and he’s only doing things to get back at me. Once I apologize to him, he is going to come back to me, and you will get kicked out, just like what happened three years ago. You will always be just a substitute, a tool he uses to keep his family calm!” Rita shouted, seeming to be out of control. She then slammed the door and left with Richard.

The noisy room instantly fell quiet. Sitting on the sofa, I could not help but laugh, thinking of Rita’s entanglement with Charles over the past few years.

I never thought that she would sleep with Richard, though. Even Charles had once told me that the child she was carrying was not his. ‘Was he telling the truth at that time?’

I thought of what had happened that night, and I realized that Charles had indeed been a little clumsy when he had *** with me.

Feeling that I was making an excuse for Charles, I patted my head to stop thinking of him.

The day after the program, Abner sent me to the airport.

“Be careful, and send me a text once you arrive.” Abner seemed to be worried as he reminded me.

“Okay, you should go back now.”   After saying goodbye to him, I turned around and left. From the corner of my eye, I saw a familiar figure. I stopped and looked at the man, who was standing not too far away from me, and noticed that he was also looking at me. It was Charles.

We didn’t walk towards each ‘other, though. We just stood there, looking at each other through the crowd.

All of a sudden, I noticed that he was about to lift his foot and walk towards me, when the boarding announcement was heard.

I withdrew my sight and prepared to board. When I looked back again, Charles wasn’t there anymore. I despised myself, but at the same time, I also felt a little pathetic.

I seemed to be expecting too much of him. Actually, there was no need for me to feel lost at all.

After getting on the plane, I could not help but recall the three years I had spent abroad, studying. Thinking of that time, I felt that I had been too humble back then. I was tired, and I did not want to be the weak one in our unfair relationship. I didn’t want to continue loving him so humbly.

As soon as I arrived at the residence, Nina asked me excitedly, “Did you meet Charles?”

There was a look of curiosity in her eyes.

“I met him at the airport,” I answered honestly. However, whenever I mentioned him, my heart ached. “If you met him at the airport, why did you come back so soon? I thought you would stay there for a few days.” Nina frowned in confusion.

“He didn’t speak to me, so I also kept silent. We just glanced at each other, and then I boarded the plane.” I sighed, feeling exhausted, physically and mentally. “He didn’t ask you to stay? He didn’t even talk to you?” Nina’s eyes went wide with surprise.

“No, he said nothing.” With a bitter smile on my lips, I glanced out of the window with tears in my eyes.

“He came all the way to see you, so I thought he would have a lot to say. I’ve never seen Charles being such a mess before.” Nina sighed with regret.

“After we divorce, I want to have a real romantic relationship!” The bitter smile did not leave my lips as I tried to wipe away my tears.

“Really? Looks like you’ve finally figured it out. I’ll find you a handsome man, don’t worry.” Feeling happy again, Nina began to browse her contacts for her male friends.

I could not help but feel helpless when I saw her like that, but deep down, I knew that it was probably the right choice to make. I had to divorce Charles, and I could not let him become the center of my universe again.

I was going to start a new life, so it would be helpful for me to have some new friends.

“Don’t frown. I will take you to a bar to help you relax a little, okay?” Nina proposed excitedly.

After thinking for a while, I nodded. Charles’ POV:

“Celebrity hostess is having fun abroad!” “Mrs. Moore can’t seem to stand loneliness. She is partying with a gigolo in the bar!” Reading click-bait headlines and looking at the pictures of Scarlett and Nina having fun in a bar, I couldn’t help but feel angry.

I slammed my phone on the table, forcing myself not to pay attention to any news about Scarlett. However, I could not help myself.

Recalling Scarlett’s cold gaze when I met her at the airport the other day, I felt like someone had stabbed my heart with a knife, and I was also furious. 3

Was I really that unendurable in her eyes that she even didn’t have the desire to talk to me?

She had turned around and left as soon as she had seen me that day.

Did she really hate me that much?

The exhaustion of travel, and the anger from being ignored by her was tormenting me, slowly eating my brains away. 2 I massaged my temples, trying to calm myself down. However, I realized that whenever it was about Scarlett, I was not able to calm down at all.

Leaning against the chair, I tried to rest my eyes for a bit. Not long after, Amy called the intercom line and told me that Spencer had come to see me.

As soon as I straightened myself up, Spencer pushed the door open and entered my office.

“I’m going abroad. Would you like me to bring you something when I come back or would you like me to give Scarlett a message?”

“No!” I said in a cold voice, looking at him.   “You look so depressed. Do you break up with your girlfriend?” I glared at him.

“Sorry, it was a slip of the tongue. I know that you two are not in love. Oh, no! Did Scarlett abandon you? What a poor guy!”

He was really annoying. “**** off!” I snapped, glaring at him before I ignored him.

“I think you’re angry because deep down you’re embarrassed, because I’m telling the truth.” Spencer was becoming more unscrupulous instead of restraining himself.

“Mr. Moore, your signature is required.” Amy walked in with a document in her hand. I took it from her and studied it. However, I could not stop thinking about Scarlett at all, which upset me.

I looked down and noticed that I signed Scarlett’s name on the document instead of mine own.

“I must tell Scarlett that someone was absent-minded when working and signed her name on the document,” Spencer said with a smile when he noticed her name on the document.

“If you dare to say anything more, then I would not mind letting you rot abroad for a much longer time,” I threatened him coldly.

“Fine, I won’t tell her. I don’t want to leave you. I’m going now. You keep missing Scarlett. I don’t want to disturb you.” Spencer waved to me with a smile and left my office.

“Print another copy of this for me,” I ordered Amy indifferently. “Okay.” She left after giving me a respectful nod.

Looking at Scarlett’s name on the document, I traced my fingers over it.

“Scarlett… Scarlett…” I mumbled to myself. Every time I thought of her, my heart ached.

At that moment, my phone rang. It was a call from Richard. I hesitated for a while before I answered it.

“Rita wants to see you.” Richard’s voice came from the other end of the line. 1 “I am not going to see her.” I was in a bad mood, and I did not want to deal with them. But just a moment later, I heard Rita crying over the phone.

“Could you please come and see her?” Richard pleaded.

“I already told you that I won’t see her. If she still doesn’t give up, then I will publicly announce who the real father of her child is,” I said bluntly, leaving no room for negotiation

“I’m going to have an abortion!” Rita roared over the phone as soon as I said those words.

“Rita, don’t be impulsive. You are too emotional now, and it is not good for the baby.” Richard stopped her, coaxing her in a gentle voice.

However, Rita continued to shout, unlike the person I remembered her to be.

“Keep Rita under control. I will repay her kindness since I owe her, but if she continues to pester me, I won’t show mercy to her!” I said coldly and hung up the phone.

Bye My Irresistible Love, Chapter 115: Anger

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