Bye My Irresistible Love, Chapter 113 Separation

Bye My Irresistible Love, Chapter 113 Separation

Rita’s POV: I couldn’t control my anger anymore, so I picked up the vase from the table and smashed it next to Richard’s feet.

He respectfully stood still and kept silent, as if he was prepared to let me vent my anger.

Noticing his submissiveness, I could not help but get furious, so I ran to him and slapped him.

“You are such a loser. Why are you always groveling before me?” “Calm down. You should take care of our baby,” he said slowly, staring into my eyes.

“Shut up!” I was so enraged that I slapped him again. “Are you going to keep reminding me of that dirty fact?” I roared with a sense of humiliation in my heart which felt like it was going to eat me from the inside.

“No. I am only telling you that you are the mother of my child, and I can tolerate everything you do,” Richard said in a serious tone. 1

“Shut up! I feel sick whenever you talk to me!” I picked up a cup and threw it at his head.

As the glass broke and cut his forehead, a stream of blood oozed out, running down to his cheek. However, I was not feeling any sympathy towards him because I felt like he was an obsequious coward.

“I asked you to send Charles to my room last night. So why didn’t he show up? He must have had sex with Scarlett, and it’s all your fault!” I couldn’t help but feel

jealous at the thought of Scarlett and Charles sleeping with each other.

It was so unfair, because Charles belonged to me, and I am the only one who could be his woman. But now, everyone knew that Scarlett was his wife. 2

Scarlett had changed her fate by marrying into the Moore family, when she did not even deserve Charles.

“If he could be so easily tricked, then he would not even be the CEO of the Moore Group,” Richard reminded me in a patient manner, ignoring his swollen face and bleeding forehead.

“Do I even need you to tell me that? It only proves that you are useless!” I screamed as I kicked his belly.   “Charles asked his people to send Scarlett away this morning,” Richard said in a low voice with his hands over his belly.

When I heard those words, my joy knew no bounds. I wondered if it was true. I told myself that Charles would not have sent her away if he really liked her.

“Great! I still have a chance to get him back, then.” Feeling happy, I fixed my messy hair.

I knew that I would have a chance with Charles as long as Scarlett was out of the picture. Without that annoying bitch, my relationship with Charles would certainly be restored. 3

I could not help but imagine my future with him, feeling excited.

“Stop deceiving yourself, okay? Charles doesn’t love you anymore. He loves Scarlett. But I’m willing to take care of you for the rest of my life,” Richard said in a firm voice, looking into my eyes. 1

“Who told you that? Does she even deserve him? Charles is mine. I am the only one who deserves him!” I warned him, grabbing him by the collar. “And you don’t deserve to take care of me at all. It’s like a toad wishing to be kissed by a princess and marry her. You are craving for something that you are not worthy of. Did you really think that your fate would be changed after you slept with me? Perish that thought, because it’s not going to help you change the fact that you will only remain an ugly toad forever.” 2

A scornful smile appeared on my lips as I glared at him.

Looking at the cowardly Richard, I regretted having been impulsive at that time. I had not been able to resist my desire and ended up having a one night stand with him. Even a gigolo would be better than him.

“Rita, I really love you. Trust me. I can take good care of you and our child,” Richard pleaded, holding me.

“Don’t kid yourself! You’d better look at yourself in the mirror before you make such ridiculous promises,” I said sarcastically, pushing him away without hesitation.


“Get out! And don’t ruin my good mood!” I sneered and turned away, because I felt like if I took another look at him, I would feel sick.

Charles’ POV:

Sitting in my office, I watched the news on the Internet. Many people were cursing me and Rita, because they pitied Scarlett. “Mr. Moore, Mrs. Moore has left,” Amy said respectfully as soon as she entered my office.

“Did she have any message for me?” I asked, unconsciously clenching my fists. 2 “No,” Amy replied with her head down. My heart ached as a hint of inexplicable sadness enveloped me. I suddenly felt like I had done something ridiculous. “Thank you, Amy. You may leave now.” I was trying my best not to sound indifferent. “Do you need help with the news on the Internet?” she asked cautiously. “No, thanks.” I was still as cold as usual, pretending like I did not care about what was going on.  After Amy left, I looked out of the window at the falling snow and slapped myself in the face.

I was lost in deep thought about what happened last night.

Since I had been aware of Rita’s plan, I had not walked into her trap.

However, I managed to sleep with Scarlett while she was drunk. I could not help but feel quite upset and regretful about what I had done. I was afraid that Scarlett would blame me for taking advantage of her drunken state at that time. 1

My mind was in a mess that whole morning. I didn’t dare to face Scarlett, and that was the reason I had left early in the morning. 1

I couldn’t imagine what she would think of me once she found out what I had done to her.

I was afraid that she might end up resenting me for it, and not want to see me anymore.

I still could not think of a way to handle things even until now, and my mind was in a mess.

I wanted to calm down and sort things out as soon as possible, but whenever Scarlett appeared in my mind, it was impossible for me to calm down.

The news about us had been spreading for almost a week now, and the situation was only getting worse.

I hadn’t been home in a week, so Grandma called me back one day.

As soon as I walked into the house, I heard Grandma talking on the phone. With her smile, it was not hard to guess whom she was talking to.

She cast a stern glance at me before she continued over the phone, “Scarlett, my dear, don’t force yourself to stay there if you are not used to it. You could always come   back. The Moore family will support you.”

Once she hung up, things got awkward. She gave me a cold glare and said nothing while I hung my head, feeling guilty, and did not dare to cause trouble.

“What an irresponsible man you are!” Grandma said in an unhappy tone, looking at me coldly. I was shocked when I heard that. ‘Does she know what happened last night? Did Scarlett tell on me?’ 1

“What? You think Scarlett told on you?” Grandma asked coldly, noticing that I was silent.

But instead of answering her, I continued to be silent.

“I might be old, but I’m not stupid. I was also young at one time, so I know what happened between you two,” she said sarcastically.

Upon hearing that, I felt a little sad. It was my fault, after all. But I still didn’t have the courage to face Scarlett. And I hated myself for being so cowardly.

Bye My Irresistible Love, Chapter 113: Separation

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