Bye My Irresistible Love, Chapter 107 After Getting Drunk

Bye My Irresistible Love, Chapter 107 After Getting Drunk

Charles’s POV:

“Do you know what you’re talking about?” I stared into Scarlett’s eyes. If I did not come home tonight, would she stand in front of another man like this?

She hiccupped and then blushed. She squinted at me with misty eyes and pursed her red lips. She looked so sweet and innocent that I felt my blood boil with desire and rush to the sensitive parts of my body. She was still unbuttoning her shirt. I reached out and stopped her. “Stop it, or you will regret it.”

My voice was hoarse. I could not resist such a **** Scarlett. But she kept provoking me. I took a deep, steadying breath, desperately trying to hold on to what was left of my reason.

“No,” Scarlett muttered as she pushed my hand away. She took off her shirt and tossed it aside. Then, she held my face with both hands and asked, “What? Don’t you want to? Didn’t you always want me?”

I looked down at her painfully inviting lips as she pulled my face closer and closer to hers. I swallowed. Eventually, we were close enough to share breath. I felt hers on my face, and it faintly smelled like wine.

“I’ll give you what you want, but after tonight, I want us to never see each other again,” Scarlett said, suddenly taking a step back.

Since she wanted to play, I was willing to play with her. I looked at her and ordered, “To the bedroom then.”

Without hesitation, Scarlett went to the bedroom and lay down on the bed.

I followed her closely. As I walked, I took off my tie and my shirt. Then, I joined her in bed and climbed on top of her. She did not say anything. Her eyes were closed, and her mouth was slightly open. She looked like a ripe fruit waiting to be tasted. I patted her knees and said, “Since you want to do it, be proactive.”

She opened her eyes, bit her lip, and bent her knees slowly. Watching her willingly submit to me, I lost control. I parted her legs and pressed my body in between them. Then, I began kissing her fiercely. As I enjoyed the sweet taste of her lips, I felt her defenses gradually melt down under my touch. She slipped small gasps and moans in between our hot, wild kisses, and it only made me mad with ****. I slid my hand under her lower back, and she arched her back in response. Then, she ran her fingers through my hair.

I reached down and unzipped her pants. When I was about to slip off her pants, she grabbed my hand.

“Are you sure you want to go through with this?” Her eyelashes trembled, and beads of sweat broke out of her forehead.

“My prey has willingly flitted into my snare. I’d be a fool not to indulge.” After saying that, I proceeded to sink my face in between her soft ******* and kissed the delicate skin of her chest. All I could think about at the moment was making her utterly and completely mine.

Hearing what I said, Scarlett loosened her grip. I took advantage of the opportunity to pull off her pants, wrap her legs around my waist, and rub my enraged manhood against her. I kissed her lips, neck, and every other part of her body as if she was going to disappear suddenly in a puff of smoke. I wanted to mark every part of her..

However, Scarlett stopped responding to my moves. She just lay there and blankly stared at the chandelier.

I paused and then planted a soft kiss on her lips. “If you want to have a good time, you have to cooperate with me.”

She did not say a word. After a few moments, tears started streaming down her face. And just like that, my raging **** was half-extinguished, and I felt like my heart had just been ripped out of my chest and then tossed into a pot of boiling oil. I gently ran my thumb over her cheek and said, “I love you, Scarlett Riley. Please don’t cry.”

I could never stand seeing Scarlett cry. Whenever she shed tears in front of me, I blamed myself for making her do so. “Let’s just get this over with because it will never happen again,” Scarlett said stubbornly, wiping her tears.

aggrieved? Did you know how happy I was when you came on to me just now? I thought I was finally getting a favorable response from you. And now, with the way you’re acting, I feel like you just dumped a bucket of cold water on me. It’s extremely disappointing.”

“Cut the ****. Do you want to do this or not?” Scarlett snapped and then sniffed.

“I didn’t come home early today to see you sulk like this while we’re trying to be intimate. I’ve been busy in Besceinga these days. All I want is to come home and see you and enjoy the warmth of your company. Is that too much to ask? Do you even miss me when I’m gone? Do you at least feel sorry for me?” Looking at her unmoved face, I felt like a fool with my wishful thinking. But still, I could not help wanting her. I loved her, and she was the only woman I yearned to be with.

“I didn’t ask you to come home early,” Scarlett blurted out.

That statement annoyed me so much that I grabbed her hand and put it to my lips. “What on earth is your heart made of?”

She kept silent and tried to withdraw her hand. “Wait!” I pulled her hand and examined it. “Where’s the ring I put on you? Why aren’t you wearing it? I didn’t ask you to take it off.”

“I took it off because it’s not appropriate for me to wear,” Scarlett said expressionlessly as if she was talking about the weather.

I let go of her hand. Did she want to disassociate herself from me this much? It was then that I realized that even if I got her body, I would not get her heart. If I forced her to sleep with me tonight, she would just hate me more and push me even further away.

I got off her and sat on the edge of the bed. I buried my face in my palms and let despair ravage my half-broken heart.

All of a sudden, Scarlett’s hand flew to her mouth, and then she quickly got up and made a run for the bathroom. Soon, her retching broke the silence.

I sighed and then went to the kitchen. I took out the bottle of honey from the cupboard and poured a glass of warm water. I grabbed a spoon and mixed some honey into the water. Then, I set the glass on the dining table.

I sat at the table and waited for Scarlett to come out. I let myself get lost in my thoughts. Every encounter I had with Scarlett seemed to always end at an impasse, and it had always left me uneasy. She was like a kite that I was flying on a dangerously taut string. If I kept holding on to her like this, she would eventually snap free, and there would be nothing I could do to get her back.

Before long, Scarlett walked out of the bathroom with a pale face. She looked like she had just gone through ****, but it was the best way to teach her to drink responsibly.

“Come here and drink some water.” I tapped on the table.

Scarlett stayed put and stared toward my direction in a daze. I followed her gaze and realized that she was looking at the gift I brought home for her on the table.

“It’s a Christmas gift for you.” I picked up the glass of water and slowly walked over to her. She would never know how much I wanted to give her the best things in the world. I supposed that was one of the reasons why she really never showed any sort of appreciation.

Scarlett picked up the bouquet and whispered, “The roses…”

“I bought the White Rose Manor in Besceinga. I haven’t been able to show you yet because I’ve been busy. So I decided to bring you this bouquet of their roses first.” I put down the glass on the tea table, held her free hand, and kissed it.

She looked at me in disbelief. “You bought the manor?”

“Yes. You love white roses, don’t you? So I bought the manor. You can now go there whenever you wish.” I lowered my head and twined my fingers with hers. As long as she would allow me, I would give her anything she wanted.

Scarlett just stood there in stunned silence. It seemed that she had not completely sobered up yet.

I let go of her hand and tucked a lock of her hair behind her ear. “Open the gift box.”

Scarlett took the box and sat on the sofa. She set the box on her lap and then opened it. Inside was a diamond necklace. I took it out and put it on her. Her smooth, fair skin made the diamonds look more sparkly.

“I just knew it would look magnificent on you,” I said with satisfaction. I could not help kissing her on the forehead. “Wear it to Grandpa’s birthday party tomorrow night, okay?”

Bye My Irresistible Love, Chapter 107 After Getting Drunk

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