Bye My Irresistible Love, Chapter 105 Prepare For The Birthday Party

Bye My Irresistible Love, Chapter 105 Prepare For The Birthday Party

Scarlett’s POV: The next few nights, I went to the hotel after work to prepare for Grandpa’s birthday party. With Charles there, I did not actually need to do anything as he would arrange everything on his own. However, I still needed to confirm the process and the details.

As soon as I walked out of the office that evening, I saw the driver waiting outside the TV station as usual. But then, I saw that Charles was not in the car. And just when I was about to ask the driver about it, I got a call from Charles.

“Honey, I got ******* in a long meeting, so I won’t be able to make it tonight.”

Upon hearing the background noise on his end, I realized that he was in a room full of people who were arguing. It did not take me long to figure out that he must have called me from the conference room. But then, of late, he had been calling me endearingly regardless of where he was.

“Okay. I’m in the car. And I am on my way to the hotel now.”

“Don’t worry, honey. Mom will help you out.” 1

“It’s alright. Don’t bother her. I can handle this by myself,” I said in a hurry. Alice had entrusted Charles and I to plan the party. I did not want others to think that I was too dependent on Charles, or that I could not do it without his help.

“I don’t want you to tire yourself too much. It’s not worth it. Besides, Mom wants to see the progress of our preparations.”

“All right, then. You carry on with your work.”

The hotel that was owned by the Moore group was where the party was decided to be held. Although it was a weekday, it was still quite crowded. Perhaps, it was because I did not pray before I stepped out my house that morning that I stumbled upon someone that I was not looking forward to meeting as soon as I entered the lobby. I turned around and was about to take another elevator, but it was too late.

“Scarlett.” A familiar voice called out to me from behind.

Feeling the surging pain in my head, I tried to close my eyes. Rita really was everywhere. Couldn’t she just leave me alone for a few days? I turned around and noticed her walking elegantly towards me in her high-heels. She was wearing a red mermaid dress with thin spaghetti straps hanging on her shoulders, which exposed her cleavage a little. I was afraid that her ******* might break free from her tight dress if she took another step forward.

“What’s the matter?” I asked coldly.

“You’ve been very happy lately, haven’t you?” she asked in a voice that was filled with sarcasm. She was wearing a thick black winged liner, which almost made her look like the evil queen from a fairy tale. I could not understand why she was suddenly changing her make-up, though. I felt that the innocent look suited her better. Did she change the way she put on her make-up because of her disappointment in love?

“You should look in the mirror when you have free time,” I reminded her, unable to control myself.

“You *****!” Rita raised her hand and was about to slap me, but Richard stopped her.

“Calm down, Rita. People are around.” His voice was low as he held her wrist.

Reluctantly, Rita shook off his hand and sneered at me, “Who do you think you are to be doing these things?”

Clearly, she seemed to know that Charles and I were preparing for Grandpa’s birthday party. With my hands crossed over my chest, I found her words to be quite ridiculous. “I’m still Mrs. Moore, so obviously, I should do something for my husband’s grandfather. Besides, who are you to criticize me?”

“Scarlett!” Rita’s face was livid with rage as she gritted her teeth, like she was going to rip me to shreds. “I’m having a hard time, and I won’t let you live a good life.”

I didn’t take her threat seriously. After all, she was just a contemptible scoundrel. Suddenly, a woman’s well-manicured hand grabbed Rita’s hand, intending to push her away.

I turned around and saw that it was Alice.

In a sour mood, Alice glared at Rita, and hissed, “What are you doing here?”

Rita immediately softened her expression and said, “Auntie, it is such a pleasure to see you here. I came to attend a party.”

Ignoring her, Alice turned to look at me, and said, “You must be tired after a long day’s work, right? I’ll treat you to a sumptuous dinner later.”

I smiled and nodded at her as I said jokingly, “Alright, boss!”

Noticing that Alice ignored her, Rita offered, “Auntie, please let me know if you need any help with preparing for the birthday party. Iwould be happy to assist you.”

“No, thanks.” Alice raised her hand, signaling Rita to stop. “You’re not close to our family, Miss Lively, and I hope that you have a clear estimation of your situation. Oh, and don’t come to the party. Your name is not on the guest list.”

Alice’s harsh words caused Rita’s face to pale.

“I have always considered you as a mother to me ever since Charles and I got   together, Auntie,” Rita said with a look of grievance. She even looked at me for a moment as though she was trying to see a hint of disappointment in my eyes.

However, since I had long seen her tricks, I kept calm. I didn’t take her words seriously at all.

“Don’t push your luck, Rita! I am just being polite to you, and it is certainly not because I like you, so don’t flatter yourself!” Alice was furious. Glancing at the security guards nearby, she ordered, “Get this woman out of here, please.”

A group of security guards immediately approached Rita. But then, Richard stepped forward to stop them. “Rita is not in good health. So let me take her back.”

“Whatever. I’m good as long as she gets out of my sight at once,” Alice said mercilessly.

Rita did not want to give up, though. Right before she left, she turned to me and said with a smug smile, “Charles did not let me prepare for the party because he did not want me to overexert myself.”

Upon hearing that, I was on the verge of bursting into laughter. Was she insane? Her fight was a meaningless one, and no one was taking her seriously. “Shame on you!” Alice mumbled. I did not let the short encounter with Rita affect my mood as I spent the rest of the day with Alice. It was almost ten o’clock at night by the time we finished our discussion.

Alice stood by the hotel entrance, insisting that she send me home first. But my place was on the other side of town from where the Moore residence was.

“Mom, I’m not a kid anymore. I can take a cab, so don’t worry about me. You must be tired. Why don’t you go home and rest?” I held Alice’s arm, acting like a spoiled child as I tried to persuade her.

“Okay, but you have to call me once you get home safely.” Alice had no choice but to compromise.

Once she left, I stood on the side of a road, trying to hail a cab.

At that moment, a black limousine stopped in front of me. The window rolled down slowly, and I saw Rita glaring at me. ‘Why hasn’t she left yet?’ Feeling speechless, I grabbed onto my phone.

“Let me drive you home,” Rita said to me arrogantly as she adjusted her large

‘Is she crazy? Why is she wearing sunglasses at night?’  “No, thanks. I’ll take a cab,” I refused.

“I have something to tell you. If you’re not going to get in, then I will wait outside your house for you,” she threatened.

I could probably guess what she was going to say to me. She was likely to use her relationship with Charles to make me feel bad. I did not want her to go to my home, so I got in the car with her.

The strong fragrance in the car was just like Rita, completely unbearable and suffocating, so I had to roll down the window on my side to help me breathe.

“Don’t attend the birthday party,” she ordered me arrogantly. 3 Turning a deaf ear to her, I continued to sit with an indifferent look. “Charles will be very busy that night, and I will take good care of him. Your presence won’t be needed there.” She was even taking things for granted now.

“You have always regarded me as a thorn in your flesh, right? Then why are you so unconfident?” I sneered, turning to look at her.

After listening to that, Rita was bewildered once again. Ignoring her, I read the message I got from Charles, “Have you gone home yet?”

I increased the brightness of my phone screen and deliberately turned it towards Rita so that she could read the message. I then urged the driver, “Please drive faster. Charles is worried that I am still outside at this hour.”

I noticed Rita’s face turn red with rage from the corner of my eye. She clenched her fists, but she could not do anything to me. And that made me happy.

I got off the car in a pleasant mood as soon as we arrived at the neighborhood. I even turned to Rita and said with a smile, “Goodbye, Rita.”

“I will certainly get Charles back,” she swore with a fierce look in her eyes. Paying no attention to her attitude, I said, “Take care of yourself.”

“You!” She was so enraged that her face was almost as white as a sheet of paper now.

Since I had no more patience to continue talking to her, I turned around and left.

Bye My Irresistible Love, Chapter 105 Prepare For The Birthday Party

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