Bye My Irresistible Love, Chapter 100 Staying Overnight

Bye My Irresistible Love Chapter 100 Staying Overnight

Scarlett’s POV:

No matter how much I explained, everyone kept misunderstanding me, thinking that I was jealous. Hence, I had no choice but to shut up.

“You won’t divorce Charles as long as we prove that the child is not his, right?” Christine asked me.

I was stunned for a moment, as that thought had never occurred to me before. If Charles was not the father of that child, then the problems would be a lot less complicated. However, I was still in a daze, like a leaf blown by the wind which was unable to fall. 1

“But if Charles really is the father of that child, then I will make him divorce you myself.” Christine assured me.

“Yes, just give him a chance to prove himself. If Charles really turns out to be the father of that child, then I will ask him to give you an explanation,” Michael echoed.

My mind was a mess and I couldn’t refuse them after listening to their words. Charles was also staring at me, waiting for my response.

Avoiding his gaze, I turned to look out the window. Glancing at the rainy skies that were as gloomy as my mood, I could not help but sigh. “It’s raining outside,” Charles murmured, following my gaze.

By then, everyone else also noticed that it was dark outside. The conversation had lasted longer than intended.

“Tonight, you both can stay here,” Christine suggested. I shook my head and replied, “I have to go back to the station. There is still something that I need to do.”

“How dare the TV station director make you work overtime?” Charles asked sullenly. “Give me his phone number. I will talk to him,” he added, holding his phone in his hand.

I quickly grabbed his phone. “It’s not like that. I have nothing to do now anyway, so why can’t I get some work done?”

‘I wouldn’t be thinking too much about this if I was busy,’ I thought to myself. I needed something to keep me distracted, and if I am immersed in my work, then I would not have to dwell on such painful thoughts.

“Work is important, but not at the cost of your well-being. Look, lately, you have lost  a lot of weight.” While caressing my hair, Christine glared at Charles. “It’s all your fault.”

“Why are you blaming me, Grandma?” Charles felt aggrieved with a look of disbelief in his eyes, a

“If you got along with her, then she wouldn’t need to go to work, would she?” Christine scolded Charles.

“Grandma, Charles cannot be blamed for me wanting to work,” I explained to Christine in a hurry, afraid that Charles might get annoyed later and forbid me from going to work, which would also be exactly what he wanted.

Charles snorted, “I’d like for her to depend on me, but will she agree to that?”

His words made me blush. What did he mean? Was our relationship really that deep in his eyes? Not daring to look at him, I lowered my head and held Christine’s hand, acting like a spoiled kid.

“Grandma, you are the best. Please let me go back to the TV station. I have already agreed to meet with a colleague.” I gave an eager look at Christine.

“No, I am sure that your colleague will understand. Besides, it’s pouring outside. I can’t let you go,” Christine refused, pretending to be sad. “You rarely ever come here, and after staying for just a little while, you already want to leave. Why are you in such a hurry? Do you really find me that annoying?” 1

“Grandma, it’s not like I find you annoying. In fact, I am also reluctant to leave you.” I was in a real jam as I tried to comfort Christine. I had no choice but to compromise in the end.

It was a hearty and warm dinner with everyone talking so freely at the table. Actually, aside from my relationship with Charles, everything else about the Moore family was warm and comforting.

After dinner, everyone left, leaving Charles and I alone in the living room.

“Which room are you going to sleep in tonight?” Charles asked me, taking the coffee from the servant.

I ignored him, pretending to watch the TV. I knew why he was asking me that question. I could sleep in any room as long as it wasn’t with him.

“Since you’ve applied for a divorce, don’t expect me to share a bed with you,” he said in a noble tone, as he sipped on his coffee.

I rolled my eyes at him. “You wish.” ‘ ‘What a narcissist!’ Sometimes, the things that Charles said could really make people angry. I wouldn’t sleep with him even if he begged me to!

“You can sleep in my room, then. I will find another room to sleep in,” he said. With a look of suspicion in my eyes, I inquired, “Why are you being so kind all of a sudden?”

“Well, if I am not being a gentleman to you, then Grandma will blame me.” Charles rubbed his chin with an unreadable look in his eyes.

I pouted as I turned to look at the TV again. “Whatever you want.”

Without saying more, Charles stood up from the sofa. “Excuse me, please let me pass.” 1

He wanted to walk past me, so I moved my leg to one side and looked at him crossly. “You can go the other way.”

“It’s too far from the stairs,” he complained with a flat expression. ‘Nonsense!’ It was obviously closer to the stairs, and he was just deliberately trying to disturb me.

But before I could say anything, he squeezed past me with his hands in his pockets, looking childish.

Since all the elders and Charles were gone, I was alone in the living room with just the sound from the TV. As I lay on the sofa, my body gradually relaxed, and I fell asleep after the long day.

Charles’ POV:

I could not stop thinking about Scarlett even after I got out of the shower. She was just downstairs, and yet I could not help missing her.

I was thinking of how beautiful she was, regardless of whether she was angry or shy. She was as stunning as an indescribable work of art.

I could not resist the restlessness in my heart, so I made up an excuse to get myself some water and walk downstairs. I just wanted to see her.

The TV was still on, but Scarlett was fast asleep.

I covered her with a blanket. Like a little puppy, she nestled her face against the soft blanket. I could not help but reach out and stroke her long smooth hair as I felt the love in my heart overflow.

I took her hand and kissed it gently. I then looked at her intently, unwilling to blink.

The image of her was carved so deep into my heart, which caused me to love her more and more. I really hoped that time would slow down so that I could watch her sleep quietly forever.   Although I was just watching her sleep, my heart was filled with joy and satisfaction.

I tucked her hands inside the blanket and leaned forward to kiss her marble-like forehead

However, that was far from enough.

I wanted to lean in and kiss her lips too.

But Scarlett rolled over with her back to me, making me lose the chance to kiss her.

With a helpless smile, I decided not to disturb her sleep anymore. I turned off the lights and the TV before I got into the blanket and held her. She was still deep asleep as she placed her hands on my waist, her cheeks slightly flushed.

I lowered my head and kissed her on the lips. Thinking of how much I loved her, I could not help but sigh in my heart.

The next morning

By the time I was awake, it was still early in the morning. I continued to hold Scarlett for a long time before I finally let go of her.

However, I reluctantly went back upstairs before she woke up. Or else, she would feel really embarrassed and accuse me for taking advantage of her while she was asleep.

Bye, My Irresistible Love, Chapter 100: Staying Overnight

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