Billionaire God of War Chapter: 2077 by NovelsYou

Chapter: 2077

He asked Yanagawa.
“Wear until you can come out, wait for the opportunity.”
Jiang Ning rolled his eyes, “People don’t hate being unstable. You are a father, and you don’t even have this courage. No wonder my son has developed this way.”
Yanagawa said nothing.
Even if Jiang Ning scolded him in front of him, he couldn’t refute it.
“I’m afraid the two of them can’t bear it.”
Guan Shi is still helping Liu Chuan ask.
“Unable to bear that is their own business.”
Jiang Ning said, “Such a big person can’t be responsible for his actions? Who can Qingshanzong give to?”
He was impatient, “Don’t talk nonsense, I will help you adjust the two of them, don’t worry about it, you still think about how to deal with Tianlianzong.”
Speaking of business affairs, Yanagawa took a deep breath.
He sat down, took a sip of the cold tea, and looked up at Jiang Ning.
“What are you going to do?”
He is the sovereign, but he asked Jiang Ning.
“It depends on what the people of the Tianlian Sect did.”
Jiang Ning said flatly, “We will do whatever they do.”
Liu Chuandao and He Guanshi looked at each other, and it was really hard to figure out Jiang Ning. He seemed to have no tactics when he did things. He was always unexpected and didn’t even have a psychological preparation.
“If you want to fight?”
Guan Shi asked, his apple slid gently.
This is the last thing they want to see.
Because the current Green Mountain Sect does not have enough strength, once you start, the loss will not be small.
“Sometimes, a fight is better than anything else. The most terrifying thing is that the disciple has no blood.”
Jiang Ning said, “You only have to fight hard enough to make them jealous of you, so they dare not think about it.”
This principle is the same in all eras and fields.
This is true between countries and between companies.
Friendship is the most unreliable thing, and feelings are even more true. In this competitive environment, only oneself is strong enough to be too strong for others to provoke it.
After Jiang Ning finished speaking, he got up, and left after drinking the tea, too lazy to say more to these two and a half hundred old men.
There is a reason, they know in their hearts that they just lack a little courage, or in other words, there is one less person who keeps them from retreating, Jiang Ning, this is the person.
at the same time.
The news has come back.
The matter of Elder Luo Feng and others being impounded in the Qingshan Sect made the Tianlian Sect lord Luo Qi Thunder furious!
“Elder Luo Feng went to propose marriage, but was detained? Yana Chuan said what he wanted to do! It would be too distracting to me!”
Rocky patted the table, “Come here!”
“The disciple is here!”
The front hall disciples shouted in unison.
“Elder Luolong, you take the disciple on a trip,”
Luo Qi squinted and became angry, “Let Liu Chuandao personally send Elder Luo Feng and his daughter Liu Qing back!”
He didn’t let the Qingshan Sect release the people, but asked Yanagawa to send the people back himself.
This is already a humiliation!
Elder Luolong stepped forward and said, “I will live up to the expectations of the Sect Master, let Sect Master Qingshan, obediently send people back.”
After speaking, a ruthless light flashed in his eyes, and with a beckon, the disciples followed him and left.
Above the hall, Rocky half-closed his eyes and leaned on the chair.
He did not expect that Yanagawa dare to have the courage to detain him.
Even if Luo Feng killed their disciple, so what?
Even the Qingshan Sect cannot be kept, so what kind of supreme power does Yanagawa do? Humph!
“Sect Master, if the Qingshan Sect is stubbornly resisting, then we…”
Someone spoke and made plans.
Their purpose was to find a way to invade the Green Mountain Sect, and Zhengzhou had no better excuse.
“Then destroy them!”

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