Billionaire God of War Chapter: 2074 by NovelsYou

Chapter: 2074

A capital crime scared both Liu Zong and Liu Heng with no blood on their faces!
“shut up!”
Yanagawa roared, “I said, call my suzerain! Here, there is no your father, only the suzerain!”
The two knelt down and knelt in front of Yanagawa Road.
Where did they think that Yanagawa would be so angry and so harsh on them.
“Break into the precepts hall, haha, you are so brave, do you want to rebel!”
Yanagawa sneered, “Or is this Green Mountain Sect’s rules, to you all just furnishings?”
Liu Zong and Liu Heng were afraid to speak.
They are here to sue, but now, Jiang Ning is standing there, calm and calm, nothing is wrong, but the two of them are kneeling on the ground, accepting criticism, and even punishment!
Jiang Ning was indeed calm, and he even looked at Liu Zong and Liu Heng again.
“Sovereign, we know we were wrong.”
Liu Heng spoke.
He knew that at this time, any quibble words would not make any sense, and would only make Yanagawa more angry.
Now you have to admit your mistakes, make big things small, and make small things the best.
Otherwise, if it is really serious, the consequences will be disastrous!
“Know it’s wrong?”
Yanagawa looked down at the two people, angrily.
He really didn’t expect that his two sons would make such a mistake.
As far as the atmosphere of the Green Mountain Sect is concerned, no one wants to have an accident, and does not want to be a victim of this shuffle.
Those elders have been honest recently, and they dare not say anything more or anything.
These two people are good, trespassing the precept hall?
They dare to go up with such crimes against the sky!
“You two, know you are wrong?”
He looked at Liu Zong and Liu Heng.
“Yes, we all know it was wrong.”
Liu Heng quietly pulled La Liuzong’s clothes, and signaled him not to talk back at this time, but to recognize it if he should recognize it. If Liu Chuan calmed down, they would be fine.
“We all knew it was wrong.”
Liu Zong gritted his teeth and glanced at Jiang Ning unwillingly, wishing to rush forward and beat Jiang Ning to death.
He said so, but he didn’t admit that he was wrong.
Not to mention other things, what is Jiang Ning in terms of identity alone?
How does he compare to himself?
When Yana Chuandao calms down, I will find Jiang Ning again and settle the account slowly!
“Well, since you all know it’s wrong, then I won’t ask more.”
But suddenly, Yanagawa’s expression sank, “Call me what matters.”
The guard ran out immediately.
“Sect Master, we already knew that we were wrong, how…”
“Since you know you are wrong, you should know, and you have to pay a price if you are wrong.”
Yanagawa said calmly, but the anger in his voice couldn’t be suppressed at all, “You, as my sons, blatantly violated the rules of the Qingshan Sect and provoked the rules left by the ancestors. You add to the crime!”
Liu Zong’s face changed drastically.
“So, for you, I must be punished severely!”
Liu Heng panicked.
He thought he would be fine if he admitted his mistake, but now it seems that it’s wrong depending on the situation.
Liu Heng hurriedly shouted, seeing that Liu Chuandao’s face became more ugly, and hurriedly changed his words, “Sovereign, we are guilty, we made mistakes, but we are the first offenders, please give us a chance, we dare not!”
“Don’t dare anymore!”
Yanagawa closed his eyes.
He was truly disappointed.
At this time, I was still thinking about asking myself to forgive them and let them go?
They don’t even have the most basic responsibility, and they don’t even have the courage to do something wrong and bear the corresponding consequences.
Can’t be more disappointed than this.
Liu Zong gritted his teeth, his eyes flushed, “Could it be that we are the only one who is wrong, is he right?”
He pointed at Jiang Ning, and his body trembled: “He caused a disaster to the Qingshan Sect. Isn’t this a crime?”

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