Billionaire God of War Chapter: 2073 by NovelsYou

Chapter: 2073

They rushed directly to the study room. At the door, two guards were still blocking them. Compared with those outside the door, the expressions of these two guards suddenly sank.
“The lord is talking about things, how dare you two break in!”
“We want to see my father!”
Liu Zong said angrily, “Get out of the way!”
The guard drew the knife directly, without being polite, even if they faced Liu Zong and Liu Heng, they would not give in.
This is the rule!
Anyone who breaks the rules must pay a price.
“I see who of you dare to stop me!”
Liu Zong roared, having lost his reason, and Liu Heng, one left and the other, rushed over.
They had to go into the study to see who it was, so important, so important that Yana Chuando wanted to see him first, and even ignored his two biological sons.
Where did the two guards really dare to hurt Liu Zong, seeing that the two of them seemed to be frustrated and rushed up frantically, they had to take a half step back.
Kang Dang——
The door of the study suddenly opened!
Liu Zong raised his head and glanced, Yana Chuandao walked out, his expression ugly.
He shouted sharply, “What do you two want to do?”
The voice of Yanagawa Road was full of anger.
“Crossing into the Sect Master’s Mansion, you know what the crime is!”
He sternly said, “Did you forget the rules of the Qingshan Zong?”
Liu Zong shouted.
He did not call the sect master, but his father. At this moment, he only regarded himself as a son. He was not reconciled. As the sect master’s son, he had no place in the Qingshan Sect.
He is not reconciled!
“To shut up!”
Yanagawa shouted, “Here, you should call me suzerain!”
“I really didn’t expect that you two would dare to do this and despise the Qingshanzong rules. Is it true that I dare not punish you severely!”
“Come on!”
He yelled, and several guards rushed in immediately.
Liu Zong and Liu Heng’s expressions changed, and they didn’t expect Liu Chuandao to come true.
Does he really want to assign both brothers to sinners?
Thinking of this, the two people’s faces suddenly became pale.
“Sect Master! Calm down!”
Liu Heng hurriedly said, “We just have something important to report to the Sect Master, so we have to break in, please calm down the Sect Master!”
He knelt down immediately, his eyes flushed and his face was full of grievances.
“Is it important?”
Yanagawa sneered, “What can you do?”
“We…we were beaten!”
Liu Heng gritted his teeth, “We were beaten!”
Isn’t this important?
Even if Yanagawa does not care that he is his son, but beating people in the Aoyama sect is also against the law and clan rules. Yanagawa can’t be partial to not punish Jiangning, right?
“Who beat you?”
Yanagawa asked.
Liu Zong and Liu Heng hadn’t answered yet, there was a voice in the study.
Immediately, Jiang Ning walked out slowly, seeing Liu Zong and Liu Heng dumbfounded!
Why is he here?
Is it Jiangning that Yanagawa said to meet important people?
“I just wanted to tell you about this,”
Jiang Ning didn’t even look at Liu Zong and Liu Heng. He looked directly at Liu Chuan and said, “The one who beat me, even broke into the prison of the precepts. As for what they want to do, I don’t know.”
“Sect Master, you should ask about it.”
Breaking into the precepts hall?
Yanagawa’s face was gloomy and ugly.
Does he not know the virtues of his two sons?
He can bear the others, he can open one eye and close the other, but if he betrays the Qingshan School…
“Kneel down!”
Yanagawa roared.
Liu Zong was annoyed. Jiang Ning believed what Liu Chuan said, but their two biological sons were useless to speak?
“I let you two kneel down!”
Yanagawa was really angry, “breaking into the prison of the precepts hall without permission, this is a capital crime!”

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