Billionaire God of War Chapter: 2072 by NovelsYou

Chapter: 2072

…Two wastes!
…A waste!
This sentence kept echoing in the ears of Liu Zong and Liu Heng.
It stabbed their hearts deeply.
When would anyone dare to talk to them like this?
Say they are waste?
Dare to beat them!
Both of them were stunned, ignoring the hot pain on their faces, their eyes were blazing, staring at Jiang Ning.
Liu Heng was about to stand up, but Jiang Ning glared at him. He dared not move, his feet seemed to be nailed there!
When Jiang Ning looked at their eyes, it was indeed rubbish.
Even if they slapped them twice, they didn’t even have the courage to fight back.
Before the two people could react, Jiang Ning left with someone.
They just came over suddenly, and the shame makes them want to find a hole in the ground!
Liu Zong roared, clenched his fists, his joints turned blue, and the veins violent, “I want you to die!”
The door just closed was kicked open again.
Jiang Ning’s face appeared in the eyes of the two people, causing Liu Zong and Liu Heng to immediately hold their breaths. Before they finished speaking, they were stuck in their throats, not daring to say another word!
“Want me to die?”
Jiang Ning squinted his eyes, and the murderous aura on his body was gradually released, freezing the air in the entire yard, making people breathless!
“Are you serious?”
He stared at Liu Zong and Liu Heng, his voice was extremely cold, and he was about to walk back when he stepped forward, making Liu Zong and Liu Heng pale with fright.
“Don’t come over! Don’t come over!”
Liu Heng roared.
Jiang Ning is definitely a lunatic!
He dare to kill both of them?
He really dares!
Jiang Ning stopped and sneered. The disdain on his face was not hidden at all. He even glanced at it deliberately provocatively and turned around and left.
The door was not closed, and Liu Zong and Liu Heng were still sitting on the ground, embarrassed.
Where can they dare to say anything cruel?
They just sat there until the time passed, Jiang Ning must have gone far, and the two of them breathed a sigh of relief.
In that short time, the backs of the two people were already wet with cold sweat!
“He… is he crazy?”
Liu Heng tremblingly said.
Liu Zong shook his head, his voice was very soft, and he was almost out of strength.
After a while, the two people got up, the more they thought, the less reconciled, the more they thought, the more angry.
They are the sons of the suzerain and the future pillar of the Qingshan Sect, but they were beaten by Jiang Ning. Not to mention that Jiang Ning is just a door-to-door son-in-law. Even if Liu Qing is really their sister, Jiang Ning is not qualified!
Liu Zong was not reconciled, “I don’t believe it, my father can watch his son being beaten!”
Could it be that the two of them are not as important as Jiangning in Yanagawa’s heart?
They don’t believe it!
It’s impossible!
The two went directly to Liuchuandao. They couldn’t bear it anymore, being trampled and humiliated by Jiangning like this, this Qingshanzong, is there a place for them to stay.
When the two arrived at the Sect Master’s Mansion, they were stopped at the door.
“Sorry, the lord has something to do now, I can’t see the two.”
The guard at the door stopped the two directly.
“We have something important to see the Sect Master!”
Liu Zong was annoyed, “I want to see my father, do you want to stop it too?!”
“The Sovereign is seeing important people, so he told us not to disturb people.”
Guard Road.
“Step aside!”
Liu Zong and Liu Heng, how can you bear it?
They didn’t even hear, any important people came to Qingshan Sect, who can Yanagawa Dao meet?
Liu Zong pushed the guard away and rushed in with Liu Heng.
Their chests were full of anger, and they couldn’t bear it, hearing this kind of words that someone is more important than them.

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