Billionaire God of War Chapter: 2071 by NovelsYou

Chapter: 2071

Now Yanagawa didn’t care about them at all, and the elders also closed the door.
Even the other elders have a perfunctory attitude, and they don’t seem to want to involve them too much. They were all fine before.
Both of them were very unwilling.
Suddenly, the gate of the yard was kicked open!
Liu Heng turned his head and took a look, then shouted, “I’m so brave, don’t you know where this is?”
After he finished speaking, he saw Jiang Ning stepping in.
Behind him, followed by those guards in Liu Qing’s courtyard.
Jiang Ning said with a stern face, “Even if this is the Palace of the High Heavens today, I will be crushed!”
Lingxiao Palace?
Liu Zong and Liu Heng hadn’t heard of it, but they understood the meaning of the second half of Jiang Ning’s sentence.
“Jiangning! You are too arrogant!”
Liu Zong stood up and shouted angrily, “This is my site, what do you want to do!”
Jiang Ning walked over directly.
He was too lazy to even ask a question, slapped it directly, and slapped it hard.
This heavy slap slapped Liu Zong directly into the air and rolled on the ground twice before reacting.
Liu Heng was dumbfounded.
The guards behind him were also dumbfounded.
Jiang Ning was so simple, he did it directly, without even asking?
“You are so courageous, you dare…Ah!”
Liu Heng didn’t finish his words, only saw an afterimage flashing past, and then he flew out, and rolled on the ground twice before standing still.
Jiang Ning… hit both of them?
“you wanna die!”
The eyes of the two brothers turned red in an instant.
In their turf, they were beaten by Jiang Ning, and this is going to be spread, so what face do they have?
Jiang Ning is too arrogant!
The two bounced, and shot at the same time, rushing towards Jiang Ning, waving their fists, without mercy.
The violent fist, like raindrops, slammed Jiang Ning frantically, but Jiang Ning could not be touched.
Jiang Ning was like a shadow of Ruo Ruo Ruo Wu, illusory and misty, with a light touch under his feet, as fast as lightning, he slammed two punches, which centered on Liu Zong and Liu Heng’s chest.
The two of them flew upside down again, and there was no power at all.
Even if Jiang Ning wanted to kill them, it would be easy!
Liu Zong coughed violently, and looked at Jiang Ning unwillingly, “Do you dare to beat us? You are so brave, don’t you want to live!”
“Hit you?”
Jiang Ning squinted, “I killed you all!”
Suddenly, the air cooled, so cold that people’s hearts trembled. That was the most real murderous aura!
Liu Zong didn’t dare to speak immediately. Where did he think that Jiang Ning dared to really kill himself?
“I warn you, my people, you dare to touch it again, I promise, I will give you back ten times a hundred times!”
Jiang Ning said coldly.
The dozen or so guards behind him had red eyes, and there was a young man who almost couldn’t hold back his tears.
Jiang Ning is helping them!
They are just guards, and even their status is inferior to those disciples, because their talents and potential are not enough, but Jiang Ning did not dislike them at all.
Instead, help them get ahead and teach the two sons of the suzerain!
“Jiangning, you…”
Liu Heng was very angry, “Do you know, what are you doing?”
“I know.”
Jiang Ning said, “Don’t come to provoke me, let alone provoke my people, be your son and master, eat together and wait for death. You rubbish, you are only worthy of this kind of life.”
“Listen clearly? Two trash!”

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