Billionaire God of War Chapter: 2069 by NovelsYou

Chapter: 2069

“I have sent someone to inform the Tianlianzong.”
Liu Zong frowned, “If Elder Luo Feng can be rescued before they come, then there is still a chance, otherwise things will be troublesome.”
“Have you sent someone?”
Liu Heng’s face changed.
“Hmph, they will know sooner or later, I take the initiative to send someone there, doesn’t it appear that we are sincere.”
Liu Zong disapproved, “I tell you, the situation of the Qingshan Sect is not optimistic now. Once there is a conflict with Tianlianzong, the consequences will be disastrous!
“What about Elder Luo Feng? He doesn’t even know, we want to save him.”
The two looked at each other.
They all have the same idea, just want to take the opportunity to impress Elder Luo Feng, so even if Tian Lianzong is angry, at least Elder Luo Feng can help them speak.
Moreover, it is very beneficial for them to get the support of Luo Feng elders and control the Qingshan Sect in the future.
But they never thought that the purpose of the Tianlianzong was to annex the Qingshanzong, so how could they leave the Qingshanzong for them?
The two did not hesitate, and immediately went to find a few elders. I am afraid that apart from the joint names of these elders, there is no other way to keep Elder Luo Feng out.
At that time.
Guanshi He returned from Yanagawa Road and went to the prison to check the situation.
He didn’t want to happen again.
As soon as he reached the door of the prison, he stopped, turned his head and looked at the guard standing at the door, his face suddenly sank.
“what happened?”
He Guanshi frowned, “What’s wrong with your face?”
“It’s okay.”
The guard gritted his teeth, holding back his anger.
He Guanshi shouted, “You are not my people, but if something happens here, I can’t leave it alone!”
He walked up to the guard and squinted.
“Otherwise, Jiang Ning, don’t you still have to settle the account with me?”
“Hall Master He, Master Liu Zong beat him.”
The other guard couldn’t help it, “They wanted to enter the prison, saying they were ordered to interrogate Elder Luo Feng. We did not receive such an order.”
“So, if you refused to let him in, he did it?”
He Guanshi sneered.
This Liu Zong really does not live or die.
If you really think you are Yanagawa’s son, you can do it recklessly?
Didn’t he know that the elder Luo Feng in this prison wanted to annex the Green Mountain Sect!
He even wanted to help Elder Luo Feng?
“It’s heavy enough.”
Guan Shi snorted, “He doesn’t know, you are from Jiangning?”
The guard didn’t speak, he didn’t want to mess with Jiang Ning.
Jiang Ning is willing to help them, give them the opportunity to recommend them to do things in the precepts hall, this is already a great kindness, how dare he make Jiang Ning trouble.
Guan He could tell at a glance.
He originally wanted to help them out by himself, but now it seems that he doesn’t need it at all.
Isn’t this Green Mountain Sect not chaotic enough, let’s be more chaotic!
Anyway, Jiang Ning is a guy who fears that the world will not be chaotic.
“I tell you, Jiang Ning recommends you to come over, because he can trust you, since he can trust you, I can trust you, this big prison door, you must stand it!”
He Guan matters seriously.
“Yes! Hall Master He can rest assured, if I fight for my life, I will definitely live up to my duty!”
Guan Shi didn’t say anything, nodded, turned and left, and headed towards the courtyard where Jiang Ning was.
A gloating expression gradually appeared on his face.
I’m afraid it’s still a good one. Although the role of the supporting role of the play is not ordinary, it should be the same for Jiangning.

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