Billionaire God of War Chapter: 2068 by NovelsYou

Chapter: 2068

When there is no way to go back, if you still go back, it will really be overwhelming.
The two looked at each other, and they all knew what Jiang Ning had done.
Compared with Jiang Ning, they are indeed not firm enough.
“What happens next?”
He said, “Luo Feng can’t be locked up all the time. There will definitely be someone coming from Tianlianzong soon.”
“What are you afraid of?”
Yanagawa snorted, “Couldn’t Jiangning know?”
“He must already have a countermeasure.”
I have to say that Jiang Ning is tough enough to convince the elder.
Otherwise, with the temper of the great elder, he would definitely scold Jiang Ning at that time, but he didn’t say a word.
The Qingshan Sect has not used this term for many years.
“Let Jiang Ning toss, let’s cooperate with him.”
Yanagawa took a deep breath and made the final decision.
He hesitated, and even waited all the time, to see what was special about Jiangning, whether this alien from the sky could change the Qingshan Sect.
It seems that he can!
Even if you can’t save the Green Mountain Sect in the end, that fight is worth it.
Until now, Yanagawa did not hesitate anymore.
“Yes, I know, don’t worry.”
He Guanshi nodded, his expression also solemn.
Both of them are very clear about the current situation of the Qingshan Sect. Even if the great elder can put aside his prejudices and not interfere with Jiangning for the time being, what about the other elders?
No one is pregnant.
If this wave of Tianlianzong cannot be resolved, people from other sects will soon come to try and challenge the bottom line of Qingshanzong!
Just when the two people were discussing countermeasures.
Outside the precepts hall.
Liu Zong and Liu Heng came.
“The hall master has ordered that no one is allowed to enter the prison!”
The guard said solemnly.
This is the order he received, even if it is the king of heaven, I don’t even want to go in!
“Can’t even me?”
Liu Zong frowned, deliberately angrily said, “Open your dog eyes and see clearly who I am!”
“The hall master has ordered that no one is allowed to enter the prison!”
The guard repeated it again.
Since he is here, he must keep the dignity and discipline of the precepts hall.
Liu Heng said angrily, “We were ordered to interrogate Luo Feng, are you trying to interfere with our work?”
“Whose order?”
The guard frowned.
Of course he knew the two young masters, in this Green Mountain Sect, who could not know them two.
In the past, he would not argue with Liu Zong and Liu Heng. His identity was simply incomparable.
“Whose order do you say?”
Liu Zong didn’t dare to directly say that it was Liu Chuan Dao, and Liu Chuan Dao would not give him such an order. He just wanted to take advantage of the situation and pressure the guard, otherwise, it would be too difficult to enter this prison.
“I didn’t receive this order!”
The guard stubbornly said, “Please leave!”
Liu Zong was furious, and he slapped his hand on the guard’s face severely.
“Do you not understand human words? You dare to disobey me!”
When has he been disobeyed by orders?
Could it be that in the Qingshan Sect, no one listened to his Liu Sect’s words?
The guard’s eyes were a little red, and the others wanted to rush forward, but he was still serious, gritted his teeth, righteously said, “I didn’t receive such an order!”
“Please leave quickly, otherwise, don’t blame us for being rude!”
Liu Zong still wanted to do something, but Liu Heng held him back.
This is the Discipline Hall, you can’t do it.
The two had to leave.
“What should I do? I can’t enter the prison. We can’t help Elder Luo Feng if we want to,”
Liu Heng hummed, “I’m too ignorant of everything, do you have to watch the destruction of the Qingshan School?
They were very angry, and only now knew what their status was in the Green Mountain Sect.

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