Billionaire God of War Chapter: 2067 by NovelsYou

Chapter: 2067

People from the Tianlian Sect will definitely not let Jiang Ning go easily!
Injury to the elder Luo Feng, it is tantamount to slap the Tianlianzong in the face. Before changing, the Tianlianzong might have swallowed his anger, but now, they wish they had a chance to step on the Qingshanzong under their feet to cheer them up. The power of Tianlianzong.
Seeing Liu Qing’s appearance, Jiang Ning couldn’t help laughing.
Allowing Liu Qing to hold his hand, he just shook his head: “Don’t spill my tea.”
“Go away!”
Liu Qing was almost crying, “Do you have to die like this?”
At this moment, she was still the arrogant Third Miss before, like a little girl, with a worried and anxious face on her face.
However, Jiang Ning seems to have nothing, is he stupid?
How could he be stupid.
“I won’t go,”
Jiang Ning squinted his eyes, “Unless I want to go, I still have something to do.”
The purpose of his coming here is to get a real antidote that can save Lin Yu. If he didn’t get the antidote, even if he died here, he would not leave.
Moreover, the Green Mountain Sect is like this ghost now, if he leaves, it will not be long before the entire Green Mountain Sect will collapse and be annexed by other sects within the mountain gate, and outside the mountain gate, it is also at stake!
“You will die!”
Liu Qing shouted.
“Are you afraid of my death?”
Jiang Ning looked up and looked at Liu Qing with red eyes.
“I…I don’t care about you!”
Liu Qing opened her mouth and snorted, “Are you dead or alive? What does it have to do with me? I just…I just…”
She couldn’t tell, she hit Jiang Ning’s shoulder with a punch, and said angrily, “Whatever you want!”
After speaking, he turned and ran.
Jiang Ning was amused for a while.
This girl, really hasn’t grown up.
He slowly picked up the teacup, put it to his lips, blowing the heat,
“Do you think I will die?”
Jiang Ning spoke.
He was asking the captain of the guard behind him.
“Big Brother Jiang will not die.”
The captain of the guard took a deep breath, with a trace of admiration in his eyes, “I have never seen anyone, like Brother Jiang, who is admirable!”
“We are also grateful to Brother Jiang for giving us such an opportunity to recommend brothers to guard the prison. This is a duty and an honor!”
He didn’t have enough staff, so Jiang Ning directly sent the guards around him to help.
This is to give them a chance to show that they can go further in the future, and these guards can’t see Jiang Ning’s kindness.
Jiang Ning nodded, laughed, and said nothing.
At that time.
Discipline Hall!
Great prison!
Today’s prison is heavily guarded, much stricter than before, and no one wants something like Luo Heng to happen again.
In particular, Luo Feng and others were imprisoned this time. They belonged to the Tianlian Sect. Even if they were to die, they had to confess their crimes, not accidentally die in prison.
“All eyes are bright!”
“Get up and running, and if there is any accident, everyone will wipe their necks and commit suicide!”
If you lose your face once, you can never lose it a second time!
He Guanshi didn’t say anything. He didn’t need to say anything. He knew the temper of the group of people under him.
He really hopes that someone will jump out at this time, and the water in the Green Mountain Sect is not muddy enough.
“Jiangning, this kid is really cruel,”
In the study of Liuchuan Road, why can’t help but say, “I have to admit, I hesitated at that moment, and didn’t dare to do anything to Luo Feng easily, but this kid…”
Jiang Ning directly acted without hesitation, and directly broke everyone’s hesitant escape route.
Now they have no other choice but to face the Tianlianzong directly.
“Just a little bit, I gave in.”
Yanagawa sighed.
Not to mention him, even the Great Elder didn’t think about how to deal with it at that time. They just wanted to fight for a breath, but they didn’t dare to really let it go.
“Looking back and thinking now, Jiang Ning was right. Where is there any way out for us, Qingshan Sect?”
Yanagawa took a deep breath, “If you retreat, there is an abyss behind you!”

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