Billionaire God of War Chapter: 2066 by NovelsYou

Chapter: 2066

They have never felt such pressure.
Being overwhelmed by an outsider for a short time, Jiang Ning was like a mountain, even if he didn’t say anything or did nothing, as long as he was there, the pressure of the two would increase!
“We can’t just watch, Qingshan Sect was ruined by Jiangning!”
“My father is really old, so he will let Jiangning do anything wrong?”
“There are also the great elders, they can’t see them, are they not stopping them?”
The two brothers, Liu Zong and Liu Heng, trembled with anger.
But now it’s too late to say anything.
Elder Luo Feng has been arrested by Mr. He, and he is imprisoned along with the others!
They are from the Tianlianzong!
They came to propose marriage, but they were imprisoned by the Qingshan Sect. If this was going to be spread, what would others say about the Qingshan Sect?
The two looked at each other, and left without saying anything.
This is not a place to talk.
To get started, you must also have a plan, and you cannot take risks easily.
The yard suddenly became empty, and only a trace of blood was still mottled on the ground.
No one thought that it would be the blood of Elder Luo Feng.

Jiang Ning returned to Liu Qing, and when he heard him coming back, Liu Qing ran out immediately.
She heard.
There is no way to hide this kind of thing. She keeps people staring at her and tells her if she has any news.
“You wounded Elder Luo Feng?”
Liu Qing was worried, “How dare you do such a thing?”
The strength of the Tianlian Sect is not weak. In this area, even the top ranks, if it is in the past, the Green Mountain Sect may not care, but the current Green Mountain Sect is not an opponent of the Tianlian Sect at all.
The strength of the two sects is very different!
These, she heard Liu Chuandao once said, even if you don’t say it, Liu Qing can know that today’s Qingshan Sect is already at sunset, and is lingering.
Jiang Ning answered calmly. He waved his hand, and the captain of the guard understood immediately and quickly served freshly brewed tea.
The faces of all the guards were a little excited.
To them, Jiang Ning is a real man!
Dare to do something to the elder Luo Feng of the Tianlian Sect!
And most importantly, Jiang Ning hurt him!
They asked from the brother in the Discipline Hall, Jiang Ning shot, the momentum was like a rainbow, even the elder Luo Feng couldn’t respond, and Jiang Ning broke his arm directly!
What kind of strength is he?
That is Elder Luo Feng!
“Brother Jiang, drink tea!”
The captain of the guard flushed a little and spoke a little hurriedly. After speaking, he stood aside respectfully and did not dare to disturb.
Jiang Ning sat there, watching Liu Qing look anxious and worried.
“What are you afraid of?”
“Afraid to ruin your marriage?”
He smiled and joked.
“When is it, are you still making this kind of joke?”
Liu Qing frowned, annoyed, “Didn’t my father stop you?”
“Where is the Great Elder?”
“Are there other elders?”
“You don’t understand, don’t they understand?”
Liu Qing’s eyes were a little red. She knew the consequences, and she knew it would be serious. If Jiang Ning had a little trouble in the Qingshan Sect and protected by Liuchuan Road, nothing would happen.
But when it comes to other sects, this matter is not that simple.
“No, you must leave! Leave now!”
She didn’t even think of whether this would cause any major trouble to the Qingshan Sect. At this moment, she only thought of Jiang Ning.
Liu Qing thought for a while, and immediately turned and ran away. After a while, he ran out again with a suitcase on his back, stuffed it into Jiang Ning’s arms, and pulled him up.
“Go! Go! Go now!”
“There are some things in it, enough for you to use for a while, hurry up and leave the Green Mountain Sect!”
Liu Qing hurriedly said, “You will die if you don’t leave!”

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