Billionaire God of War Chapter: 2065 by NovelsYou

Chapter: 2065

He took a deep look at Jiang Ning and knew that the purpose of Jiang Ning’s punch just now was just that.
Let the people of the Green Mountain Sect have no retreat.
Elder Luo Feng gritted his teeth, “You are killing the Qingshan Sect, you are destroying the Qingshan Sect, they will hate you, they will hate you!”
“Then you worry about it.”
Jiang Ning walked over and looked down at Elder Luo Feng, “You should reflect on it, next time, don’t provoke me, otherwise, it will not be a simple matter like breaking an arm.”
After speaking, Jiang Ning turned around and left without any muddle.
“take away!”
Guan Shi waved his hand, and a group of guards rushed up and bound the Elder Luo Feng and others to prison.
The crowd did not disperse.
Liu Chuandao was still standing there, and several elders were there, but the expressions on everyone’s face were different.
“This kid…”
The elder frowned, “Where did it come from?”
He looked at Yanagawa.
“The ancestor of the Green Mountain Sect.”
Yanagawa Road has a profound meaning.
The great elder took a deep breath and fully understood.
“The Green Mountain Sect has no retreat. The Tianlian Sect will definitely be furious. I’m afraid there will be a fierce conflict. You can think about it. Can the Green Mountain Sect now bear it?”
Yanagawa shook his head, and didn’t know whether he could not afford it or he didn’t know.
“Jiang Ning is too reckless. It’s good to be young and vigorous, but he used the wrong place and caused a big disaster.
“Sect Master, you should punish him, he is hurting the Qingshan Sect! Let him leave.”
“Let him go, this is the best way, otherwise we will be in trouble as soon as the people of the Tianlianzong come.”
“Hey, Tianlianzong… we can’t afford to offend.”
Several elders shook their heads and sighed.
Yanagawa turned his head to look at them.
“Do we still remain indifferent while watching others kill my disciple of the Qingshan Sect?”
“Maybe, we have all lost something, so the Green Mountain Sect has fallen into this situation over the years.”
Yanagawa smiled wryly, said nothing, turned and left.
The great elder also left without saying a word.
At this moment, Liu Zong and Liu Heng two talented people rushed to see that the people had dispersed and there was still a pool of blood on the ground, their expressions changed.
“What happened?”
Liu Zong hurriedly asked, “Someone is injured!”
“Jiang Ning wounded Elder Luo Feng and has already arrested him.”
One of the elders, yin and yang strange aura, “is in trouble.”
Liu Zong was furious, “How dare he hurt Elder Luo Feng? Tian Lianzong will definitely be furious!”
He didn’t even think of how Jiang Ning could hurt Elder Luo Feng, who was the elder of the Tianlianzong!
With superb strength, a terrifying existence that has long surpassed the level of the Great Master, Jiang Ning could actually hurt him?
“Let’s see how the Sect Master handles it.”
The elders didn’t say much, turned and left, leaving Liu Zong and Liu Heng behind, looking at the pool of blood on the ground, shaking with anger.
“He wants to destroy the Green Mountain Sect.”
Liu Zong’s face was pale.
Liu Heng clenched his fists, “We can’t let him go on like this!”
When the elder Luo Feng was wounded, it was the face of the Tianlianzong. Once the master of the Tianlianzong got angry and caused a conflict, what should their Qingshanzong do?
They also hoped that Liu Qing would marry Tianlianzong to obtain the resources of Tianlianzong. No matter where they thought, they would be destroyed by the bastards like Jiangning!
Not only is he unable to get the support of resources, he may even suffer the anger of Tianlianzong.
How dare Jiangning do this!
The two looked at each other, as if suddenly thought of going together.
Jiang Ning made a mistake, but for them, this is an opportunity!
It can not only drive away Jiangning, but also do meritorious service to redeem the loss of the Qingshan Sect…

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